Ralph: Now I'm going to do something very bad and good! Cause I'm a villaihero.

बिना सोचे समझे Guy: *coughs* Loser. *coughs*

Ralph: Stupid बिना सोचे समझे people. Always blurting out dumb stuff at randomness times. Like me! Opa!

Vanellope: आप have to be joking! Can't he leave? Better yet--how about I vamoose? *runs to her गाड़ी and starts engine*

Cart: Enter identification पासवर्ड please.

Vanellope: *panicking like a scared little girl* Ummm.....*sweatdrop* Ralph likes waffles?

Cart: Correct. आप may start. *turns off*

Vanellope: How the heck was that right? Ya know what? I'm not going to bother! Let me---

बिना सोचे समझे Guy: AHHHHHHHH! My spleen! My gluteus! My awesomeness pecks! *screams*

Crowd (regular): *panic and run everywhere*

बिना सोचे समझे Guy 2: *says like the guy from Spongebob* My leg!

Vanellope: My suite full of cool stuff! What happened to the fortress of solitude then? This is getting really fishy all of a sudden....

Ralph: I'M COMING IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL ALL RIGHT!!! *punches everything in his line of sight*

Vanellope: I'm not going to even bother. Why can't he just keep his cool for 3 सेकंड्स of his brick breaking life? I gotta go get him I guess.

Ralph: *still breaking everything even thought his fists are on fire* Time for the finale!

Vanellope (with हुड, डाकू still on) : Stop it Ralphie! Can ya please quit the wrecking टमटम for 4 मिनट seconds?!?? *grabs his hand*

Ralph: *derp face* Mama?

Vanellope (with हुड, डाकू still on) : Of course not Major B.O.! It's me, Presidante Vanellope, ya know. The democracy queen?

Ralph: Oh....that explains why that lady called me an animal.

Crowd (regular) : Wow, this is so weird...maybe I shouldn't have drank all that hot chocolate..

Vanellope: *removes hood* Hey! That's an insult! *punches his leg* Don't be a dummy boy!

Ralph: *laughs loudly* Okay Van. But where's your cart?

Vanellope: Oh darn.....*eyes widen* So I was like.....