डब्ल्यू डब्ल्यू ई के डीवा What's your favourite divas entrance theme?

Pick one:
Alicia लोमड़ी, फॉक्स - Shake Yo Tail
Ashley - Light a आग
Beth Phoenix - Glamazon
The Bella Twins - आप Can Look (But आप Can't Touch)
Candice Michelle - What प्यार is
Chyna - Who I Am
Eve Torres - She Looks Good
Jillian - Sliced रोटी
Katie Lea - Hurt आप
Kelly Kelly - Holla
Kharma - Bad Karma
Layla - Nasty Girl
Lita - LoveFuryPassionEnergy
Maria - With Legs Like That
Maryse - Pourquoi?
Melina - Paparazzi
Michelle McCool - Not Enough for Me
Mickie James - Obsession
Molly होल्ली, होली - Virginous
Natalya - New Foundation
Sable – Wild Cat
Stacy Keibler - Legs
Stephanie McMahon - All Grown Up
Tiffany - Insatiable
Torrie Wilson - A Girl Like That
Trish Stratus - Time To Rock & Roll
Victoria - Don't Mess With
Trish and Lita
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