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तारा, स्टार and I race towards the woods, trying to find the other बिल्ली they had smelled. The ground was muddy and sucked at there paws but they hurried on, scared and hungry. They stopped finally gasping for breath as the darkness of the woods swept over them. An owl hooted in the distance, other than that it was quiet.... to quiet. My paws were clogged with mud and my white belly looked brown. तारा, स्टार meowed quietly "I don't think we are alone.." she scooted up against me shivering. I realized too, I was shivering. A hiss came from the झाड़ी, बुश near my right side. I moved away from it cautiously. I whispered...
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posted by Scourge1
On the first दिन of leaf-bare StarClan sent to me
a hawk eating Snowkit in a tree
On the सेकंड दिन of leaf-bare StarClan sent to me
two dead voles and a hawk eating Snowkit in a tree
On the third दिन of leaf-bare StarClan sent to me three बिल्ली with powers two dead voles and a hawk eating Snowkit in a tree
On the fourth दिन of leaf-bare StarClan sent to me four hacked up hairballs three बिल्ली with powers two dead voles and a hawk eating Snowkit in a tree
On the fifth दिन of leaf-bare StarClan sent to me five original clans four hacked up hairballs three बिल्ली with powers two dead voles and a hawk eating...
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posted by Bramblestar908
On the first दिन of Xmas StarClan sent to me...
12 vague prophecies
11 Scourges killing
10 Twolegs destroying
9 lives for leaders
8 dying kitties
7 cases of greencough
6 ticks on elders
5 terrible names!!! (aka Runningnose, Clawface, Frecklewish, Onewhisker, Maggottail)
4 versions of Tigerstar
3 बिल्ली with powers
2 dead mice
and Tigerstar seeking revenge on meeee!!!

(btw if someone called Scourge1 posts this song somewhere she did not make it up I did and she is plagiarizing.)
posted by Moonlight05
My mother was a loner, my father... Well let's just say he didn't care if we starved. I'm Moon. I'm just a kit या I'd be helping Acorn ( mother) hunt. My brother लोमड़ी, फॉक्स and my sisters तारा, स्टार and लोमड़ी, लोमडी just play but तारा, स्टार likes me best. Sometimes I ask तारा, स्टार what going to happen. She doesn't know but she believes it's something good.
Acorn's not here where's लोमड़ी, फॉक्स and Vixen? तारा, स्टार is still with me. We start following their trail, but what's that smell... और cats! Maybe they can help us! I start running into the shadows of the forest .......... To be continued
Cloudpaw ran through a lush, green, sunlit forest chasing mouse, she was so close to getting it, its scent bathed her tongue. "Cloudpaw!" she hear a voice say from somewhere in the distance, then the ground started moving making her whole body shake she heard the voice calling her name again. She closed her eyes, and sunk her claws into the ground. When she opened her eyes again she was laying in her nest in the apprentice den, her claws dug into the soft moss. Wildpaw was standing over her using a forepaw to shake her awake, "Cloudpaw, Cloudpaw. Wake up! Dawn patrol come on! don't wake the...
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PART 2...

Cloudpaw! Echopaw! Cloudpaw! Echopaw! The clan cheered their new names with joy! Cloudpaw couldn't wait until she got to start training with her new mentor, Gingersplash, and Echopaw would be right द्वारा her side with her own mentor, Brackenflame. "Come on then." Gingersplash meowed. "I'll दिखाना आप the territory." we'll come too!" Brackenflame कहा running to catch up with Cloudpaw and Gingersplash as they were already out of the bramble tunnel, with Echopaw at his heels. "Come on then." Gingersplash meowed running through the forest part of their territory. "We'll teach आप everything...
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posted by Cloudkit77458
PART 1.....
Cloudkit woke up and stretched, the nursery seemed so small ever since she had sneaked into the apprentice मांद, डेन with her sister Echokit, when the apprentices were out training. But she and her sister were becoming apprentices today! She scrambled out of the nest she and her sister shared with their mother. "Wake up!!" she कहा pouncing on her sisters tail. "W-what!?!" she कहा suddenly sitting up her फर un-groomed and messy. "Were going to be apprentices today!!" she mewed excitedly. "Oh yeah!" Echokit...
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posted by Petalfrost
A moon has passed many things have gotten better but morningdew has been having nightmares a a bloody war yet to come द्वारा what starclan has said. A prophecy दिया द्वारा echosong has been going through morningdews mind. "There will be four with greater power than any, they will save the clan from a hidden fate, but at a price will only victory come." The words went trough her mind दिन and night. "What is the price that starclan speaks of" wondered morningdew.

