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posted by CoaxochYJ
I got borrrrred! So I'm लेखन this! Not sure how long this shall continue...

Lexi, even though she was little, had a devious little mind. She had buttered the floor, making it slippery. She took a quarter out of her pocket, and slid it across the floor, it slid across perfectly. She smirked, this was a good prank, and maybe she would earn the शीर्षक of, "Prank Master". This would be great...

Jaime rubbed his eyes groggily, and stepped--scratch that--slipped into the kitchen. He slid, and clumsily fell onto his rear. Lexi was giggling madly, sitting on the counter. Jaime winced, then looked up...
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Part 3:
“So, Dana, How did Mockingbird and आप meet?”
Robin and Shadow were outside practicing throwing ring-dings and batarangs on a dart-board which was used for practicing archery. Even though Robin was और experienced than Shadow, they were both of equal ability in most things and so far they were both tied.
“Well”, Shadow started, throwing a batarang which hit spot on in the middle. “You remember Barbara Gordon पढ़ना out the schools news and announced there will be two students one in freshman साल and junior year?”
“Yah,” Robin said, recalling the image of the cute freshman...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
I know! I know! You're tired of one~shots about Mel. My little trooper. But I had to, so you'll live.

I peeled myself from the wall, which now had a Mel-shaped dent in it. I giggled and continued running around the cave. Katana giggled and joined me. We took turns rolling around on the floor, and अभिनय like crazy, Mercy-clones. What? Mercy is बिना सोचे समझे and I प्यार her for that! Fang entered the room. He looked at me, then Katana, then the Mel-shaped dent in the wall. I giggled, the thought of Katana thinking he was a she was hilarious. But, then again, she thought everyone was a girl. Fang stared...
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Part 2:
Spectrum was in her room in Mount Justice. She had sheets of metal around her room and was testing her powers. Now she was trying to see if the Spark could actually cut through the metal than सील, मुहर it off back again. She didn’t know why she was doing this. Even Ms Martian when walking past asked her frequently but the only reason she was doing this was because it helped her stay focused, and she also did a neat job on चोटी, शीर्ष of it.
She closed her eyes and raised her hand. She could feel the heat in her दिल flowing through her left hand. Peeking under her lashes she saw a multi coloured...
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posted by Blitz359
[A/N] Um....hello. I'm new to the club. The reason I'm doing this mostly is because one of my good IRL friends, who आप know as SilverWings13 / SilverWingsYJ, kind of....well....persuaded me to do this to RP. She can be very convincing at times. I mean, she's the reason I even got into Young Justice, which is one of my few प्रिय shows.

Anyway, here it is. Oh, if this is similar to someone else's OC, then I apologize. If आप want, I'll take this down and we never have to speak of this again, 'cause I'm that type of person :P.

Name: Richi Devilin

Alias: Hell Apostle

Age: 16

Skin Color: Almost peach,...
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Okay, I was bored and didn’t feel like sleeping, so I wrote this. This is dedicated to all the couples out there, which is why I don’t actually use names, instead using a generic “he” and “she”. Warning: may have some slightly graphic content (by that I mean blood, death, et cetera) and extreme sob factor (if ya know what I mean). :P
This world will never be what I expected
And if I don't belong who would have guessed it...

The darkness weighed down on her shoulders, all in itself a tangible thing that pressed its massive self upon her. She strained her eyes, struggling to make out...
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posted by The_Writer
NEW OCs!!!!

