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Song: link

Liam: Ooh, I प्यार this song.
Gordon: I don't. I was hoping the instrumental of Blitzkrieg Bop would play so that everyone could kill each other.
Blossom: That's not very nice.
Lewis: But I am. I'm also the host for Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. Welcome back, and enjoy the shows. First is Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime, then Johnny Lightning.

Girls: *Playing Rock & Roll music* Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime!! Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime!! Which is Japanese for, which is Japanese for... *Drum solo* Your Typical Anime. *Guitar solo* Your Typical Anime. *Guitar solo* Your Typical Anime!

Episode 3: टैको, taco Bell

A new restaurant opened up in town. Everyone was excited to see it.

Alinah: *Walks towards the entrance* Ooh, टैको, taco Bell. *Floats into the store*
Eula: *Watching Alinah float into the store* Oh, हे Alinah.
Alinah: Hi Eula.
Eula: Guess what I just ordered.
Alinah: There's a lot to choose from. I don't know if I can guess.
Eula: Alright, I'll tell you. The loaded टैको, taco burrito.
Alinah: I think I'll get the cool ranch Doritos locos tacos.
Eula: Good choice. When you're finished ordering, आप can शामिल होइए me if आप want.
Alinah: Swell.

Eula even waited for Alinah to return before eating her burrito.

Alinah: That was kind of आप Eula, but आप didn't need to wait for me.
Eula: आप kidding? You're my friend.
Alinah: Even after that contest we had a while back?
Eula: Friendly rivalry.
Alinah: Fair enough.
Eula: *Eating her burrito* आप know, this burrito, बुरिटो is making me want to... *Farts* Ah.
Alinah: So is my *Farts eight times as she says* Doritos Locos Tacos.
Eula: *Farts*
Alinah: *Farts*

Then both girls blushed as they farted at the same time.

Man 14: Hey, check out those girls.
Eula: *Farts five times*
Alinah: *Farting so loudly, that the windows in the भोजन करनेवाला, डिनर break*
Cashier: Oh shit! Where's the manager?
Eula: Speaking of shit. *Farts while shitting herself*
Alinah: You're making me horny.
Eula: Well, looks like we have something in common.

They went to Eula's house, and had sex with dildos. They had a wonderful time, farting during the entire thing.

Man 39: *Looking at the two women having sex while farting* I know that this is anime, but jesus. That's wrong on so many levels.

The whole room was covered in smoke as the two girls layed down अगला to each other.

Eula: I'm pooped.
Alinah: So am I. Literally.
Eula: Yeah, I can smell it.
Alinah: Why do we have this fetish?
Eula: Because it's anime.
Alinah: Oh. What do we do now?
Eula: I'm still craving टैको, taco bell.
Alinah: I still want to break wind.
Eula: Just don't break any windows while you're at it.

Ending theme

Girls: The End!! *Playing Rock & Roll music* It's time to sing a song that doesn't make any sense. When the leaves fall, I'm going to fall with you. Though we may never see each other, I'll still have आप in my heart, and it'll be great. What am I even saying?! My breasts, and butt are big. Your dick is very hard. It's time to go home, and create cheesecake!

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog Production from May 1, 2017

Song (Start at 0:20): link

Fat Pat: Hello everyone!
Shirtless Shane: Since this is Your Typical Anime, the two of us are making a pointless arrival to let आप know what'll happen in the अगला episode.
Fat Pat: अगला up in Fat Pat.
Shirtless Shane: आप have an episode named after you? That's not fair. At least we get bigger roles in this one. You'll also get to meet और members of our gang.


