Fireheart and Graystripe slid quietly through the weeds, trying to be as quiet as they could so they would not be followed. No one could find out where they were going. They would be scraping bedding for a moon. So Fireheart slunk along soundlessly with Graystripe द्वारा his side.
"We should bring some prey back so no one gets suspicious," Graystripe meowed.
"I am sure there will be leftovers," Fireheart answered. "They can spare some."
"Right. One sniff of that and everyone will know where we went!"
Fireheart felt so stupid right now. He knew that! All the better reason to let Graystripe tag along.
They weaved around Snakerocks and carefully avoided a patrol led द्वारा Mousefur who were inspecting the border. The two बिल्ली were in the clear now. Fourtrees was just up ahead.
The smell of many बिल्ली indicated that no cat invited ignored their invitation and stayed back at camp. Fireheart and Graystripe managed to make it this far, but now for the tough part. In order to get to the Great Rock, they had to get past the guard, Russetfur. It was just like her to skip out on the fun event that was happening on the off chance of catching some puny trespassers who thought they were mouse-brained enough to come uninvited.
"Mouse dung. How are we going to get by? आप didn't tell me they had a guard," Graystripe muttered, turning to Fireheart for an answer.
"I already thought of that. Just follow my lead."
Fireheart swiftly climbed a पेड़ and looked down at Russetfur, glancing around watchfully. It was no wonder she got assigned this duty. He deliberately began shaking the branch, making all the leaves rustle against each other. Russetfur looked up, alarmed and her फर bristled.
"Trespassers! I know I have आप now!" Russetfur bolted from her post and hurled herself up the tree, ready to interrigate the culprit. But द्वारा now Fireheart was long gone, back at Graystripe's side. Russetfur was so busy rummaging in the पेड़ that the two of them slipped right in without being noticed. They were in.
Inside under the Great Rock, Freebird played loudly from the stereo, and Leopardstar's band was playing loudly to a cheering crowd of बिल्ली from all Clans. They gulped down margaritas, and some who couldn't handle it like Onewhisker layed unconcious on the ground. This was the place. Blackstar's once a साल party bash, and Fireheart and Graystripe just snuck in uninvited.
"I'll start with the beer," Graystripe purred.
"And I will get Tornear, the DJ to play something funky," Fireheart responded and went off to do just that.