Name: Alexa Veda
Code Name: N/E
Race: Caucasian
Age: 16
Hair/Eye Color: Black/Blue
Height/Weight: 5' 4"/121 lb.
Civilian Clothes: Black tank-top/ dark jeans, जैकेट या black mini skirt, midnight blue top.
Hero Uniform: टैटू on face glow white when willed या powers are in use to disguise Identity. Dark blue, form-fitting, sleeveless dress that reaches knees. Hair Band.
Superpowers: Control over mystical arts, specifically water and air. आग if powers stretched. Scout of The Gang

Name: John Delegos
Code Name: Hammer
Race: African
Age: 18
Hair/Eye Color: Black/Black
Height/Weight: 6' 3"/257 lb....
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posted by Robin_Love
“What do आप mean I can't go?!”
“I mean आप will not go.”
“But mom that's not-”
“It's final Mel.”
The young teen screamed in frustration.
“Why not?”
“Because I don't think आप should. You're a young girl.”
“Ugh! You're ruining my life!”
Mel flew off angrily. Devin waited till she heard the door slam before rubbing the headache that was coming on. Her daughter was a handful but Devin was okay with it. She walked into the kitchen, grabbing a few herbs and warming some water. She closed her eyes and crushed a few herbs, chanting some weird language. She waited for just a minute...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Milton Khaners

Alias: Conscience

Age: 15

Appearance: he has kind of curly and wavy brown hair and crystal blue eyes.

Powers/Skills: he has the ability to read others problems and feelings and can talk to people in their minds helping them out, hes basically like your conscience and like a fortune cookie XD. Hes a very good सलाह giver.

Civvies: he wears beige cargo pants and a green sweater with a snapback hat.

Personality: he is a very quiet and shy person ( especially around girls ) he is और on a bit of the nerdy side and smart side.

Past: unknown.
Dear Every-OC-And-RPer-Out-There-In-This-Club,


>;D did I have आप going? Did the शीर्षक trick you? No? -_-

LOL! Anyway!

I want to thank you, for all of the लेखाए and awesome memories आप have made. All of आप are awesome people and deserve to be awarded THE-AWESOME-AWARD! This goes FOR EVERYONE! ^-^ I प्यार the लेखाए आप guys post! I want आप peoplez of the world to know I READ EVERY ONE! Even if I'm too lazy to comment... :P
This is really बिना सोचे समझे and stupid but people do hate on us and I thought it's time for some appreciation. EVERYONE...
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Trapper Part 4

Trapper busted open the door to his warehouse and hauled पन्ना in.

"You have what I want?" he yelled into the darkness.

The lights in the warehouse ticked on, one-by-one until a dark, female silhouette could be seen on the balcony of the सेकंड story.

"Yes." she said, tossing him a bag and walking down he stairs. पन्ना sucked in her breath quietly as she saw Nightingale emerge from the shadows.

The villainess was clothed in a dark, baggy T-shirt and jeans. Even out of her form-fitting outfit, she was beautiful. पन्ना struggled against her guards, who had already handcuffed her...
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Trapper Part 3

2 Months Later...

Explosions rocked through the city. People ran and screamed as cars flipped over themselves, spraying shrapnel into buildings, people, other vehicles.

Emerald grappled through the city, crashing into a car with her feet and somehow prevented it from landing on a mother and her child, redirecting the object with her weight. The mother ran off without thanking the blonde heroine. पन्ना looked around. With all the explosions and guns, she had moved to a full body suit.

While it wasn't Revenge's, it was still Kevlar with sewn in bullet/stab resistant armor. Her costume...
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Scene 2:
"You are a good man." Barbara कहा once more, firmly. 

"Thanks, Babs." Sam कहा softly, looking into the red-head's blue eyes. Barbara returned the gaze. Sam leaned आगे and brushed a strand of hair put of her face. "You are one of the best people I have eve met in my life." Sam कहा softly. "I'm glad we're फ्रेंड्स Barbara."

The red-haired girl smiled and leaned forward, pressing her lips slightly to Sam's. Sam reached one hand into her fiery hair and pulled her closer, deepening the किस before breaking off and standing up. "We tried this before. It didn't work out." 

"Yeah..." Barbara said, looking to the side. "Sorry."

"Me too." Sam said, slipping on his mask and jumping from the window.