Song: link

Johnny: *Driving his green Mustang. He turns left, and heads for a parking lot*
Narrator: Phillipsburg, not far away from my home. It's actually 11 miles north of the town I live in. In my opinion, it's also the nicest town in New Jersey.
Johnny: *Parks his Mustang, and gets out with a suitcase*
Narrator: I was waiting for a train to arrive from the other side of the Delaware River. Just across from Phillipsburg, is the town of Easton Pennsylvania. We got word from the पंचकोण, पेंटागन that Norfolk Southern was helping a new Communist group ship stolen tanks out of the U.S, and into Russia. In return for the tanks, the Russians gave Norfolk Southern nerve gas, which they would use to stage accidents, and wipe out as many people as they could. Well this time, they weren't going to succeed.
Johnny: *Placing two C4 packs on the bridge, and runs back to a fence*
Narrator: The packs were set. All I had to do was set them off at the right time.
Engineer: *Driving a train with two engines, and 55 tankers between two hoppers*
Narrator: This was an interesting thing I noticed. On Norfolk Southern, a train of tank cars is surrounded द्वारा two hoppers. One on the front, and one at the back. With two engines, it would be tricky to set the C4 off at the right time, to have the tankers stop before falling off the bridge. However, I knew the consequences if I set it off too late.
Engineer: *Blowing the horn on his train as he gets close to the bridge*
Johnny: *Sees the headlights*
Narrator: Now.
Johnny: *Hits a button, detonating the C4 packs*

Some shrapnel from the explosion went through the window of the locomotive, and hit the engineer in the head.

Johnny: Uh oh.
Engineer: *Falling down, his arm moves a lever, making the train slow down*
Johnny: *Watching the train slow down* Stop. Please stop.

The first engine fell off, then the second, but the rest of the train was still safely on the bridge.

Johnny: *Lets out a sigh of relief as he walks back to the car*
Narrator: Commander Kane told me to have a week off once this mission was complete. Uninterrupted of course. There was one place I had in mind before heading off to enjoy my time off in South Carolina.
Johnny: *Leaving Phillipsburg in his Mustang*

Opening Credits Song: link

Johnny: *Sits down looking at a screen. He sees a wanted sign on it for a bad guy. He nods and gets up*

Johnny Lightning

Johnny: *Looks at his watch, and presses a red button activating it*

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Johnny Lightning

Johnny: *In a parking garage. He starts to run as he selects the 1958 Plymouth Belvedere. Once he selects it, he jumps into mid-air making the car automatically appear with him in it. He drifts left out of the parking garage*


ISIS Members: *Walking together with AK47's*
Johnny: *Runs out from a building behind them, and bashes their heads together*


Johnny: *Jumps out of a helicopter with a parachute. After a few seconds, he deploys it, and slowly goes down towards a rooftop*


Johnny: *Slides down towards a gravestone with an M14, and fires five bullets*


Johnny: *Combing his hair, and then cleans the lenses of his glasses*


Johnny: *Running on a boxcar. He jumps on a gondola, doing a front roll once he lands. He grabs a guy in a black coat, and punches him three times, then throws him off*


Commander Kane: *Sitting behind his डेस्क with his feet on them*

Jack Nicholson as Commander Kane

Johnny: *Drives back into the parking garage. He stops the car, gets out, and hits the red button. His Plymouth Belvedere disappears, going back into the watch*


Johnny: *Driving his घोड़ा down Interstate 12 in Flemington. He reaches an intersection, and turns left as the light turns from green to yellow*

Episode 5: Let's Break The Ice

Narrator: Before heading for South Carolina, I wanted to check out a nice park I used to go to as a kid. It's called Minebrook Park. It's got a playground, and two trails.
Johnny: *Gets out of his घोड़ा in a parking lot with stones, and makes the घोड़ा go back into his watch*
Narrator: My प्रिय trail out of the two was the one that went through the trees, and alongside the stream. It was very cold today, and most of the water in the stream turned into ice.
Johnny: *Looks down at the ice*
Narrator: When I was younger, my फ्रेंड्स and I would race ourselves on the ice. The stream went under a bridge, and we tried to get under there first. I was usually the winner, but I did lose a few times, getting either second, या third.

