Notes: Guess its time to get on the bandwagon isn't it? and even though my account is Mafia- i totally favor Babs- so-
/im thinking pre-esther btw

Name: Babylon
Reason या meaning of name: I'm named after the biblical city of sin and false religioin due to my red eyes (the nuns really hated me-)
Eye Color: Red, I can change them to brown
Hair Style/Color: Black as night, very long, usually down
Height: 5'8.
Clothing Style: I like really professional clothes, well now adays, before it used to be really elaborate stuff that showed off my wealth, cause back then it was the only way people would listen to me आप know?
Best Physical Feature: I'd be lying if I didn't admit that my breasts got me out of a thing या two

Your Fears: Being meaningless या losing people i love
Your Guilty Pleasure: *chuckles* Reliving my past, I प्यार dressing up in my old clothes, well it's either that या experimentation, but lets not go there- *side-eye*
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Ignorant and/or sexist men, you'd think i'd get over it after all these years but the constant ignorance is still present, it makes me want to snap someones arm right in half. if आप want something और mild it's the sound of birds, they are NOT relaxing.
Your Ambition for the Future: To stay happy but also to make impacts on the world, bigger ones than I've done before. Helping people.

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Whats for breakfast?
What आप Think About the Most: Work.
What आप Think About Before Bed: What I need to do tomorrow, what I need to work on, how to fix some equations on the board
You Think Your Best Quality Is: Probably loyalty? Im not really sure..I never gave much thought to thinking I had good qualities until recently.

Single या Group Dates: Single, I like to get to know the person I'm dating
To be Loved या Respected: Love..always love, respect can be earned, प्यार is something beyond that.
Beauty या Brains: Well I have to say both because i mean *chuckle* look at me *beams* oh my, Alex is getting to me, I sound all big headed
Dogs या Cats: Both! I've personally had great experiences with the और wild side of both groups

Lie: Professionally.
Believe in Yourself: No....
Believe in Love: *nods softly*
Want Someone: Of course I do

Been on Stage: Oh yes, most definitely!
Done Drugs: I smoke occasionally... and I was definitely into the opium craze back in the दिन
Changed Who आप Were to Fit In: I posed as a man to fight in wars, learn medicine, become a doctor, and that sort of thing. I once also posed as क्वीन Anne. I also wear gloves all the time, but thats for safety.

Favorite Color: The रंग या royalty..or just dark colors
Favorite Animal: I don't think I can choose- they are all what about mythical animals, dont leave them out!
Favorite Movie: Um..i dont have a प्रिय movie but I like historical stuff, I प्यार pointing out the inaccuracies
Favorite Game: Phase 10! It might seem silly but It's a game with both luck and strategy, the best kind.

Day Your अगला Birthday Will Be: June 6th
How Old Will आप Be: 352..goodness how time passes
Age आप लॉस्ट Your Virginity: I was- god am I that old that I don't even remember?! I don't even remember which man it was..well, so much for never forgetting your first time. I'm pretty sure I was 19 या 20 though.. am I sure? Curses-
Does Age Matter: Yes *narrows eyes* Do NOT make me give आप a discourse about it, I've had 352 years to give आप my experience and reasoning

Best Personality: Either? Im not sure what you're asking of me here
Best Eye Color: I've been alive long enough to not care
Best Hair Color: Like I said...though I admit I do have a fondess for brunette women like myself
Best thing to do With a Partner: दिखाना each other love, being together, maybe it's just me but I like being able to always have a sort of touch with my partner, to know they're there.

I love: stuff?
I feel: fine i suppose
I hide: Who I am.
I miss: so many people *looks away*
I wish: I could have saved them all.

Optimist या pessimist: Do आप even need to ask? I was born a pessimist.
Introvert या extrovert: Introverted, though I do just fine in extroverted settings
Drives and motivations: Sometimes there are many, sometimes there are non.
Talents (hidden या not): I've had much time to work with many skills and refine many talents, but I might say writing?
Extremely skilled at: Science? is that a skill? Engineering?
Extremely unskilled at: Painting... you'd think i'd master that!
Good characteristics: I'm realistic and know how to prioritize (she wont say: empathetic, caring, emotional, determined when she wants to be, strong, refined)
Mannerisms: I can be stoic, usually come off as serious and cold, i'm also quite proficient is scowling..
Peculiarities: I'm a finger tapper. I have some morbid humor at times.