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Cloudpaw ran through a lush, green, sunlit forest chasing mouse, she was so close to getting it, its scent bathed her tongue. "Cloudpaw!" she hear a voice say from somewhere in the distance, then the ground started moving making her whole body shake she heard the voice calling her name again. She closed her eyes, and sunk her claws into the ground. When she opened her eyes again she was laying in her nest in the apprentice den, her claws dug into the soft moss. Wildpaw was standing over her using a forepaw to shake her awake, "Cloudpaw, Cloudpaw. Wake up! Dawn patrol come on! don't wake the others she whispered pointing her tail to Mallowpaw, Bramblepaw and Echopaw sleeping. "W-what?" She said. "O-oh okay then." she meowed. She stood up, shook out her pelt and padded out into the clearing to see Gingersplash sitting licking her tail fur, Wildpaw and Iceriver talking their heads close, so they wouldn't wake the camp, Kestrelfeather lay stretched out in the clearing, soaking up the sun. She could tell they had been waiting a while for her. "Sorry guys I didn't mean to keep आप waiting." "Let's just go before the rest of camp wakes up." Kestrelfeather mewed flicking his tail tip angrily as he padded out of camp. Wildpaw and Iceriver ran out following him Gingersplash stood up and padded over to her "Next time remember to try and wake up early when I tell आप आप have dawn patrol the दिन before." She meowed racing out of camp. I'll make it up to them she thought I'll be the best hunter today, I'll climb to the चोटी, शीर्ष of a पेड़ I'll learn tons of new battle moves. She ran out of camp after them. Once they were done resetting scent markers and patrolling the borders they started heading back to camp but she stayed and got into a hunting crouch. "you coming?" Gingersplash कहा looking over her shoulder. "No thanks, I'm going to hunt." Cloudpaw mewed. "Okay I'll see आप back at camp then.." Gingersplash said. Cloudpaw nodded and opened her mouth to pick up and scents of prey. She instantly picked up the scent of mouse. She narrowed her eyes as she saw it, a brown plump माउस that was nibbling at a seed द्वारा the base of a big beech tree. She silently creeped closer to it, keeping her tail down, pressed against her side. Then when she was within reach of it she leaped and landed, sinking her claws into the morsel and killing it with a clean, तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट bite to the neck. Later on she padded back to camp with her jaws full of prey, the माउस she caught earlier, along with a squirrel, a trout, a चिड़िया and a finch. She dropped them on the fresh-kill pile once she got back, gave the चिड़िया to longtail, the ट्राउट to Frostclaw and her kits, the गिलहरी to Hollyscent, then she shared the फिंच with Echopaw. "Great job Cloudpaw." Pinestar meowed grabbing her माउस and settling down to eat it. Once she and Echopaw finished the माउस she headed out for training with Gingersplash. Once they got back to camp it was about sun high. She settled down in the clearing, beside Echopaw and they talked for a while. After that she went with, Echopaw, Gingersplash and Brackenflame to पेड़ climbing practice. Once they got घर she and Echopaw climbed straight into their nests and settled down, sharing tounges. " I can't wait for tomorrow, I'm getting और used to being an apprentice now." Cloudpaw meowed in-between licks. "Me too." Echopaw meowed right before she fell asleep. Cloudpaw curled up in her nest and wrapped her tail over her noes. Then she fell asleep.
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Warriors: The New Age
#1 The Dawn of the New Clans
7 New Clans emerge from the original 4
Marsh will squelch
Sand will bury
Air will flow
Sea shall swim
Frost shall freeze
Night shall cover
And Jungle Will Rule Them All

Forestpaw, daughter of Barkstream and Amberflower of ThunderClan, along with Desertpaw and 5 other apprentices have a single thing in common; in a moon, they will become official warriors. But after their initiation, all of the medicine बिल्ली have a prophecy that will not only change the Clans, but the...
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1. आप sneak around your yard saying "gotta bring a गिलहरी back for the elders!"
2. आप talk to any cat आप meet about new kits, battles, warrior cat history ect.
3. आप refuse to eat anything out of a tin can या a bowl.
4. आप find an नारंगी, ऑरेंज cat and say "Thank आप for saving Thunderclan!"
5. आप ask if your family if their in the mood for vole, काप, कार्प या गिलहरी that night.
6. आप meow around your friends.
7. आप hiss at strangers.
8. आप call people mouse-brain.
9. आप call people frog-brain.
10. आप sort everyone आप meet (including yourself!) into a clan based on their personalities and characteristics....
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1 moon later in frost clan "PoisonShade wake up now please I'm ready to train with आप every दिन counts to become a warrior wakey up now" WhiteDust nagged "Go find someone else to bother या train with I have a life of eating mice to get to" PoisonShade कहा "You got to train to get to strain" कहा WhiteDust. "Why would I want strain I am happy the way I am" PoisonShade कहा "Forget the strain part just get up please pretty please I can say it many times please please please" nagged WhiteDust "FINE!" Yelled PoisonShade "Yay come one" कहा WhiteDust PoisonShade slowly got up "Happy" he कहा "You...
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Warriors: The Five Chosen Ones
#1 Water, Wind, Thunder, Shadow, and Fire

Hello. I am merely an elderly cat wandering around this mighty planet, telling my stories and unleash them into the minds of others. Oh, you're pondering why I can talk, can't you? Well, that is for आप to find out yourself. Anyways, would आप like me to tell आप one of my most प्रिय story around these parks? Well, if आप कहा no, too bad. I'm telling आप anyway. Let's get started, shall we?

As आप may know, legends can be quite unbelievable....
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