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 वेयरवोल्फ द्वारा Luis Royo
Artwork द्वारा Luis Royo
luis royo
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Thanks to precious211 for helping me come up with the शीर्षक and Luna's name!!!!! आप helped a ton!!!

Chapter one

I was in a large hall that looked like it could be in a midevil-King-Artur-type-movie. It was made of beige stone, had red banners with a सोना वृत्त and black भेड़िया print on them hanging on thick pillars, torches lit on either side of them, casting a dark shadow behind the pillars,and a simple golden सिंहासन with a red बरसती, लबादा tossed over in sitting on the center of a platform near the back of the hall. I reconised the image imeadeadly. It's like going to collage then seeing a picture...
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After Elli Ran Out Of Her Home, She Begins Screaming, वैन, वान Hears Her Screams He Transform Into
His Werewolf Form, He Runs To The Scream,
Elli Runs As She Can Then Vlad Was In Front Of Her
& Hit Her, Her Nose Bleeds Then He Hits Her Until
She Falls To The Ground, वैन, वान Growls At Vlad & Hits
Him, Van's Yellow सोना Eyes Stare At Elli, He Pick
Her Body Up & Carry Her Away From Vlad, He Sees Her Bloody Pjs, The Clouds Cover The Moon, वैन, वान Now
Changes Back Into Human Form, His Yellow सोना Eyes Are Still There, He Feels Her Heartbeat When
He Put His Head Close To Her Chest, Elli Wakes Up
& Saw...
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होल्ली, होली Reviews Shiver and Linger द्वारा Maggie Stiefvater
book review
maggie stiefvater
blood & चॉकलेट
 Eva volunteering at the भेड़िया sanctuary.
Eva volunteering at the wolf sanctuary.
भेड़िया as Archetypes in my Novels
द्वारा Eva Gordon
My blog is about why my कल्पना and paranormal novels center on भेड़िया as main characters, या spirit guides. In my debut कल्पना novel, Mystic Stone of the Tenth Realm, my hero is a Scottish werewolf, an alpha of his own pack. My current work in progress is an epic lycan series, The भेड़िया Maiden Chronicles to be published द्वारा Vanilla दिल Publishing. Book 1, Werewolf Sanctuary will be released early summer 2009 followed द्वारा Beast Warrior, which takes place during the Viking era. My totem guide is the raven but my दिल guide is the wolf. I’m not...
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Part of the beginning scene of the 1996 film Bad Moon.
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