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Opinion by chocolateluver4 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
fan of it?
Wattpad is a awesome पढ़ना and लेखन website. आप can make your own story and have people give आप feedback या support you. And आप can support other people there are over 1000 users and there is no payment at all. आप can शामिल होइए क्लब्स write stories read stories and chat with people. It is all easy access. आप can do it all and is very simple and easy to understand. Take it from me I have been using Wattpad for quite a long time and it is fun to use. आप can even follow people and anything that आप are interesting in has a story that आप can read. Most users are happy that there is a easy access website and app. Some पुस्तकें even get published. So if आप are someone having nowhere to start try using Wattpad