Barbara took a deep breath and about a full sixty सेकंड्स before returning to her computer. it is! Enjoy! :)

“Do it!” Shadow screamed in protest, “Push the damn thing already!”
She meant with her mind. Spectrum closed her eyes than touched the boulder and released it. The light magnified from her hand to it and the boulder gave a defining crack. The Team was able to push through. They reached down the back of the maze but was than met with surprise.
“SEE!” Wire exclaimed with an extended finger pointed to the right, Everyone gasped.
Shadow could hardly blink, her hand was raised to her throat, she was coughing with shock. At last she managed to talk, her...
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posted by The_Writer
Yep! I hate to do it, but what's got to be done's got to be done and I don't see no one else doing nothin!

Alrighty, time for a rant about OCs and me to drop the excessive southern accent.

Let me be blunt: TOO MANY!!!! I have a horrible memory and am way too obsessed with my own to give a damn about many others. Look: I know the basic ones: SW, Becca, Willow, GB, I'm assuming Fin is Arty's baby they didn't put up for adoption, I dunno. See, this club is like the Kardashians:

Miss one day, आप know nothing.

Sure, I understand we've all got a creative side (to some varying degree) and we want to...
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posted by Robin_Love
“We need to know what's going on!” Alek exclaimed.
“Yeah but Tara won't tell us,” Silver rationalized.
“But there is one who might know,” Ciel interrupted.
“Yeah. Except she's completely dropped off the face of the Earth! Not even बैटमैन could locate her!”
“Silver's right. We have no way of knowing where she is! “
Fang, who had been leaning against the wall, held up two fingers as if to “I have your solution.” They looked over at him at the sudden gesture.
“You three forget I'm married to her confident.”
“Devin knows where she is?”
Fang nodded.
“And आप knew the whole...
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posted by Mclovin_69
 Bentleys dad
Bentleys dad
" I wanna be drunk when i wake up on the right side of the wrong बिस्तर and evet excuse i made up ,tell आप the truth that i get hate what didnt kill me it never made me stronger at all "

He rolled over opening up his blue eyes that were mopped underneath black hair, he sat up looking around the room knowing he was now in an empty बिस्तर alone, like he had been for years. He was hoping this दिल ache would make him stronger but it only made him feel worse. He scratched the black rubble on his chin as he looked at the दीवार of his room as empty बीयर, बियर cans were filled on his nightstands. He blinked a...
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posted by The_Writer
The crimson and black clad vigilante made his way into the kitchen. बीयर, बियर and बीयर, बियर as far as one could see. Crusty sandwiches, empty potato chip bags littered the room. Revenge bent over to look for something when he heard a slight whimpering sound from the अगला room. He wasn't prepared for a dog.

When Revenge walked into the room, he saw Melody sitting on the couch. Her पूर्व skimpy maid costume was gone. She was covered in an untied bathrobe. Her brown hair was damp, clinging to her shoulders. Revenge walked over to the window and looked at her. A sudden bolt of lightning flashed behind...
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What Matters is the fifth book in the Red Revenge/DC Comics crossover series. It will be published January 5, 2013 on ONLY.

Scene 1:
"...what appears to have been an excellent night of crime-fighting for the hero Red Revenge. According to early police reports, over 300 criminals have been arrested tonight, all bloody and battered from a confrontation with Red Revenge. The Black Hero made his way from the reconstruction of Grant Tower to the Bronx. A five mile trip that appears to have been highly successful."

"But is Red Revenge breaking the law? Is he endangering the citizens of...
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This Fanfiction has been rated "M" for Mature. Reader's Discretion is advised. Extreme Violence, adult language & content, sexual content, debatable actions द्वारा characters, public trauma, extreme cussing, and other questionable events will occur. It is highly suggested that viewers younger than fifteen do not read this. It is also the author's suggestion that if anyone of any age feels offended द्वारा any of the content mentioned above, that they do not read it.


This fanfiction was originally delayed two weeks due to the tragic shootings in Aurora, Colorado. Events in this fanfiction...
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