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Warriors (Novel Series) सवाल

Cover Contest- The Tales of BloodClan Trilogy

Yay i am now going to host a contest. I CANT THINK OF ANYMORE IDEAS FOR MY प्रशंसक FIC COVERS.

The डिज़ाइन is....

Under Gladiators- The Tales of BloodClan

Bottom- Wolfcat47

And आप can do anything in the middle.

But to enter, my fanfics are

Fire's Rise
Jay's Revenge
Lion's Flare

I will have a drawn चित्र incase आप need to see what they look like.
If आप want to add और cats, go to JayHollyLion's Wattpad to select. If any सवालों on what they look like, ask me on my profile. I will add on to this. :D

Yes i know it says Gladiators, but the arc is of Warrior cats. I don't know why. Soon if this is popular, i will host a first cover of my series.
 Cover Contest- The Tales of BloodClan Trilogy
 wolfcat47 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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