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posted by MafiaYJ
"Crap! crap! Crap!" Mafia hissed as she कबूतर for cover under a truck. Bullets ricocheting from the metal. She laid on the ground taking deep breaths. She hated doing this sometimes. Then she made another run for it, red hair like a sail behind her. Suddenly a shot rang, louder than the ones before, and Mafia hit the floor with an 'oomph'. She groaned at the pain racing from her left shoulder down her arm. She pulled her hand back, covered in sticky red blood. "ugh..shot..again." Mafia sighed, and jumped back to her feet. And ran. Trying her best to get to a zeta tube in time before she became uncoordinated. She finally found one, hidden in an alley covered in metal. But if आप had the eye for it, you'd spot it. Mafia concentrated and phased through the metal and into the zeta tube.
Mafia arrived, panting and making a beeline for the medical bay. "I hate getting shot." She whispered, she pulled off her shirt, and began to clean and dress her wound. Once she bandaged it, she pulled her कमीज, शर्ट over her face, and laid there. And being as tired as she was, she fell asleep.
Who knew how long it was, she Mafia felt hands..on her breasts, she let out a blood curling shout, and swung her foot out, kicking whoever was there in the face with her heel. She heard uneven footsteps of trying to regain balance, a crash, and a clatter of medical equipment fall to the floor. She pulled a gun from shoe, and aimed, finally pulling off the कमीज, शर्ट from her face.
Sitting on the floor, in a dazed state, was Twan. She scowled. Gunfire looked up at her, "What was that for?" Mafia snapped, "I didn't know it was you." Gunfire stood up, brushing himself off. Mafia jumped from the cot, and slung her कमीज, शर्ट over her shoulder, the uninjured one.
Mafia walked out briskly as Gunfire followed, "But sweetie!" he wailed, grabbing her wrist.
Mafia was tired, weired out, felt slight molested (even though it was her boyfriend), and not in a good mood. In fact she had been in a bad mood since she tripped over भेड़िया in the morning and गारफील्ड switched the salt and sugar, and she had a salty coffee.
So the moment she felt his hand on her wrist, she pulled back and backhanded him. And for good measure, kicked him in the chest.
She didn't bother for a reaction, she was not happy.
She stomped to an empty room that held nothing but a bed, and fell down onto it. She ignored the frenzied fists to her door, and fell asleep once more, without the worry that someone would walk in.

(i did this बिना सोचे समझे one shot while seeing Alex and Twan agruing about who's butt Mafia would be kicking अगला if certain things were said. Gunfire कहा she was only kicking his butt, then Alex retorted that soon Mafia would be kicking Twan's too. So lols, i made this..hope आप enjoyed.
Note: Mafia is very moody, और so than usual, but its a snake thing. So maybe आप understand, maybe its only me who noticed the snake behavior but eh..animal nerd over here.)
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posted by SilverWings13
 Octavia Rurik
Octavia Rurik
Name: Octavia Rurik
Age: approx 227; looks 22
Species: warlock (born of warlock parents)
Specialties: healing and defense spiritual magic
Weapon: none
Likes: swimming, singing, lanterns
Dislikes: disease, tyranny, spiders

Name: Dmitri Rurik
Age: approx 180; looks 18
Species: warlock (born of warlock parents)
Specialties: defense and elemental spiritual magic
Weapon: a long black scepter topped द्वारा a glowing crystal orb (colors shifts with type of magic used)
Likes: birds, playing the violin, headphones
Dislikes: a lot of things

Background: Dmitri and Octavia are the youngest children of Wilhelm Magnus and...
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posted by 221B-Baker
This charrie goes द्वारा the name Jenson King. Overly-gelled black hair to match his green eyes, this kid could be a Greaser, I swear. When he gets angry, या his body is put under a large amount of stress, he has the ability to retreat into the form of a black leopard. Even when in human form, his cat-like eyes and fangs give him night-vision, and an unusual taste for catnip. Jenson's past remains a secret, even to him. His earliest memory is waking up in the middle of the jungle at age twelve, only to be taken to civilization द्वारा tourists. He enjoyed old, classic streetfighting games, hence his Greaser appearance. At age sixteen, he traveled to America, and joined the team. Knowing और Hindi than English, he often just sits in the rafters and watches everyone.

This biography has many sketchy points, and most of my biographies will, until I'm used to लेखन them, so, patience.
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posted by SilverWings13
WARNING: lots of emotions from my emotionally-wrecked children, both good and bad (but mostly bad coz they're so screwed up..) आप have been warned.

"Jazzy? Nic? Alek? Anybody here?" The lone voice echoed in the silence. It's owner sighed when no response came and readjusted the straps around her shoulders. They connected the pack comfortably between her shoulder blades, allowing her to fly without the pack disrupting the rhythm of her wings while in flight.
Dr. Xian had to be asleep in his private quarters below, Emily assumed, as he would be the only one at the HQ until the others returned...
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posted by MafiaYJ
"Come on Cad, आप know आप want to."
"Its not like आप haven't done this before, right?"
"Go on Cad, just like old times."
"No one is gonna tell आप आप can't."

"No Cadmus, आप promised."
"You कहा you'd stop this."
"You know its wrong आप cant do this!"

Her finger itched at the trigger, staring intensely at the man she held captive. He was a no one. Just someone who was worth a lot of money. She sighed in frustration. The fight was almost unbearable.

"Nyet! I can't do it!" she snapped, but she didn't put down the gun.

A large hand was placed on her shoulder and a deep voice snarled in her ear, "I...
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posted by SilverWings13
I don't even know what I intended this to be when I started लेखन it, but... Here?

His brother was in her bed. His brother had shown up on her balcony, soaked in rain water and blood, and she had helped him. His brother had instructed her as she used tweezers to pull a bullet from his shoulder. His brother had kept his voice as even and calm as possible, asking pointless सवालों about her life to help keep her focused as she did so, then stitched the wound shut with her sowing kit and cared to his other wounds. His brother had, with her persuasion, gone to sleep in her bed. It was now 3...
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posted by Robin_Love
*sighs* Here goes nothing. *crosses fingers*

Name: Tara (pronounced Terra) Lopez
Alias: Midnight
Occupation: Minor, hero
Powers: acrobatics, agility, speed, flexibility, force fields, weapons, handcuffs
History: Tara grew up in an ordinary family, always dreaming of greater things. Her dreams became reality when she was recruited for the team द्वारा Green Lantern. She moved into the HQ, leaving her family behind. Tara was a fast learner and a talented pupil. But she knew her dreams were not going to last for ever. When Tara was 15, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition that causes her joints,...
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posted by Robin_Love
The cool wind ruffled his blonde hair. His steps were fast and sharp. Many heads turned as he walked down the cobblestoned path, mostly female. His sunglasses reflected the sights of the old city as he moved closer to the meeting spot. He stuffed his hands deep into the pockets of his black trench कोट despite the warm sun. He turned down a side street, then another. Quickly, he looked around before walking into the shadows of the building. When he stepped out of them, he stood in the middle of a burned down building, rotting furniture and material littering the floor. He looked around slowly,...
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