Special Guest Stars

गुलबहार, डेज़ी Ridley as Jess Meyer
Mara Wilson as Kate Brammer
Kerry Shale as Sid Pushkin

Narrator: Being back here brought over a lot of good memories. I was really enjoying myself.
Norfolk Southern Men: *Standing द्वारा a house, watching Johnny walk down the trail*
NS Man 95: Do आप think he's the one who destroyed our train in Phillipsburg?
NS Man 85: They कहा his car is a green 1970 Ford Mustang. I saw it in the parking lot. I don't know where it went, but that guy was the one driving it.
NS Man 95: He seems very determined. He's walking towards the rest of our squad. We must inform them.
NS Man 85: *Grabs a walkie talkie* Way ahead of you.
Johnny: *Walks across a small bridge* The halfway point to those races we had years ago. I wish I could do that again.
NS Man 79: *Holding an AK47 as he speaks through his walkie talkie* Understood. We'll keep an eye out for him.
Johnny: *Looking at a flight of stairs that lead up to the अगला part of the trail*
Narrator: I usually switched things up around here. I would either go up the stairs, या climb up to the चोटी, शीर्ष using the rocks on the left. It was usually muddy, and not easy to climb, but I still enjoyed it. This time, I decided to take the stairs.
Johnny: *Walks up the stairs*
NS Man 79: *Looking away from the stairs*
Johnny: *Reaches the top*
NS Man 79: *Turns around, and points his AK47 at Johnny* Halt! I order आप to come with me at once!
Johnny: How did आप find me so quickly?
NS Man 79: आप shouldn't have come here.
Johnny: *Walks towards the man with his hands up*
NS Man 79: Now keep going forward.
Johnny: Whatever आप say.

As Johnny was being forced to walk down part of the trail द्वारा a man with an AK47, he noticed some wires to the left.

NS Man 79: Keep moving. Don't stop at all.
Johnny: I won't stop until आप tell me to.
Narrator: He brought me to a small camp. Several और enemies from Norfolk Southern were द्वारा a fire, accompanied द्वारा two और prisoners.
Jess: *Sitting अगला to Kate* For the last, goddamn time, we had no clue about your presence! The two of us were simply out for a walk! It's called a nature trail for a reason!
NS Man 96: Do not lie to me! We knew आप were coming. The trail was wired! Look at this. *Forces Jess to stare at a monitor, दिखा रहा है the entire trail in green* We noticed a red spot, and saw आप two walking towards us.
Kate: We're not even armed.
NS Man 96: We're not taking chances. *Looks at Johnny* What is this man doing here?
NS Man 79: He is the one responsible for wrecking our train in Phillipsburg.
Johnny: I was also unaware of your presence here.
NS Man 96: Get rid of him. Have him murdered at once.
NS Man 79: Right away. *Making Johnny walk towards a row of trees*
NS Man 96: *Pointing his AK47 at the two ladies*
Johnny: *Looks at a चाकू on NS Man 79's belt, and grabs it*
NS Man 79: No!!
Johnny: *Stabs him*
NS Man 79: *Dies as he shoots five bullets from his AK47*

Song: link

NS Man 96: *Looking at five other NS employees* Go out there, now!!
NS Employees: *Running out towards Johnny*
Johnny: *Shoots NS Man 96, and the rest of the Norfolk Southern crew* Let's go girls.
Kate & Jess: *Following Johnny onto a trail*
Johnny: We can't stay on here for long. The trail is wired, they'll find us.
Jess: Well, where can we go?
Johnny: *Looks down, and sees the stream* Down there, into the water.
NS Employees: *Running up a flight of stairs on the trail to get to the चोटी, शीर्ष of a hill*
Johnny: *Sliding down the पहाड़ी, हिल with Kate, and Jess* I know आप want to scream, but please, don't.
Kate: We made it this far.
Jess: I'm still trying not to.

They made it into the water, and stayed behind a rock. Stop the song.

