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 tigerstars death
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first try at paint tool sai
It is a beautiful vid
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Three वीडियो about Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost. On the first vid, skip the words part to get to the good stuff.
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 This is Hawk
This is Hawk
CH 1.

Hawk was laying on the ground while the rain poured and poured down on him. His parents died and he was the only one left in his family. He was also a loner who nobody knew and will know. Hawk was the name दिया when he was a kit. He NEVER knew about the clans because, his parents were rouges too. “I’m going hunting ”he कहा to him self as he left his मांद, डेन which was a hollowed out tree. Hawk was a brown tom with a वृत्त of white on his stomach. He had amber eyes. He was going deep into the woods when he heard a rustle in in the bush. A fat माउस jump out and scurryed away followed...
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Warriors: The New Age
#1 The Dawn of the New Clans
7 New Clans emerge from the original 4
Marsh will squelch
Sand will bury
Air will flow
Sea shall swim
Frost shall freeze
Night shall cover
And Jungle Will Rule Them All

Forestpaw, daughter of Barkstream and Amberflower of ThunderClan, along with Desertpaw and 5 other apprentices have a single thing in common; in a moon, they will become official warriors. But after their initiation, all of the medicine बिल्ली have a prophecy that will not only change the Clans, but the...
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1. आप sneak around your yard saying "gotta bring a गिलहरी back for the elders!"
2. आप talk to any cat आप meet about new kits, battles, warrior cat history ect.
3. आप refuse to eat anything out of a tin can या a bowl.
4. आप find an नारंगी, ऑरेंज cat and say "Thank आप for saving Thunderclan!"
5. आप ask if your family if their in the mood for vole, काप, कार्प या गिलहरी that night.
6. आप meow around your friends.
7. आप hiss at strangers.
8. आप call people mouse-brain.
9. आप call people frog-brain.
10. आप sort everyone आप meet (including yourself!) into a clan based on their personalities and characteristics....
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