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 winx ownix
winx ownix
The winx club with roxy have a transformation called ownix it may be a season 5 transformation the only get it if they get in touch with there power and believe they can get there ownix. Ownix is the power when they believe in there own true power. Bloom will have to get in touch with her power and believe she can get her biggest power yet The power of the danger आग dragon. Flora will have to get in touch with nature and so on so forth. And its the same with the rest of the girls. And as they try to get they're true power they must meet there enemy and destroy him/her before he/she can steal they're power and bring back the winx क्लब्स enemies? Will they succed? Let's all hope for the best.
 winx with roxy
winx with roxy
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May walks up towards a teacher. "Name?" The teacher asks. "May. From Revela." May tells the teacher. "Umm... Ah here आप are ok आप can go and welcome to Alfea." The teacher says and May continues to walk. Stopping she turns around looking at the school her mouth open and gaping. Someone suddenly bumps into May and she falls down on her hands on knees her bag opening and her stuff spilling out. "Ow. Oh I am so sorry." The girl says as I kneels down to pick the stuff up and hands it back to May. "Are आप ok? I am so sorry. I so didn't mean it." The girl says as she helps May up. "Yeah I am fine."...
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posted by allicyn123
"Oh my god." Icy gasped and dropped her पुस्तकें on the floor. Cloudtower was THE BIGGEST School she had ever been to. Freshmen साल and Darcey and Stormy Had only one class with her. At least the sisters were roomies. Stormy stormed in looking at the class scheduele carefully and Darcey followed and eyed every witch in the room. Out of nowhere stormy trew her notebook at the wall. "Agggh... LIGHTNING!!!!" a streak of lightning seared the पुस्तकें and left them in ruins. "STORMY! आप lit them on FIRE! Nice first inpressions on the school!" Stormy clenched her fist and growled,"they gave me potion...
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posted by FloraBoricua
So it has been a long time that I haven't made a story. I guess I don't have the inspiration, just in few rare cases and this is one of them. This story is mostly about Flora and Helia. And since now I विज्ञापन दे everyone of आप who reads the story, it can have pretty bad grammar but since I प्यार to write I keep doing it. My last story wasn't pretty bad though, one of the parts is चोटी, शीर्ष rated #3.

Well enough of me. Lets start with Flora :) Hope आप enjoy it. For the record, they live in Alfea since they teach there , in my story

Resting over her बिस्तर she kept thinking about everything she has gone...
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