"May all बिल्ली old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the moonstone for a clan meeting." Moonstars words were heard through the camp...
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Note: This is a Transfer, this लेख is over a साल old and was Originally पोस्टेड on the Other club, Enjoy -Bramblestar

Based on Actual Recordings

Bramblestar: What a Fine Day, im going to go out for a walk.

Later Bramblestar Runs into Squrrielflight

Squrrielflight: oohh I have being looking for आप Everywhere.

Bramblestar: Really?

Squrrielflight: Oh Yes Yes Yes, I Brought something घर on my Trip to Earth.

Bramblestar: Did आप Really?

Squrrielflight: Yes its Right behind you.

Bramblestar Looks behind to find a Large Boeing 777

Bramblestar: Sqq.. Sqq, SQURRIELFLIGHT WHAT IS THIS!!!

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posted by Petalfrost
It has been a moon sense the apprentices learned of their power and something has been keeping silverpaw and petalfrost on edge. "When do आप think it will come" asked silverpaw. "I don't know" कहा petalfrost. "I just hope it doesn't come true" कहा dustclaw as he walked over to them. As they along with oceanpaw sat द्वारा the river silverpaw looks at the sky. "What is it" asked oceanpaw.

"The foxes" whispered silverpaw. "I see them attacking camp once again" continued silverpaw. Then all the sudden they here yowls and battle cries coming from camp. "Lets go" yelled petalfrost and they ran to camp....
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posted by Petalfrost
Petalfrost battles the लोमड़ी, फॉक्स while dustclaw goes and hides the apprentices. Petalfrost pounces at it hooking her claws into its back and using all her weight to pull it onto its side. It does fall and as she goes to swipe her claws at it the लोमड़ी, फॉक्स hit her with one paw and she gets knocked back. The लोमड़ी, फॉक्स scraped her side with its paw. Dustclaw then comes and pounces on it back hooking his claw into its back and bit it's neck. The लोमड़ी, फॉक्स yowled when dustclaw did. It knocked dustclaw of its back and of balance.

As it went to attack dustclaw petalfrost got up and went to attack again but it hit her and...
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 "Our little secret"
"Our little secret"
"Goodnight, Barley," कहा Ravenpaw.

"Sweet dreams," कहा Barley.

Ravenpaw drifted off into sleep. He found himself in a strange and dark place. Two glowing eyes were staring at him. A cat walked out that Ravenpaw reconized. That scar, that chip in his ear, that tabby pelt, it was Tigerstar!

"T-Tigerstar, w-what are yo-you doing here?" कहा Ravenpaw.

"Oh, Ravenpaw my प्रिय apprentice," कहा Tigerstar,"Turns out our little secret got out, remember what I told you."

"Y-You told me that आप would kill me if I told," कहा Ravenpaw,"But I didn't tell Bluestar, Firestar did."

"Yes, but someone told Firestar," कहा Tigerstar," And he thought that if he ran away he would get away with it." He unsheathed his claws.

"Y-You can't really hurt me, this is a dream," कहा Ravenpaw.

"Oh, think again," कहा Tigerstar. He jumped on Ravenpaw and pinned him. "Our little secret," he whispered and bit Ravenpaw's neck.
I mean seriously. People think Cinderpelt was Fireheart's mate या crush at one point. Fireheart was Cinderpelt's mentor before she hurt her leg. They did not like each other in that way. I am going to सूची a few reasons why they could not be together.
1. Fireheart was and is to old for her.
2. Fireheart liked Sandstorm.
3. Cinderpelt became a medicine cat.
So yes, those are some reasons. I hope I did not offend anyone. This is just my opinion.

Please टिप्पणी दे if आप agree with me:)

posted by Mousetuft
Rainfur ran through camp, her long फर flowing. She had to tell Maplestar about the new prophecy! The other बिल्ली watched her race by. She arrived at Maplestar's den."May I come in Maplestar?" She asked politely. "Yes, Rainfur, आप may." Maplestar replied. "Maplestar There is a new prophecy!" "What? Please tell me about it!" Rainfur started to tell the prophecy.
"There will be three, who will शामिल होइए together, because of their ambition and strength. Two will start out as friends, and then become much more. Only one will be the ultimate weapon, because of thier weakness in the mind." Rainfur finished....
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I was tired so I went crazy and didn't do anything for grammar. Hehe...

