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posted by BlondLionEzel
Wolfe + सोना Okami = सोना Wolfe

सोना Wolfe + Heatblast = Burning सोना Wolfe

सोना Wolfe + Terraspin = Spinning सोना Wolfe

सोना Wolfe + Water Hazard = Splashing सोना Wolfe

सोना Wolfe + Armodrillo = Drilling सोना Wolfe

सोना Wolfe + Arctiguana = Freezing सोना Wolfe

सोना Wolfe + Goop = Morphing सोना Wolfe

सोना Wolfe + AmpFibian = Shocking सोना Wolfe

सोना Wolfe + Wildvine = Rooting सोना Wolfe

सोना Wolfe + Chromastone = Absorbing सोना Wolfe

सोना Wolfe + Swampfire = Striking सोना Wolfe

सोना Wolfe + Feedback = Jolting सोना Wolfe

Wolfe + Heatblast + Terraspin + Water Hazard + Armodrillo = WXB1 Wofle

WXB1 Wolfe + Arctiguana + Goop + AmpFibian = WXB2 Wolfe

WXB2 Wolfe + Chromastone + Swampfire = WXB3 Wolfe

WXB3 + Feedback = WXB4 Wolfe Guardian
posted by BlondLionEzel

Slash Kaiser
Species: Demon
Height: 7 Feet
Appearance: स्लैश Kaiser looks like a walking suit of armor, with arm blades, a long sword, red eyes, a black cape, and a crest-like helmet.
Powers: Can turn Long Blade into a आग blade या electric blade. स्लैश Kaiser's special ability is to call "Cut Clones" which are all black beings which have a blade weapon for a right hand.

2nd Commander:

Mammoth Buster
Species: Mammutsapien
Height: 9 Feet 10 Inches
Appearance: Mammoth Buster looks like a muscular human wearing Mammoth-like armor. आप can't see his eyes because his mask guards them. His body...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 1

*Osaka Castle, Japan*

Announcer: It's time for the Xros vs Epsilon Grudge Match to begin! For the red corner...

3 Masked Xros Members: *Reveal themselves to be Young Macintosh, Wee Dingwall, and Young Macguffin*

Masked Epsilon Member: *Reveals himself to be Mammoth Buster*

Announcer: Wow! Three against one, I wonder how this will turn out! Now for the blue corner...

Masked Xros Member: *Reveals herself to be Astrid*

Astrid: I am ready for anything!

Masked Epsilon Member: *Reveals himself to be Pharaoh Phantom, a floating Pharaoh head*

Announcer: Let the battles...begin!

Mammoth Buster: *Uses...
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