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posted by Spottedtail139
" Why " Starpaw asked " Do आप not like me as medicine cat?"

" I प्यार आप as medicine cat but, I know StarClan will agree with

me आप will go for SunClan" he कहा wisely.

" Ok Firestar " she said. When she outside Crowpaw was

waiting for her. " Crowpaw my father wants me to go on the

journey with you" she said.

" Really!" he कहा excidedly.

" Yep" she said. They talk until it was time to go.

" Thank आप but, we must go now" Swiftfoot said.

" May StarClan be with you" Firestar said. " My daugher will be

going with आप she is a medicine cat so she will be great help"

" Yes, Firestar" he said...
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posted by Spottedtail139
"What!?" all the leaders कहा at once.

"What do आप mean Fireheart, I mean Firestar?" Bluestar कहा

with astonishment.

" I have made my own clan SunClan are StarClan has दिया my

nine-lives, so that makes me a leader" he replied smoothly.

"All right, let the gathering begin!" Bluestar announce.

" I will go First" Firestar said", Hunting has been great in our

territory, and Sandstorm, Graystripe who is my deputy,

Dustpelt,Swiftbreeze, Brackenpaw, Cinderpaw, Ashpaw, and

Fernpaw have joined our clan,and my mate had 6 kits: Starkit,

Sunkit, Shadowkit, Windkit, Thunderkit, and Riverkit. My mate...
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posted by Spottedtail139
Firestar raced घर over the hills, not only did he need to get

back to his clan Spottedleaf shoud have kitted द्वारा now!

He walked into camp as slow as he could, but then he heard

Spottedleaf shout "Firestar!" in extreme pain.

He ran as fast as his legs would let him, when he got there six

beautiful kits were suckling दूध from Spottedleaf.

" Let us name them Firestar" Spottedleaf कहा in a calm voice.

"Of course" Firestar replied.

They decided the names of the kits, the siver one with white

speckles was Starkit, the pure black kit was Shadowkit, the kit

with gray-blue फर was Riverkit, the kit...
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posted by Spottedtail139
 That night Spottedleaf and Fireheart slept together in some


" Spotted?" आग whispered.

" Yes, Fireheart?" she yawned.

" It's dawn we sould be going" he said.

" Oh! Well, let's hurry then!" she exclaimed.

They travel past Mother Mouth. When moon high came they

went back to sleep.

" Fireheart!" Spottedleaf shouted.

" What's happening?!" his फर brisling.

" Let's go hunting" she said.

Fireheart stretched " All right."

They hunted for a little bit then went back to camp.

" Come on, time to travel lazy-fur" she teased gently

They travel for hours and then.......

" Stop!" Spottedleaf shouted....
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Such an epic speedpaint! :D
:'( So sad and beautiful..
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