Ok, this is my first fan-fiction, no negative टिप्पणियाँ please

"Look, in the pool," Rumblefoot said.
"I see it, its a prophecy," Hollyleaf said.
"Brumble will concour आग and Bramble and blood will run through the forest," Hollyleaf recited.
"The pool has spoken!" Jayflight said.
"Tell the medicine cat! A NEW HERO WILL BE BORN!" Rumblefoot shouted.
And a hero was born....

Hope आप enjoyed that grammar corrected version!
This is tawnypelt445 here! In this लेख im going to दिखाना आप my opinion on warriors! I am a big fan, and feel like i should express my feelings on this with other people so that i can see what other people think!
Plz टिप्पणी दे on this and tell me your opinion!

so i think its a great series and that Erin Hunter is an amazing author! he has written lots of books. When im done this series im going to read his other ones called " Seekers" and "survivors". They seem very good too, and must be if they're written द्वारा him.

I really like these पुस्तकें because they tell about a कल्पना world tats not about...
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As we explored The camp होल्ली, होली And I came across two और cats. One golden brown tom and light brown she-cat.
Lionpaw: हे there आप must be new here? I'm Lionpaw and this is Heatherpaw.
Me: Nice To Meet आप I'm Jason.
Cinderheart: I'm Cinderheart. Where's Jayfeather?
Hollypaw: With Leafpool.
Cinderheart: Ok.
As Cinderheart left I decided to return with Hollyleaf
to ThunderClan. Hollyleaf agreed with me we ran to back to ThunderClan. Cinderheart was talking Jaypaw about life.
Jaypaw: Not so great being blind I wished I lived like आप guys Sometimes I think I'm invisible *sobs*
Cinderheart: It's OK It will be ok.
Jaypaw: No Its not.
Cinderheart: Yes I'll promised आप It'll be fine.
Jaypaw: I will trust you.
After Returning to ThunderClan I saw a Lot of cats. A cat who later I found out it was Ashfur Licked Leafpool.
Me: Are आप Mates
Leafpool: NO but we are फ्रेंड्स though Medicine बिल्ली cant have kits.
Me: Then why did आप have kits?
Leafpool: How did आप know I'm a Med cat?
Me: Your implying yourself when आप कहा ' Medicine बिल्ली cant have kits'.
Leafpool: Oh.
Me: What's your name?
Ashfur: I'm Ashfur.
Hollypaw: Come On Jason Let's play explore
Me: OK Hollypaw.
We explored around ThunderClan
Leafpool: Stay close and be careful
Me And Hollyleaf: We Will
अगला Time WE meet Heatherpaw and Lionpaw
Leafpool is out with Hollypaw and Jaypaw training them to become medicine cats.Then she hears a creeping noise when she pounce at the figure and a cat.
Me: Ahh Help me * high pitch voice*.
Hollypaw: Oh sorry I thought आप attacked me.
Leafpool: I'm Leafpool this is my daughter Hollypaw and and my son Jaypaw.
Me: Nice to meet you.
Jaypaw: आप Too uh
Me: Jason my name is Jason.
Jaypaw: Are आप a loner cat
Me: Yep but i'm toughing up.
Hollypaw: Oh really
Me; Yeah
Jaypaw: Alright.
Hollypaw: Wanna शामिल होइए to ThunderClan.
Me: i really don't wanna
Leafpool: Please?
Me: OK
One Moon Later All three kits has gotten their Warrior names Leafpool and the Rest of the Clan are very happy. Ashfur is proud too he goes to Leafpool to talk.

Ashfur: Wow just look at them they're active.
Leafpool: Yeah I'm so proud
Ashfur: you're a great mother Leafpool I'm to so proud of you.
Leafpool: Thanks Wish Crowfeather is here but why he did he do that me. *sobs*
Ashfur: S'kay Leafpool he is just a jerk. You're a beautiful I mean nice girl.
Leafpool: Really
Ashfur: Yeah.
Leafpool Licks Ashfur cheeks and reply thanks.