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Odd Chronicles
By Loorofzadaa

“Zap” is all you will probably hear when passing Mrs. Zapperson’s classroom. Even though you can also hear a kid with spiky blond hair screaming “ Gotcha!”
Well here are the stories of the school of magic…(literally, they train wizards)

Chapter 1
Hey There! Welcome to Spelarachi, School of Magic!

“HEY!” shrieked Mrs. Zapperson as Tim hit her yet again with a zap of lightning. “ Gotcha!” He boasted in his victory as he shot her with a quick, magic jolt of lightning. “ Alright that’s enough, Tim.” She looked at him solemnly. “ Ok.” Tim responded.
Tim liked Mrs. Zapperson she was nice, fun, and silly. She was also a good prankster, just like Tim.
Tim’s best friend Bella sat at a nearby desk and was staring at him in an annoyed way. “Shuties! Already!” She whispered to him and they both giggled.
“Alright your homework assignment…” Tim was to busy thinking to care, even though he enjoyed Mrs. Zapperson’s lectures. He sat there dreading about lunchtime because that’s when that big, fat, oaf always attempts to sit next to him.
“ Class dismissed!” Shrieked Mrs. Zapperson. “ Oof!” Whimpered Tim as he was hit by the piles of feet by the other students rushing to the cafeteria.
“ Dude!” Bella said as she helped him up. “ I just put a magical lean cookie in Keath’s (our friendly neighborhood fat guy’s) lunchbox!” She spoke so happily as if puppies were raining down on the world. But the puppies would have parachutes of course.
So the twosome crept into the cafeteria with grins on their faces. They sat down at a table that had them and Linda at it. “ Hey Girl!” Bella said smoothly to Linda. “Hehroo” she greeted back. Keep in mind all she did was replace the l’s in hello with an r.
They explained what Bella did to Keath. “ Ooh!” Said Linda anxiously.
Then, Keath picked up his lunch and lifted up the cookie. “ Eeeee” the three children were gnawing their nails a little too much.
Nibble. Wham! Keath was normal sized and Attractive.
“WOW!” the children sat there amazed

Chapter 2
Keath rocks and you know it!

Keath sat confused for a second then ran into the bathroom. He was running so fast that he barely noticed the small black shadow swoop in behind him. He looked at the mirror. Then he looked at Tim who had been right next to him. “ I never realized I was this sexy… err I mean hot.” Keath said sincerely. “You can thank Bella for that.” Tim said casually. “ I will.” Then Keath ran outside the bathroom into the hallway.
After days of Keath gaining a reputation as hottest boy in school he strode down the hallways, proudly. “ Hey ladies.” He said as he past Linda and a couple of other girls. “ Hey good looking.” Linda responded. They barely noticed Pippy saying “ hand stay in the locker!” as he was shoving a disembodied hand into his locker. “ Watch it!” Hand responded. “ Umm Pippy are you shoving Hand in your locker again?” Linda asked him. “ Maybe…” Then Pippy ran off into the hallways not stopping for breath.

Shortly After In The Bathroom…

“ You know Tim when I was fat I never noticed how sexy… err hot I was.” Keath said to Tim as Keath looked into the mirror admiring himself. “ Wow I never realized how mean to you I was when you were fat, but tyou know? You really were nice and kind all that time… sorry.” Tim apologized. “ Don’t start sucking up to me because I’m hot now.” He said infuriately. “ Yah ok, KEATH THERE’S A GHOST IN THE MIRROR!!!!!!!” Tim screamed.
“ RAWR!” Bellowed the ghost. “ I am a vampire ghost fear my fangs, feel my power, perish to my wits!” Screamed the VPG (vampire ghost). “ AHHH!” Cried the boys as they fled out of the bathroom into the hallway.
As they left… The VPG flew out into the hallway (The boys were to busy running and crying to dare look behind themselves) and converted back into Linda the loveliest girl in school. “ Oh yah nice one!” Bella said as the two of the fist bumped each other as Pippy was talking to Hand again “ Hand stay in floor!” “ Fine” Mumbled Hand.

