ILOVEWILLANJACK posted on Jan 15, 2010 at 10:43PM
omg,, i tottaly love/addore ,, will&grave it is my most favourite television show in the world!!! my dream in life is too one day meet will&jack&karren and grace i honestly think if i did i would literally have a stroke on the spot but it would of been worth it. i watch the television show when i get back from school,for about 2 hours then in all my free time, i have all the box sets and a poster of will and jack on my bedroom wall, sometimes i even have dreams about meeting them, if an angel or a geney came out a lamp or flew from the sky and said i could have 1 wish it would not bee for wealth or love, i would say i wish to meet the cast of will&grace , loveyouu all hope youu one day read this !!!
i have searched all over the internet for if you guys ever come to the uk to do signings or just here, i just reminded myself of that time jack stalked the man,then snook in his house and pretended to be his new p.a ,,anyways bye loveyouuu!!!!,,x

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