NS Man 44: I don't see them anywhere.
NS Man 69: They कहा they don't see their position anywhere on the radar. They went off the trail.
NS Man 33: *Looks down at the water* Maybe they went down there.
NS Man 44: Nobody would be stupid enough to freeze in there. Let's हटाइए out.
Johnny: *Pokes his head up above the rock, and looks at the men walking away* They haven't spotted us. Wait until they get further away, then follow the stream towards the bridge. Most of it is frozen, so we can walk on the ice.
Jess: I hope we can हटाइए soon. My feet are starting to freeze with all this water in my shoes.
Johnny: *Gets out his phone* I just gotta make a call. *Calling Commander Kane* After this, we can go.
Commander Kane: *Answers his phone in his office* Commander Kane speaking.
Johnny: It's Johnny. Are आप familiar with a town called Flemington, New Jersey?
Commander Kane: Yes, but I thought आप were going to South Carolina.
Johnny: So did I, but Norfolk Southern caught me, and I need your help. We're at Minebrook Park. Look it up, and get backup. I have to go, but I'll keep आप posted.
Commander Kane: We'll keep in touch. *Hangs up*
Johnny: Alright, time to go. Take it slow. If आप slip, and fall they'll hear us.

Johnny continued walking down the stream with Jess and Kate.

Johnny: Finally, we made it to the ice.
Kate: We can finally keep our feet dry.
Jess: But they're already wet. At least, mine are.
Johnny: My feet are wet too. At least Norfolk Southern didn't spot us.

Sid Pushkin, the leader of Norfolk Southern in New Jersey was not satisfied with the हाल का events.

Sid: We have an important shipment on it's way द्वारा helicopter, and there are intruders out on the trail! I want them shot!
NS Man 96: We are trying sir, but they are nowhere to be found.
Sid: आप better find them before the helicopter comes with our shipment. We have got to get it on board our train.
NS Man 96: I understand. I'll rally the men, and we'll double our search.

Johnny and the girls were walking towards a bridge. To their left, on the चोटी, शीर्ष of the stairs was a sniper.

Johnny: *Watches a bullet hit a fallen tree. Get down! *Gets behind the पेड़ with Jess, and Kate*
NS Man 33: *Holding a Dragunov* I knew I'd find आप down there.
Kate: We're gonna die.
Johnny: No we're not. We can use the पेड़ as cover while we crawl to the bridge. Who here is good at using a gun?
Jess: I am.
Johnny: *Gives her the AK47* Then this is for you. Come on. *Crawls to the bridge*
Jess & Kate: *Following Johnny as they crawl, using the पेड़ for cover*
NS Man 33: They're not moving.
NS Men: *Arrive with AK47's*
NS Man 33: I told आप they were in the water. Go and stop them. They are hiding behind the tree.

The three men ran down the stairs to get to the tree.

Narrator: What they didn't realize was that we were now under the bridge, waiting for them.
NS Men: *Going down towards the tree*
Jess: *Shooting the three men with the AK47*
Johnny: *Shoots the sniper twice with his .45*

The sniper fell down the stairs, all the way to the bottom.

Johnny: *Watching his body fall*
Kate: Are we good to go?
Johnny: Yeah. Let's move. *Continues going down the icy stream with Kate and Jess*

After passing the small bridge, Johnny thought about what Norfolk Southern was doing here.

Johnny: When they captured आप two, did आप see anything that looked important?
Kate: No.
Jess: Why do आप suppose they're here?
Johnny: Their mainline's not far away. They might be meeting up with someone in order to sneak something important onto one of their trains.

Soon they heard a helicopter.

Jess: Where's that coming from?
Johnny: *Looks to the right* The right. *Moves towards a bank, and takes cover with Jess, and Kate* Don't हटाइए no matter what.

But then, Johnny noticed something. The helicopter was flying towards a house in front of them, on a cliff. They were already spotted.

NS Man 85: *Firing at Johnny with an AK74u*
Johnny: Stay on the ice! *Runs with Kate, and Jess*
Jess: *Returns fire*
NS Man 85: *Falls down, dropping his gun*
Sid: What's going on?!
NS Man 64: Must be those intruders we heard about earlier.
Sid: Cut them off!!
Johnny: *Looks around, seeing that no one is shooting at them* I think we're in the clear.
Jess: What if they have और people come our way?
Johnny: They'll be too far behind.
Kate: आप think we can make it out alive?
Johnny: *Sees the bridge up ahead* Yep. The finish line is just in sight.
Jess: What's that supposed to mean?
Johnny: I had a few races here before.

But just before they got under the bridge, two Silverado's stopped. On the बिस्तर of each truck, a man with an RPD pointed their बंदूकों at Johnny, and the girls.

