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Becky is made Babysitter when her Parents go for icecream.
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आप may have seen this but have आप heard of the story of the new superhero? the one that will steal the glory of all but doesn't mean to? read the अगला of the post to find out...This may be a long लेख though....anyway. It will start out in the city and Word-Girl had finished defeating another villain. When her mom has her cousin come over, Izzy Botsford. That's when the secrets start to un-ravel. It starts when they defeat Tobey, then Chuck, then Dr.Two Brains.....Izzy ends up staying for 4 months, but Tobey has some secrets as well...
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Chorus: Word-girl!
Announcer: Psst. listen for the words, "ability" and "benevolent".

Narrator: Just another normal दिन in Plumbloco....
*Scoops gets on a giant catapult and launches into the sky. He photographs Word Girl as she flies over the city carrying The Butcher. Scoops lands on three well-placed trampolines (in succession) and strolls off.*
*The News paper spins into focus featuring the चित्र of Word Girl that Scoops just shot, and the scene resumes with Word Girl handing him over to the authorities.*
Narrator: And the दिन is saved once again thanks to Word Girl!
Or is it?
*Scene cuts to a...
continue reading...
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