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posted by Clara_Valentina
Everyone thinks Beck is the perfect guy, but he's not!
Here is a सूची of why Beck is a jerk:
1. In the "pilot" in alphabetical improvisation, he spent contradicting Jade.
2. He let Tori चुंबन him, having him a girlfriend.
3. In "stage fighting" when Jade कहा he hurt his eye he replied: "which of the two" mocking her.
4. In "Jade Beck dumps" gave his cell number to Alyssa Vauhn, knowing he had a girlfriend and that she was not going to like him to do that.
5. He asked Tori: "If आप were my girlfriend ..." while Jade was in front of them.
6. He कहा he was happy to have broke up with Jade because she has never done anything good for him, however, he has not done anything good for her.
7. In "Robarazzi" when Robbie says he and Jade broke, far from bothering of that, he laughed.
8. He also turned against Robbie like everyone else, but they were upset and he did not seem to bother him he कहा it, so then just did it with malice.
9. In "freak the freak out" when Haley came and sat with him at the table, and took his hand and hair, he didn't sai anything.
10. When she and Jade were discussing, the only thing he did was to intervene saying a nonsense.
11. In "the worst couple," कहा Jade waited until 10 and did not leave the house, even when he had the opportunity to do it and fix all the problems I prefer broke up with her like a coward.
So there are, many और things he did, why प्रकाशित करे this? because I'm sick of seeing how on their relationship problems, everybody blames Jade ... is true that she's not so sweet but Beck ... he's worse! because let anyone make jokes of his girlfriend, he says that Jade is jealous, but I think she would have no jealousy if Beck did not give reasons!
Sorry if I offended anyone here, that wasn't my intention :)
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Wow it's been months since I've written an article, and I have to say it's been out of sheer laziness and lack of time.

As I've कहा I had minor surgery to my foot, which makes me unable to walk. This is actually really great, because I've literally watched every single विक्टोरियस start to finish.

Re-watching everything has made me realize something about Cat. I've कहा earlier that I thought she was getting stupider, but now that I've watched it all over one after the other, I don't think that her intelligence has dropped TOO much.

Yes she's slightly worse now, but as I watch her, it isn't...
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posted by reyfan01
Tori is sitting with Cat, Robbie, and Andre outside at lunch. "I'm worried about Beck आप guys. He's been really depressed all day. I've never seen him this way before." Tori mentioned worried.

"Bet its got something to do with that new कूबड़ा, हंक that's got his eyes on Jade."Rex says sitting on the table. Everyone stares at the puppet. "You know that sounds really weird coming from you"Robie says.

"I'm just sayin what everyone's thinking"Rex says.

"Ya know Rex has gotta point, i just saw Jade this morning and she almost looked like she was...grinning!"Andre mentions in shock. Everyone gasps.

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