Warriors: The लॉस्ट Omen
#1 Signs of the Stars Summary

In various countries lives four kids, who died mysteriously on their own turf. Somehow, unaware of the parent's guardians and others, they travel into a dimension of where बिल्ली live freely and inhabit the forest surrounding them. But they had been turned into बिल्ली as well! Only, something is terribly wrong. The बिल्ली who live there was once peaceful souls who protected their own Clans, but now they are full of hateful tyrants who kill for not only survival, but for simple passion.
शामिल होइए Kristie, Manny, Damien, and Echo when they uncover the secrets of the Clan's notorious past and unleash their own power from within, guided द्वारा the mighty StarClan. All of this will happen in the first installment of

Warriors: The लॉस्ट Omen
#1 Signs of the Stars!

------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello people! Here's CatTales here with my first ever fanfic novel summary! Sorry if there's bad grammar, but I'll try my best. I read all of the Original Arc a few weeks पूर्व and I loved it. I'm on the सेकंड book The New Prophecy and this idea just popped right in my brain. Anyways, there's nothing much else to say so...I'll just say one last thing. I can't guarantee that I'll update every week because of my lazy bum and school work. Mostly the bum one though. Also, to tell आप the truth.. I'm not a very good with paragraphs. Stupid, I know. Anyways, I'll check off for now! Goodbye!

Warriors बिल्ली (c) Erin Hunter
Kristie, Echo, Damien, Manny (c) Myself,CatTales

- Cattie( manager and director of CatTales)