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Okay here's another लेख about the young heroines I made about the really juicie stuff, their प्यार LIVES! It's a shame not all of them have प्यार interest but हे that just means less typing for me. I won't be able to talk much about some of these but for most of them I'll be able to talk alot. So please leave a टिप्पणी दे and I hope आप enjoy it!

6.Wendy and Peter

I hate this couple, it's one of my least प्रिय डिज़्नी couples! It's UNDERDEVELOPED! First of all I wanna say that I started to like Wendy until she met Peter than I started to hate her. He was really annoyed that she wouldn't SHUT UP! When she tried to किस him he looked disgusted. So what if he saved her life? Besides he didn't seem to care that the मत्स्य कन्याओं were trying to KILL HER! He was just laughing like an idiot! When Wendy was leaving Neverland he didn't seem to care that she was leaving but cared that the लॉस्ट boys were leaving, though wasn't worried that much and assumed they'd be back. In my opinion this relationship is और one-sided meaning Wendy has a crush on him and Peter doesn't have those feelings at all. He was WAY और interested in Tiger Lily than he was Wendy. When Tiger Lily came into the picture he just completely ignored Wendy. Actually that's one problem I have with Tiger Lily is that her only reason for existance is to make Wendy jealous. But yeah I don't get why people प्यार this couple, sure it's a डिज़्नी classic but it's an awful डिज़्नी classic! Besides Wendy is grown up and married with kids. Her and Edward seem like a sweet couple and much better than Wendy and Peter.

5.Penny and Cody

I know what your going to say "THEY'RE NOT A COUPLE! THEY NEVER MET! WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE!" but actually it turns out they're actually an official couple. According to डिज़्नी "Even though they have never officially met, Cody and Penny are regarded as one of Disney's most लोकप्रिय couples" so apperently they're a couple. Not much to say since they're never really met. However I have seen a few वीडियो of them on यूट्यूब and they're really cute together. They're similar in situations since they both talk to animals, they were kidnaped, their captors want them to get wealth, they're stubborn, and do try to get themselves out of trouble. I like this couple but the only reason they're not higher is because they never met but if they did it would be cute.

4.Melody and The Merman

Yet another undeveloped couple! However I do think this couple is really cute! It was adorible how they bumped into each other when they first met and they both were about to say "Sorry, my fault". It's awesome for Melody since she's always been a cluts and has always had to say "Sorry, my fault" but for once in her life someone else has. He knew she was someone knew around here and offered to let her hang out with him and his friends. When Tip and Dash had her just swim away so they can get the trident he still kept his offer open. That smile on her face as she swam off was so sweet. They finally meet again at the end when they bump into each other yet again, apperently that's their thing. When she say hi and smile it's so ADORIBLE! The reason it's not higher is that there wasn't much screentime for them and they others are और developed.

3.Mowgli and Shanti

In the first not much to say except that the best way to get a guy to change is mind is a beautiful girl, unless he's gay. Throughout the सेकंड movie it's shown to be a typical little kid relationship. That whole boy playing pranks on the girl and the girl doing tricks and using words to make the boy look stupid. Mowgli does like to help Shanti know how to have fun and दिखाना that the jungle wasn't that bad a place. When she gets him in trouble sneaks out to bring him some food. Come on आप can't stay mad at her for that! Plus when she thinks he's in trouble she goes to face her fears to save Mowgli. She knows it's dangerous and that she could be killed but cares और about Mowgli than herself. Even though Mowgli complains about Shanti most of the time when he hears the whole village is looking for him is thinking of Shanti. Plus how in the climax how they help save each other. When Mowgli gets to choose to either go back to the village to stay in the jungle he once again decides on the village because of Shanti. So we give thanks to Shanti's big beautiful brown eyes, without them Mowgli would never have found true प्यार या went to the man village. However the others are so amazing they're in my चोटी, शीर्ष 10 प्रिय डिज़्नी couples.

2.Taran and Eilonwy

This actually use to be my प्रिय but I rewatch both फिल्में and I like one और couple और than this, but I still प्यार it. This couple is in my चोटी, शीर्ष 10 प्रिय डिज़्नी couples, like most things related to The Black Cauldron. One thing I like about this couple is that unlike other couples before this movie the heroine isn't a big such up. If he makes her mad she'll go off on him! When they got into a fight and made up it was sweet, Taran realizes he was being a sexist jerk and has learned to have और respect for girls. When Eilonwy isn't sure about the plan about destroying the cauldron Taran basically lets her know that he can't do it without her. When Taran gives up his sword and they realize that the cauldron is useless to them he beats himself up. However she assures him that he isn't a nobody and that he's a somebody. The quote that she uses is so sweet "Look आप are somebody! आप have to believe in yourself..... I believe in you!" and Taran gets all nervous when he tries to share his feelings. Plus when Gurgi set them up for a किस it was really cute! Take a look at this amazing video of them together with an awesome song link it's wonderful! However the other one is just और entertaining and amazing.

1.Jane and Peter9

Ironic considering the other couple involving Peter is in last place. One of the best couples EVER! I प्यार this couple to pieces! They bring out the best in each other Peter brings out Jane's fun, imatinative, adventurous side while Jane brings out Peter's caring, mature, loving side. I प्यार that unlike all the other girls in the Peter Pan franchise(Tinkerbell, Wendy, Tiger Lily, and the mermaids) Jane didn't just fall in प्यार with him with just the snap of his finger. They developed as the story went on. When they flew around Neverland it was so romantic, especially when Jane touched the rainbow. He showed her how fun and wonderful Neverland is. When she was trying to leave he was interested as he was stalking her behind the bush. When he saw how much she wanted to go घर it brought out a side of him that we never see, which is why I like him in this movie. I प्यार how Jane makes wise cracks at Peter like when he was naming reasons why he's better at flying my प्रिय was "Or maybe your full of hot air" that's really telling him. Unlike her mother she's not afraid to go off on him when he makes her mad. There are things about each other that drive them both insane but I know that they couldn't change a thing. When she was made a लॉस्ट girl and she hugged him he really liked it, unlike when Wendy tried to किस him. When she rescues him and they hold hands the way they smiled at each other was SO ROMANTIC! It was also cute when they both did Peter's iconic कौआ, कौवा call. He also was really sad when Jane learned how to fly because she could go back home, he cares about her and doesn't want her to leave. When she pushed him off the rock and they flew through the sky together was really cute. I think that Peter truly loves her and will realize that he can't live without her. He'll give up Neverland and being young forever for her because he loves her. I'm thinking about लेखन a fanfic about them getting together but I'm not sure. What do आप all think? That is if आप care. I also wanna share a video of them with आप the video is amazing with a song that सूट्स them PERFECTLY link