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posted by MafiaYJ
 Y'all Remember Ethan right?
Y'all Remember Ethan right?
Her hips swayed to the संगीत she played on the small old fashioned radio that sat on her counter in the kitchen. It played संगीत from the 40's, she missed the संगीत of that era and the speakeasies where she sang freely with elbowed length gloves that no one questioned for asked to remove because the situation was deemed inappropriate. Her long black hair was pulled high into her head in a ponytail that matched the rhythm of her hips. In one arm she held a bowl filled with चॉकलेट batter and with the other she held the spoon she was mixing with. Babylon laughed at her self as she caught her reflection in the oven. She smiled at herself, she barely recognized herself. This woman she saw in the mirror was the same one she'd gone face to face with all those years ago. No, this woman smiled, she was radiant and laughed with a joy she had never had until recently. The woman she had seen then bore nothing but a blank expression and vacant eyes that seemed like they had no care for the world. And maybe back then, she really hadnt. She was concerned with nothing but her own unhappiness she didn't bother trying to give anyone the happiness they deserved. In fact, she didn't even want to look away from the murky reflection, the smile was so.. so... so bright, she couldn't look away. She had never seen herself smile a real smile in so long. Ever since she made फ्रेंड्स with Alex, she knew what it was to smile and laugh, how it felt to be concerned with the happiness and protection of someone other than her own. She'd have to write him a thank आप या something, maybe repay him द्वारा finding a way to get back into France without worrying he'll get his face blasted off या kicked out of his job, which she was to not mention या she'd get herself into trouble, the way Odette had been raving about for some time.

Babylon turned to place the bowl on the तालिका, टेबल but instead came face to face with a broad chest that did not belongto the man of her house. The bowl clattered at her feet in surprise and she looked up with wide eyes, taking a step back, only to realize she was trapped between her ओवन and the man. Her brown eyes circled to red and narrowed as she came to the realization of who stood before her. The broad pale chest belong to one on else but Ethan. His icy blue eyes bore down at her, almost in distaste. "So, आप decided to stay with him still. Such a shame, Babylon." Babylon gritted her teeth as she challenged his stare, no matter how much taller he stood that her, she bore a much और intimidating aura. "You are not welcome here, Ethan. Get out." Ethan scoffed, "Just listen for a min-" Babylon cut him off, "I will not listen, worth a ----! After what आप did I owe आप nothing! Now get out of my home, आप are NOT WELCOME HERE!" Her shouted echoed in the घर shaking frames and making Ethan flinch. Even his sandy white hair seemed to have to settle from her wave of vocalization. Ethan used an index finger to shove it against the middle of her chest, the small spec above the valley of her breasts, "Listen here Babylon. I want to be here as much as आप want me to, but Adrian is forcing me to do this because he कहा आप deserved it and i owed it it to you. So shut up and go home, to your real home. And get properly dressed, get rid of that ridiculous apron. आप may not be recognized wearing such modern clothing.

Ethan started for the door leaving Babylon in shock, leaving her to wonder what या who in the world would not recognize her in the clothes she had adapted for herself in this era."Wh-What Era then, Ethan?" she asked looking over at him. Ethan had already opened the door to leave as he glanced back at her, his icy eyes faltered in their anger for but a moment, flickering to a seeming of softness, "The same era you're son was born." Babylon's eyes downed to their hidden brown and looked like they quivered in the light, "My son...?"
posted by Mclovin_69
He walked down the सड़क, स्ट्रीट with his shimmering grey eyes hidden beneath his black hair and the pout that always stayed on his face. He missed her....missed Aryess, he thought they had a promise...a promise that they would always stay together no natter what. But he wasn't mad at her, his दिल ached और for her then anger filling his brain. He began to wonder if he was the one that dragged her away....made her leave him. But what did it matter now she was gone....he didn't know where she was. He let out a sigh walking down the सड़क, स्ट्रीट still in the cold with his thin जैकेट undone, he missed...
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posted by FangYJ
"Why did they आग at us!" 
"The President wants us dead."
"And for what reason?!?" Brendan threw his hands up.
"Well, आप चुरा लिया information from Conway. And आप went undercover for Black Ops, now you're in the Marines. Dude, you're only 20." Mercy spun in her chair. 
"Conway." Brendan laughed, "He deserves what he gets." 

Jaime leapt onto a pole and flipped off of it. Bullets whizzed past his face as he maneuvered around the CIA agents. 
"C'mon! Pick up the pace grandpa!" Jaime laughed and looked at the phone in his hand. 
"Names of people eh? What have आप been up to?" Jaime kept running, ducking...
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posted by ReneYJ
“Rene, wake up,” Rosie said, “wake up.”
    “Mm, do I have to?”
    “Yes, it’s 7am, and you’ve been sleeping in the infirmary for a week!” I was so tired; I didn’t want to leave Kent. Kent had been in a coma for 3 weeks, and I couldn’t leave him, not yet.
    “I brought आप a रस box,” Rosie said, “and its फल punch.” I took the रस box and put it on the side table. I went to the bathroom and changed out of my nyan cat pajamas. I put on a green long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and my black-gray combat...
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posted by SilverWingsYJ
It was surprising how awake and alert आप could be at 3am when आप were risking your life. Like when you're crouching on roof across from an abandoned warehouse. That was clearly not abandoned.
Or maybe, to the average citizen, the dark building appeared empty. Maybe Silver had spent too much time looking for the deseption beneath the blanket of innocence.
She laughed under her breath. Innocence. Was there really such a thing?
Her train of thought was derailed when she saw the flicker of a flame appear and disappear in a corner of shadows below. Silver brushed a finger over her एंजल pendant...
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posted by The_Writer
This is the latest chapter in a story called The Speed and the Archer on This is NOT mine. Enjoy

One day

Hey everyone! Here's another one =-] and it was requested द्वारा YJ-Lover. Please review, send prompts, and Enjoy!

"We made it out," Artemis laughed lightly as she kissed Kaldur on the cheek. He held Artemis' hand and gave it a squeeze. Kaldur looked tired and worn out as did Artemis.

"Yes," Kaldur smiled. "We did together. It has been a long four months. I am glad we are both home." Artemis smiled back.

Artemis pulled back and let Raquel hug Kaldur, tears of joy या surprise still...
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posted by AislingYJ
I was really bored, so I decided to make wordy gurdies for the OC’s. If आप haven’t heard of these before, this is how they work. The answer to the wordy gurdy is a 2-word phrase that rhymes. The first word is the name of an OC (it can be hero name, secret ID/civvie name, whatever). The clue to the wordy gurdy is another 2-word phrase (it can be और though) that doesn’t rhyme, but gives clues to the answer. The name clue could be their last name, civvie name या hero name, etc. The सेकंड word is usually a synonym या विवरण of the सेकंड word in the answer. The goal is to figure...
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So I feel like he's apologizing for what he is... and just wants to be accepted.. Gosh, I प्यार Imagine Dragons.. and this song... just.. *rolls around* Anyway there will be a fanfic one-shot
imagine ड्रॅगन्स
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