NS Man 98: Don't move!!
Sid: *Gets out of the first truck* Johnny Lightning! आप and your फ्रेंड्स will come with us!
Johnny: Alright.
Jess: *Throws her AK47 to the side*
Johnny: Where are आप taking us?
Sid: It's a surprise Mr. Lightning! I think you'll find it amusing.
Johnny: Well I do get amused quite easily. Let's see what आप got for us.

A freight train was in a siding under Route 31 in Flemington. It had empty autoracks, and Sid planned to get on board with his special cargo, without anyone seeing him.

Narrator: Autoracks. I always enjoy seeing those. However, I had और important things to worry about.
Johnny: *Looking back at the 2nd truck. Jess and Kate are inside with और men. They are pointing बंदूकों at their heads*
Sid: This is where I make my escape. Goodbye Mr. Lightning. *Walks out of the truck*
NS Man 86: *Pointing his AK47 at Johnny*
Johnny: *Shoots him, and takes his AK47*

Song: link

Narrator: Then an unexpected surprise arrived. The autoracks weren't entirely empty after all.
NS Men: *Running out with और AK47's*
Johnny: *Gets out, and runs to Kate, and Jess*
Jess: We're fine, we knocked out the men in here.
Johnny: Well then we better take cover. *Nearly gets hit द्वारा a bullet*
Kate: How about the rocks over there?
Johnny: *Sees some rocks on the side of the road* Okay, follow me! *Runs with the girls*
NS Men: *Firing at the trio*
Johnny: *Returns आग with his .45*

Stop the song and play this one: link

Johnny: *Hears और helicopters, then turns around* My reinforcements arrived!
CIA: *Arriving in helicopters, and Suburbans*
NS Men: *Firing at the Suburbans*
CIA Agents: *Jumping out of the helicopters, and running out of the Suburbans. All equipped with M4 Carbines*
Kate: *Shooting the NS Men with an AK47*
Johnny: आप killed them.
Kate: I never even used a gun before.
Johnny: That's good. Let's move.
Engineer: *With the conductor in the engine cab* We need to leave!!
Commander Kane: *Using a mini gun to kill the two men*
Engineer: Ah!! *Falls down with the conductor*
Sid: *Looking at Johnny with Jess, and Kate* Stop!! *Shoots Johnny*
Johnny: Ah! *Holding his wound as he falls down*
CIA 63: Mr. Lightning!
Johnny: Forget about me, stop the bald guy with the mustache and suitcase.
Jess: Come on, I'll take आप to safety.
CIA 63: Let's go men!! *Running towards Sid*
Sid: *Running towards the engines*
Commander Kane: We got him trapped! *Shooting Sid*
Sid: *Drops the suitcase. It opens as hundred dollar bills fall out*

The song fades away as another one begins: link

Commander Kane: Where's Johnny?
CIA 63: Back on the road sir.
Commander Kane: *Jumps down from the helicopter*
Pilot: Sir!
Commander Kane: I'll be back. I need to check on someone important!
Jess: *Holding Johnny's head up as she applies pressure to his wound*

Police and रोगी वाहन, एम्बुलेंस sirens were heard. They were getting closer.

Commander Kane: *Next to Jess* Johnny. Can आप hear me?
Johnny: ..yeah. you're standing right अगला to me.
Commander Kane: Ambulances are on their way.
Johnny: I know. I can hear the sirens.
Commander Kane: I don't know what to say anymore.
Johnny: *Laughing*

As the ambulances arrived with police cars, the conversation continued.

Commander Kane: As soon as your out of the hospital, your seven दिन vacation will be restarted. The hospital will call me once you're out.
Johnny: *Watching doctors come towards him* See आप soon Commander.
Commander Kane: So long Johnny.

The song fades away as Kane watches Johnny get taken to the hospital.

Song (Start at 1:04): link

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog Production from January 3, 2018

Lewis: We here at MI6 wish for a तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट recovery to Johnny Lightning. Want to know something else? Me and Derek will see him again in Episode 7. You'll see that अगला Saturday. Until then, good night.
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What to expect in this episode.

