"I'm gonna wreck it!" ~Ralph
Don't even ask why I put this here. It was a dare from a प्रशंसक to write a लेख talking about Vanellope Von Schweetz. I'm super excited to write this little brief role play dialogue about Vanellope! Tell me whatcha think in the टिप्पणी दे box below and give me tons of reviews and what I need to improve in. Please remember no flames, and please DO NOT copy! Thanks BROHAMS! *peace signs and leaves*

Ralph: I wonder what Vanellope is doing....I really wanna see her again. All that stuff about being President of Presidents is getting out if hand. Better check if she did this whole democracy thing right. *leaves and runs into a blue portal that warps him to the Sugar Rush game*

Vanellope: And he's like, I'm gonna wreck it!

Crowd of Rich People: *starts laughing like cornballs*

Rich Lady 1: Wow Vanellope, I never knew आप had a sense of humor!

Vanellope: बिना सोचे समझे lady who thinks she's superior, ya don't know me!

Crowd of Rich People: *laughs stupidly again*

Rich Lady 2: *says very sarcastically* Vanellope, have आप ever been SO formal in your life?

Vanellope: *stares lady down* Watch whatcha say to the President of this game! I'll shut yours down!

Crowd (regular): Ooooooo.........

बिना सोचे समझे Guy From Sugar Rush: She just got owned! That was Boss City there!

Vanellope: Thank you! *murmurs under her breath* Can that lady stop wearing red high heels? Soon she'll trip over the Statue of Liberty like that!

Rich Lady 2: HMMPH! I never want to see your sugar face again!

*Ralph comes through portal without knowing that some bad chaos is gonna awake in the game*

Ralph: हे Sergeant Stink-a-pee! *doesn't know that rich people are looking at him like he's stripped with no clothes*

Vanellope: Oh no, the worst timing ever.....*pulls हुड, डाकू over her ponytail*

Ralph (in head): What's happening? No hug?

Vanellope: Why couldn't he leave?

Rich Lady 2: *walks quickly to चॉकलेट gate and slaps Ralph with her purse* Another animal!

Ralph: Owwww! What's the big idea? *sees eccentric people surrounding him like a zombie group*

बिना सोचे समझे Guy: Who's the clothed ape?

Ralph: HEY! *balls giant fists* Who कहा that?

Vanellope (in head): So I'm like, the cause of all this?