What Matters is the fifth book in the Red Revenge/DC Comics crossover series. It will be published January 5, 2013 on Fanfiction.net ONLY.

Scene 1:
"...what appears to have been an excellent night of crime-fighting for the hero Red Revenge. According to early police reports, over 300 criminals have been arrested tonight, all bloody and battered from a confrontation with Red Revenge. The Black Hero made his way from the reconstruction of Grant Tower to the Bronx. A five mile trip that appears to have been highly successful."

"But is Red Revenge breaking the law? Is he endangering the citizens of New York? Some groups and individuals are speaking out against New York's hero despite the significant drop in crime rate. Samuel Grant, new CEO of Grant Industries and partner to billionaire Bruce Wayne, had this to say:"

"I have no टिप्पणी दे except to say that these vigilante attacks, yes attacks Mr. Dalmino, are acts of aggression, trespassing, and injustice to New York's citizens. What's to say Revenge isn't a criminal, using the front of a hero to take over the criminal underworld?"

"Damn straight!" the grizzly man said, holding up an empty बीयर, बियर bottle to the light of the television. He noticed the lack of liquid in the bottle and turned to look at the only fully lit area of the apartment: the kitchen.

"Melody! Bring me another!"

A timid, dirty, brunette girl stumbled into the room, carrying a बीयर, बियर bottle and a plate of chips. She handed them individually to her father. She tried to smooth out her short स्कर्ट her father made her wear.

Her father looked like a pig. In truth, he was Alexander Handsik, head of a major company in Seattle which had recently moved its headquarters to New York. He didn't shave, his pants sagged, and his ratty t-shirt didn't fit his stomach.  He snatched the बीयर, बियर bottle from his daughter and took a long draught before spitting it all over her and smashing the bottle at her feet.

"You worthless piece of trash!" he said, voice rising with his body out of the chair. "You're as rotten as your mother! आप know I like Cooler!"

"Sorry dad!" The girl exclaimed in fear, backing up. "I tried five different stores! They were all out!"

"You think आप can make excuses?!" the man half-yelled. The walls were soundproof, songs had no worries anyone would hear him. "I ought to toss आप through the indie and make आप get some और right now!"

The man raised his hand to hit his daughter who screamed and ran for the door. She pushed it open. Her father grabbed her and she slipped, knocking a box of baseballs to the ground. One rolled out the door and hit someone's foot.

Grant quickly zipped up his motorcycle जैकेट and stood a little straighter, delivering a cold glare to Handsik. Handsik, quickly realizing the situation, acted like he was helping his daughter up and net her to "wash up". He closed the door and met Sam in the hallway.

"Silly girls, slipping on loose clothing." Handsik said, smiling at Grant.

"Oh that's what it was." Sam replied coldly. "I thought I had heard an attack and was coming to make sure आप two were...okay." Grant narrowed his eyes at the last part.

"Perfectly fine." Handsik replied cheerfully. He noticed Sam's bloody face. "Though आप can say the same."

"Getting mugged is just as low as beating up little girls." Sam said. "I'm glad we don't stoop that low, Mr. Handsik."

"Yes, yes." Handsik said. "You know my daughter's eighteen and itching to get out of the house."

"Can't imagine why." Sam pulled the baseball from the ground and slipped his thumb over it, secretly planting a bug. "Here's your ball back."