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posted by khanna266
A local park in Gotham city
9:00 pm
"Y'know a pretty girl like आप shouldn't be out here alone." पार करना, क्रॉस hears a familiar voice behind her as she's sitting on a park bench and turns her head.
"Hey Dick,"she says and turns her head back around,
"Hey. आप hungry?" he holds a bag of chips in front of her,
"Hm, basic lays. My favorite." she smiles and grabs one
"Yeah, people just don't appreciate their simplicity." he says with a smirk as he grabs one.
"What brings आप out here?" she asks,
"I could ask आप the same thing. Shouldn't आप be back at Mount Justice? Sleeping in your room that is." he tosses the chip in his mouth.
"No, not really. I just like to come out here sometimes and reflect on my life...and myself." she responds looking at the full moon shine a bright pale color.
"You know, I usually try not to butt in on your life but, I'm curious. What happened there in France that night आप and the other's were there? आप कहा something about a real father to Akito?" Dick asks
"*sigh* I was really hoping I'd never have to tell this story." she crosses her arm and tilts her head back on the back of the bench making her short brown curls dangle in the air. She takes a deep breathe and then decides to start her story.
"You see Akito is.. my biological father as आप can see. I used to go along with his fantasies only wanting to please him but one day, I realized it was wrong. Everything was wrong and I didn't want to be a part of what he was doing anymore." she stops.
"I'm proud of आप for realizing that Cross. It's not easy to turn on someone आप प्यार like that." he puts a hand on her shoulder.
"I don't प्यार him." she looks into his piercing blue eyes
"At least not anymore. I did when I was a child but not anymore." she says and looks away
"Cross, is everything okay?"he asks her with concern
"Yeah, I'm just...not okay. I'm not okay, I haven't been ever since he showed up.... When I saw him, I saw the old me and the things the old me did. The things I did were bad Dick. I mean REALLY bad. I just wish I could forget." she covers her face with her hand.
"Look Cross, we've all done things we wish we could forget but,we can't and that's what makes us the हीरोस we are." he tries to comfort her.
"Even you?" she asks,
"Oh yeah, even me" he chuckles and so does she.
"I just want to start all over again, again.You know what I mean? I wanna find myself." she says sincerely
"I do actually. Come with me we're going on a trip." he nods her into his direction as he walks away.

9:45pm Mount Justice
"Why are we here? Are आप making me go to bed?"she asks him with an upset face
"No. There's just something I got to दिखाना you." he says an she follows him.
"Here."he hands her a white box with a silver silk bow and he unties it. She then opens a lid to a surprise.
"Dick, where did आप find this?" पार करना, क्रॉस looks at him as a tear escapes her eye,
"When we locked up your da- er Akito and his team we found this in his hiding place. I thought it was yours या something of sentimental value to you. So, I wrapped it up and well.. here it is." he explains
She looks down at the box with tears still escaping from her eyes.She picks it up and shows a small locket with the पार करना, क्रॉस written on it with bold cursive लेखन and opens it up. She smiles to see a picture of her mother holding पार करना, क्रॉस as a baby. She turns to Dick and smiles.
"Thank you." she hugs him tight
"Uhh, that's not all. Look ack in the box.' he says
"What is this?" She picks up a small paper with लेखन on it.
"Read it." he says
"Natalia's last whereabouts. She seems to be somewhere in Berlin. I plan on finding her before पार करना, क्रॉस does. I can't let her mother have her. Need to go kill her." she reads from the paper.
"Akito knew where she was. Not surprising." she says,
"Well are आप gonna go look for her?" Dick asks and she smiles. She turns around and starts to walk away.
"Wait. Your gonna need this.'" he turns her around o दिखाना her a new suit.
"I figured your old one didn't fit anymore. So, Ari and I fixed आप up a new one. I hope आप like it." he says as he hands it to her.
"How about I try it on and see." she smirks and so does he.
"Uh Dick? Where's the mask?"she looks at him confused
"You don't need one anymore." he says and she goes to try it on.
She comes back in a black leather suit with a hood. It's got a white frill कॉलर and tear a away स्कर्ट attached to it as well with long white boots and a utility बेल्ट attached.
" So, do आप like it?" he asks,
"I प्यार it" she smiles
"So, आप got a new name to gy by?" he asks,
"I'm not very good at coming up with names आप know that." she says to him.
"Just go with something that has meaning to it." he says
"..." she looks at her locket and clenches on to it.
"How about Night Witch. That's not taken is it?" she asks
"Not that I know of but, I say it would suit आप the best." he says with a smile.
"Here's some stuff आप might need. Put it in your belt." he hands her some weapons and she puts them up.
"Have a सुरक्षित trip."he sends her off as she hops onto her motorcycle.
"Okay," she says
"Just promise me two things." he says, "One, Don't kill anyone and Two try to make it back for your birthday. Sixteen is a big deal Y'know."he says
"I'll try. That means आप got to promise me something." she says,
"What?" he asks
"Take care of Impulse, he means alot to me and don't tell him I कहा that." she says
"Okay." he chuckles
"Bye Dick take care"she says and rides off.

Hope आप enjoyed it <3<3<3

And please tell me if Night Witch is already taken.
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