Ponies: *Riding snowmobiles in the snow*


Tim: *With Captain Jefferson in his office* What you're asking for can't be accomplished. We don't have the right vehicles to stop those guys.


Captain Jefferson: *Outside with a State Trooper pony* How soon will they arrive?
State Trooper Pony: As soon as we get enough money from our charity.
Captain Jefferson: That could take forever.
State Trooper Pony: Well you're gonna have to be patient!


Mare: *Trapped in a car laying on it's side in snow* Help! I can't open my door!
Tim: Just sit tight! We'll get you...
continue reading...
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Yeah, I know that I have कहा this before, but screw it. I प्यार anime. Is it the only thing I love. No, not even close. Hell, ऐनीमे isn’t even my प्रिय animated दिखाना ever. But, it’s still good. And no, again, I am no weeaboo. I can’t stress that enough. And yet, not every ऐनीमे has to be a bunch of guys fighting each other, या a bunch of बिना सोचे समझे प्रशंसक service. It can also be a very well thought out series. And that series is known as Bakuman.
The series follows a young boy named Mashiro, who had an uncle known for creating manga, या a Japanese comic book for those stubborn enough to ignore...
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Nick VS Bicyclists

Nick: (Drives car down the street) Ah, a peaceful drive (Drives like a maniac) I hate it. It’s better to drive like a maniac (Bicyclist rides in front of him, and Nick stops the car) Wait, why am I stopping. I oughtta hit him (Honks horn) Hey, get out of the way
Bicyclist: (Listening to MP3 Player, not being able to hear Nick)
Nick: Oh, come on (Tries to look past him, to see the road) This is a catastrophe (Honks horn some more) IT’S CALLED A BIKE LANE FOR A REASON, आप नितंब, गधा (Bicyclist turns to the opposite street, with a lamp pole now in the way, but Nick is too distracted...
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Now, here is another story that is just so overrated as fuck that it makes me wonder "Are the क्रीपीपास्ता readers really unable to find out that this is garbage.
So, this story starts off with this guy getting tapes of Happy Appy episodes. It starts out pretty tame, as Happy Appy, an सेब with a face stuck on a popsicle stick. The most bland of serial killers. Anyway, so as the दिखाना goes on, they get darker and the story gets cornier.
So, Happy Appy goes around killing kids in the दिखाना just for the sake of being scary, which, honestly, is cliched, and is no longer scary. Stop doing it. It's...
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तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट Justice: Ace Attorney

Case 2-3

The Masked Turnabout

???- Ha. There here. just as planned
Howard- Hey, Leroy. What's that over there
Leroy- Some सड़क, स्ट्रीट performer, I guess
Howard- What's he running from
Leroy- ...I think he's running after something
Howard- Your right. He looks like he's running at...
*Slice* *Slice* *Slice*
???- The plan may be a little different. But, it will still work

Swift Justice Law Office
June 14th 12:00 p.m.

Lilly: Swift. How are आप doing today?
Swift: As always, Lilly, I'm fine
Lilly: Sorry. I'm just wondering when were going to get to the अगला step of my training
Swift: Just...
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Hey, Rockstar, everyone likes them. Red Dead Redemption 2 was nominated for the best game of 2018, I mean, it लॉस्ट to God of War but that is to be expected. However, I did not play Red Dead Redemption 2, so that is not on the list. But that’s fine, cause I did play the real classic, and the best game Rockstar made, aside from स्केट and Destroy, the original, Red Dead Redemption.
Red Dead Redemption is set in the good old 1910s, and nearing the end of the wild west, as John Marston, a simple young man, is tasked द्वारा the government to go on a mission to hunt down his old gang, along with...
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Video game logic….. What even. We all know that video game logic is it’s own little piece of information that makes little to no (And mostly no) sense. However, we all usually ignore these kinds of things, and हटाइए on with the game…. And then there are those moments. आप know. Those moments where आप just have to सवाल what was going on the the developers heads when they thought that this was an okay thing for their game. Now, for these to be on the list, these have to be from games that I have played, and only one game per franchise. Also, things that I find questionable may be different...
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