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This Wade Barrett चित्र might contain कूबड़ा, हंक, स्विमिंग के शॉर्ट्स, स्नान चड्डी, तैराकी चड्डी, छह पैक, पेट, एबी दरार, सपाट पेट, पेटी पेट, and छह पैक abs.

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Wade Barrett was interviewed in the Baltimore Sun & Mentioned Jericho:

Speaking of learning from guys, Chris Jericho was your on-screen pro on NXT. Was there any real mentoring going on with Jericho and आप behind the scenes?

Yeah, definitely. I’d say to this दिन he’s probably my first point of contact if I’ve got any सवालों या stuff that I want to know about in the company या if I want critiques on anything that I’m doing. I’ve got a few people I would go to, including William Regal and Goldust as well – he’s been very helpful. But I’d say Chris Jericho is my No. 1 sort...
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These facts are off of link

1)Wade doesn't like कुत्ता coz he doesn't trust them

2)For क्रिस्मस (2009) Wade Barrett got a week at the Bahamas and a signed Brett Favre jersey. He was (as he said) "a lucky boy"

3)Wade Barrett wears boxers.

4)Wade's प्रिय bands include The Smiths, The Beatles, The Stereophonics,Manic सड़क, स्ट्रीट Preachers, The Jam, The Stone Roses, and बंदूकों & Roses

5)Wade Barrett's प्रिय place to travel to in the United States is Portland, Oregon.

6)Wade Barrett doesn't like to make bets, because he doesn't want to lose his money.

7)Wade's type of women that he usually goes for...
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