Name: Dylan Spade
Alias: Notte
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Flight, shadows, dark energy, telekinesis, hand-to-hand combat, scythe
History: Dylan was born a mutant; या so he was told. He had white wings and as a neko. He lived in an orphanage and grew up there. Those times were not happy and he found ways to keep himself from harm. He was taught many things, one of those being how to defend himself. Dylan was an expert with a scythe, a master in hand-to-hand combat, an ace flier, and able to control his powers at all times. When he was ten, Dylan fled. There were so many against him and his kind that they decided it was best to lock them up. Dylan was one of the very few who had been able to flee. Dylan moved to New York, thinking it was a better place for him with it's high buildings where he could never be caught या harmed. He soon met Becca Stevens and Devin Grayson. Dylan was happy to learn a few things from them and, in return, promised to help them should they ever need it. Devin offered to let Dylan stay in her घर in the mountains till he found a place to live. Dylan accepted and the two became friends. Dylan eventually found a place and joined the team. He used to work with a scythe, however now his weapons varry.
Notes: Notte means “night” in Italian and refers to Dylan's powers of dark energy and shadows. He is often alone, but prefers it that way. But if he's in a large crowd, Dylan is very talkative and animated. He can will his wings to disappear. When they do, a tattoo of the wings appear on his arm. Dylan is very loyal and a fast learner. He is quick to stick up for people. Dylan is also very sarcastic at times, making him और humorous. He plays the violin as well as the harp. He enjoys the simple pleasures and requires nothing from anyone. He is bisexual, and married to Eclipse या “Phoebe” as he calls her.
Dylan and Phoebe