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posted by kyle1wizard
so as kenya woke up she saw victor walk towards her and says victor:oh hi there why are आप here maybe are आप a kittypet?
kenya:i was just adopted and they threw me away here:((
and the chosen ones went to the cave and..
victor:introduce yourself!
kenya:oh ok hello i am..
the leader of all warriors rick:KENYA i know आप already
kenya:how did आप know?
rick:well we have या we can see every thig now come let us intraduse आप to the whole tribe..
as the walk rick spoke witha ब्रेव roar!
rick:*loud roar* now there is a new animal in the tribe so please be honest with her be nice she went to a hard journey...
continue reading...
posted by kyle1wizard
on that very knight buddy snicked out of her cave
she went to go to the jungle for खाना sudenly
B-scotch came out of nowhere in a पेड़ and says"where are ya goin buddy?"and buddy कहा with a gasp"oh um i i am doin..some"BS:hunting?
buddy:how on earth did आप know?
BS:you know it's ilegal too hunt in the jungle..
and soo as BS jumped down the पेड़ and lands in the land and a misteruse tiger apeared but acctiuwally it was a tiger cub!!
both:aa B..B.. baby cub!!they both bringed it to the hope tribe and gave it to the leader of the guardians of victory victoria the pasient one
and she कहा victoria:oh my a cub what should we call... HIM?aha! victor the noble warrior of the hope tribe...5 YEARS past and kenya walked in the land of africa with out water and there she lies in the ground wile victor saw herpict her up and went o bea the medicine tiger bea:what is this..hmm it is a cat it need selter खाना and water victor:ok i will thake her to my cave.. END OF CHAPTER ONE