Chapter 3
Linda’s a Bloodsucking Vampire

Linda loved startling boys, and she could do it so easily. This is not because she’s a vampire it’s just that it gives her a thrill. The screaming of her victims makes her shutter with delight.
Now, now don’t be thinking because she’s a vampire she’s mean. Linda it still that beautiful fun-loving girl. All you did was learn one of her strange hobbies.
As she walked through the hallway she noticed Keath doing some warm ups for gym. “ Hey Cutie!” Keath said once he saw Linda. “ Hi” she said when really thinking “nice neck” “ Need to do some stretches for gym.” Keath bent his neck to the side reveling a weak spot, while Linda was thinking “ great neck” She reached over baring her fangs as Keath swung around and put his lips on hers. “Aww!” Said Bella and Tim standing behind them.
“HEY YOU!” A loud obnoxious yell came from behind them; it was Wrath the school bully was approaching them. “ Get away from her!” Wrath Demanded. Wrath shoved Keath back into the lockers and began torturing him. “ Let Go!” Keath attempted to scream but the words couldn’t come out for he was being held face first into the lockers so hard he couldn’t breath.
“BACK OFF HIM!” Linda sprouted her wings and grew her fangs as she screeched. “VAMPIRE! GROSS I WAS IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE!” Wrath was spitting into a garbage can and shouted.
Linda grabbed Keath and successfully guided him through the idiotic crowd of wizards that wouldn’t move. Soon they came to a halt because they were finally safe. “You’re a vampire?” Keath asked confused and well… really confused. “Yah…” Linda answered hoping that Keath wouldn’t look at her differently now.
“Wait a second, you were the one who scared me and Tim in the bathroom!” He accused. “Well…” Linda started. She bared her fangs and said, “YES!”
But now Linda knew even if Keath wouldn’t change the way he saw her others still would. She knew life would become harder. At least, She thought until something else happened.

Chapter 4
Linda, Dealing With The World As Herself
“ Don’t bite me!” A passing bystander shrieked as he ran away from Linda. “Huh” she sighed. After all the commotion of the week Linda was starting to get us to it. However, she was no longer the most popular girl in school. “ I suppose I should go to lunch now.” She mumbled to herself.
So she ventured into the cafeteria when she saw her soccer coach. “ Hey vampire! Your off the soccer team!” He said. Linda with tears rolling up in her eyes fled the scene to avoid further embarrassment.
Linda walked on the lunch line. Everyone stared, and then ran away. “At least the lunch lines empty.” She said optimistically. Once she was in the serving area the lunch lady gave her a dirty look. She was wearing an “ I Love Wooden Stakes” T-shirt. “Hey vamp, there’s a bunch of people outside why do you need lunch?” The old hag snarled. “Get Away!” A kid walking by mumbled “so stereotypical” and Linda couldn’t help grinning. Then, she remembered the lunch lady and thought “ Gee that lady hates vampires” and ran away.
The pre-teen vampire walked outside then a bunch of kids yelled, “ Look what we got!” and threw garlic a Linda. She didn’t mind, because she liked garlic.
Keath walked up to her. “ That was really nice what you did for me.” He thanked her. “ Yah, but now I went from popular to idiot.” Linda sighed. “Linda… I love you and I can’t express that enough. I know you can make it through this.” His kissed her cheek and walked away. “ Uhh” Linda was in shock. Complete shock. Now Bella walked up to her. “Wow Linda you blew your secret for Keath’s protection.” Bella said amazed. “I know Bella” Linda was getting sick of this.

