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posted by Skittles98
I pulled the हुड, डाकू of my बरसती, लबादा over my head, the exited my room. I ran down the hall, towards the teleporters. I typed in the coordinates, and then stepped in, not knowing I was being followed द्वारा a curious boy. I appeared in an old phone booth in an alley, directly across from Arkham Asylum. I ran over and jumped the gates. I snuck in through a window on the सेकंड floor. I looked around, and then ran down the hall, to the left, then into a file room. I searched through the files, looking for Red Hoods. Finally, I found it under: Hood, Red. I grabbed the folder and looked at the room number.
“810, eh?” I कहा aloud
This was going to be a long night. I decided to start on the bottom floor and work my way up. आप never know, highest numbers could be on the bottom.
“Top floor, thirty-one doors to the right” कहा a voice from behind me. I slowly turned around to find someone standing in the door way. I manipulated some of the moons powers to make a ball of light, and saw who it was. I sighed.
“What do आप want, Robin” I asked
“Answers” he replied simply
“To what?” I asked
“Why are आप here? Dose बैटमैन know you’re here? Why didn’t आप tell anyone आप were leaving? Ect, ect” Robin asked
“To save Red Hood, no, and because nobody would’ve helped” I answered. I closed my palm, eliminating the ball of light. I walked out of the room, then up the stairs to the चोटी, शीर्ष floor. I counted thirty one doors, ignoring the fact that I was being followed द्वारा Robin. Finally, I found it. Door 810. I looked in the hole and saw Red हुड, डाकू sitting on his bed. I looked at the lock, then sighed in frustration. Robin came up behind me, then plugged in a wire from his दस्ताना, दस्ताने and started to hack. The lock made a buzzing sound and I walked in the now open door. Red हुड, डाकू turned to look at me.
“Who are you?” he asked
“Your savoir. I’ve come to restore what आप have lost. Brillo y el resplandor de rayo de luna, que brille tu poder, hacer lo contrario del reloj, traer de vuelta lo que una vez era el mío. Curar lo que se ha visto afectado, cambiar el diseño de los destinos, salvo lo que se ha perdido, recuperar lo que alguna vez fue mío, lo que fue la mía ...” I sung in spanish, letting the power from the moon flow through my body, into my hand, onto Red Hood’s body. I actually felt him getting stronger. He looked up at me.
“How did आप do that?” he asked. Before I could answer, Robin rushed in.
“Guards?” I asked. He nodded. I ran to the window, locking the door with my magic. Robin grabbed me around the waist, shot his grappling hook into the nearest पेड़ then we took off. When we were out of sight, we used the teleporter to get back to the mountain before anyone even noticed we were gone.
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There was only one thing running through my mind at that moment: running away and screaming "Stranger danger!" but द्वारा the way बैटमैन was looking at me told me otherwise.
So instead I said, "Oh, hi." I turned around and started shuffling back toward the house when he grabbed my arm.
"Does anyone else know you're the Avatar?" he asked abruptly.
I stopped in my tracks. "How did आप know that?" I whispered.
He ignored my question. "Answer it!" he ordered.
I sighed and shook his arm off me. "Only my mother knows." I looked up at him. "Am I in trouble?"
He looked like he was deciding my fate for...
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i lol-ed when i saw this.
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this is the weekly young justice interveiw. (oh great i have to make one every week?) this time we will be talking to wally west about the couples we have made.
me: hello kid flash.
wally: आप can call me wally.
me: okay. what do आप think of wally/artemis?
me: moving on. what about superboy/miss martain?
wally: they would be cute together, but i dont think it will happen.
me: really? cause it the 2nd most लोकप्रिय couple.
wally: what the most popular?
me: wally/artemis. so, what do आप think of megan/wally?
wally: i aproove.
me: wel its the third one thats least...
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Source: http://www.tv.com/young-justice/show/79310/viewer.html?flag=1&i=6&gri=79310&grti=101&tag=;viewer
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posted by Candy77019
 "We need a plan."
"We need a plan."
Around three in the morning, out of the foggy mist, a mountain appeared. Glowing green lights illuminated the sky around the mountain, making it obvious that a Lazarus Pit was inside.
"Team, we have to be really careful here," Aqualad cautioned. "If a healthy person falls into the Pit, the result may be...fatal."
A chill ran down my spine at the sound of his last word.
"We need a plan," Artemis suggested.
"Easy," I said, standing up. "You guys watch my back while I retrieve the Boy Wonder."
"Are आप sure आप could do that alone?" Megan asked.
I nodded. "I can't risk आप guys getting hurt."
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posted by nymph_tonks
the interveiws are monthly now. much easier.
p.s. i turned 11 yesterday.
me: hello robin.
rob:hey babe.
me: i thought i told you, we're over.
rob:what!? आप never told me that!
me:well now आप know. first question, will आप stay for the rest of the interveiw?
rob: okay.
me:good. have आप read my interveiw with kf?
rob: yah. it was pretty funny.
me: *pullls off robins mask*
rob: why'd आप that?
me: because i'm evil.
rob:i hate आप now.
me: good. go away now.
rob: *walks away*
me: that was a fairly short interveiw.
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posted by Skittles98
I walked down the hall into an empty mission room.
“You called for me, Batman?” I said
“Yes. Your personal information must be entered into the computer before your first mission” he said
“Okay. I am fourteen years old, I’m Spanish, Brazilian and American, my last name is Dia, my birthday is August Tenth and both my parents are divorced and dead.” I finished
“August tenth, eh? That’s close to my friend Bruce Wayne’s birthday” he said
“Really? I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of Bruce Wayne. From what I’ve heard, he’s not very nice” I कहा slyly
“Oh, really? What have...
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