She is a princess. There was an unfortunate experience her mother, father, and sisters had to deal with. This is going to tell आप about what Vanellope's twin sister has gone through, since the दिन she was born.

Vanel was born, along with her twin sisters. She was supposed to grow up and know she was a princess, along with her sisters, but their lives were दिया an unfortunate separation. Vanel was laying in her पालना the night the triplets were brought home. She was sleeping when her parents saw a black shadow. They thought they were imagining it, so they did nothing. That was a bad move, because the shadow had come from Turbo, He had kidnapped Vanel that night. When she was 61/2, she discovered her real home, in Sugar Rush. After 61/2 years, she had found her sister, Vanellope, who helped her become who she was always supposed to be- a racer. When she crossed the finish line, their game reset, and then they discovered that they were sisters.

About a महीना later, Vanel and Vanellope got in an argument about Vanellope being Ralph's friend. Vanel didn't know that she was wrong. A couple weeks later Vanel was told to turn on the news. There was another problem. Turbo was back and trying to get Vanel back. Scared, she invited Candle Head over for a sleepover. When Vanel woke up, she didn't find herself in her bedroom. She found herself locked in the Fungeon. Before she knew anything else, she realized that Ralph had just freed her. She thanked him, and she apologized to Vanellope. Then they got rid of Turbo.

Then one दिन she met Tails and they had to regenerate Vanellope after Cy-Bugs had killed her outside their game. She soon regenerated.

Their most हाल का adventure was when they met Vanella. Somebody had messed with their codes, and Vanellope discovered that her sister had been captured द्वारा the 'queen.' After being captured, Vanellope and Vanel discovered that the person pretending to be the क्वीन was Turbo's sister, Turboia. [creative, huh?] She was planning to kill Vanellope and Vanel. Soon after they killed Turboia, and Vanella freed them. Afterwards they realized that Vanella was their sister.

This is the summary of the Vanellope & Vanel stories so far, and that's what Vanel's life has been like so far.