“You think I would give आप that opportunity?”
“I think you'll have no choice.”
She looked at him, amusement in her eyes.
“You presume much.”
He smiled and opened his mouth to speak again but was cut off when Bruce came to the mic, asking for everyone to शामिल होइए in the टोस्ट for Devin. She watched as her dance partner moved quickly off the floor and up to the make-shift stage. She glanced about before making her way out the door and towards the front door. Alfred handed her the कोट she'd worn.
“It was good to see आप again, Ms. Stevens.”
“Same to आप Alf. Watch over all of them for me. And I was never here.”
“Of course, madam.”
She flashed him a smile and walked out. She felt the need to stretch her legs and opted for walking घर rather than teleporting. Her thoughts were taken up द्वारा the sudden warmth she had felt being in that house again. Devin had invited her as a friend and had even picked out one of her old dresses for Becca to wear. After that, she couldn't have कहा no; she had practically been held against her will. But things between herself and the first Robin were yet to be cleared in her mind. Seeing him after years of avoiding him made for some serious heartache. But she was okay now. He didn't remember her nor did she feel anything for him. She smiled at the ring on her finger. Just the thought of her husband asleep in बिस्तर was funny to her. Knowing him, he was pacing the floor till she got घर before running into बिस्तर and अभिनय like he'd been asleep the entire time.
And that was the situation she found herself in as she pulled her keys out from her pocket.She heard his feet हटाइए “soundlessly” to the bed. She paused a bit before entering and locking up. Becca put her कोट away and proceeded to the bedroom, where she slipped out of her borrowed dress. She crawled up on the बिस्तर and laid on her husband.
“I'm home, love.”
He rolled over and looked at her.
“How was it?”
“Extravegant. But it was okay. The feelings have passed.”
“..you sure?”
“Yes. I don't need a protege of the Bat to save me या प्यार me. I had the chance and it didn't work. We didn't work. Besides, I प्यार आप and I don't think I could have ever loved him the same way.”
A smile crawled on his lips and he kissed her softly.
“I प्यार आप too.”
Tyler and Becca