Chapter 5
Love Song, And Born Rivalry

A group a people surrounded Linda observing her. “Back OFF!” Linda screamed as she sprouted her wings. “AHH!” The group screamed.
One mysterious person appeared he had black hair going down his face so you couldn’t see his eyes, only his mouth. “What’s so weird about vamps?” He asked. The boy’s hair grew so long and it covered his whole entire body. His teeth sharpened like a deadly blade. He let out a howl “HOWOOO!” His howl was like a beautiful bird with rabies, beautiful, high-pitched, and really strange. “AHH!” The group screamed again.
That mob of people cleared away and Linda walked up to the werewolf who reverted himself to that strange boy again. “ You’re a werewolf cool. What’s your name?” Linda asked. “ I don’t know so call me… hm…ooh! Call me Buzz!” The excited lycan hybrid said. “Alright Buzz let’s go get some lunch!” Linda said. “Ok Linda.” “How do you know my name? “Everyone does.” “Oh.”
In a nearby classroom a few days later….
Buzz sat in his chair admiring Linda, a fine work of art she is. He sat right behind her so he could watch her all the time. “The best view in the house.” He thought to himself. Keath stared at Buzz staring at Linda and got angry. How could Buzz be looking at his girlfriend.
After class Keath walked to him with an angry look on his face. “Buzz are you crushing on my girlfriend?” Keath said angrily. “Who says she’s your girlfriend.” Buzz responded. “What? She’s mine.” Keath said shocked. “Mine!” Buzz was quivering now at a very quick pace. “SHE”S MINE!” Keath boomed. “MINE!” Buzz screamed as he turned himself into his werewolf form. “Huh?” Linda was surprised as she turned around the corner. “HOWOOO!” The werewolf howled and scratched Keath across the face. “Ugg” Keath was going unconscious as torrents of blood spewed from his face. “KEATH!” Linda screamed and ran to him holding him. “How could you?” Linda looked Buzz in the eyes (or at least where they would be if you could see them) and used her anger as strength, and then he was apocalyptically slapped across the face.
A While Later at a nearby hospital…
“Is he going to be ok?” Bella asked Linda. “Yah he just needs some rest.” Linda responded. “Uh oh.” Keath stuttered. “Wait a second if Buzz was a werewolf and he scratched me across the face doesn’t that mean…” Keath started. “You’re going to turn into a werewolf?” Bella guessed. “No Buzz is a pure werewolf, Keath will be ok.” Linda said relieving everyone in the room.

Chapter 6
Dream invasion

Bella slept in her bed dreaming about zapping Tim. Keath lay asleep in the hospital bed dreaming about making out with Linda in a sun shower, Keath was holding an umbrella to keep the safe from the rain. Now we move onto Linda. “OH me? I don’t really sleep.” Linda said while flying to a chicken farm to cure her cravings. So, um Buzz now. He was in a rest in detention with his head on his desk dreaming about kissing Linda. Pippy was dreaming about being giant and destroying cities. “Wake up Pip!” Said Hand trying to wake him up. Tim was dreaming about how much he hated Linda because now no one pays attention to him.

Chapter 7
Tim makes a club

Back in school…
“Bella look another anti vampire club.” Linda sighed. “Look closer!” Bella gasped. “OK.” Linda answered.

No one is important because of her!
Are you sick of being ignored?
Join now!

By Tim Zapper

“TIM!” The girls yelled.
In the secret club…

Was wrote on the board and Tim was standing right next to it. “Alright I will decode V.A.M.P.
Tim grinned as his club mates clapped in his honor. “TIM!” Linda screamed like a wicked lizard as she ran into the “secret” club. At first they were surprised and then they threw heaps of garlic at her. Suddenly, a dark explosion erupted. “BOOM!” Soon the smoke went away and the kids could see again. Now the board said “YOU MADE A MISTAKE!” “Huh?” Keath was doing double takes and spinning around. “Sir a note!” One of the club mates exclaimed as he handed Tim the note.
Now that you did that I will make strikes
Of bad luck occur.
P.S. You wanted attention you got it.
P.P.S. I love garlic

Now the board said “MOO HA HA HA!” “Uh oh.” Tim said terrified.
Tim was walking out of the serving room when… “I dropped my food!” Tim cried. He walked back to the serving room. “No more.” Said the lunch lady as Tim stared at her mole.
“No that kid has the tire swing!” Tim said very frustrated.
He walked through the hallway and saw Linda. “HISS!” She hissed. “AHH!” Tim ran away.
Tim received his book report from Mrs.Zapperson. “F?” Tim shrieked in horror. “Oh wait that’s normal.” He said relieved. He walked out of class with that he felt a strange presence. A black shadow was following him! “AHH!” He yelled yet again, and then passed out.
“One last thing.” Linda said turning back into her lovely self with her long, flowing, black, shiny hair. “Zap” She shot magic out of her fingers and Tim turned into a frog. “Darn I was hoping for a donkey… oh well.” She said disappointed, and walked away.
“Oh.” Said Bella who walked near him and turned him into a reindeer without him knowing. “Thanks Bella.” He whinnied. “Hee hee” Bella giggled.

Chapter 8
Shape shifting for Vampires

“Hey Keath sorry about that thing.” Buzz said immediately as he saw him. KICK. Keath kicked Buzz in the crouch. “OW!” Buzz shrieked. Keath smirked.
Linda walked between the two boys and they asked, “SO WHO DO YOU CHOOSE?” “A der Keath!” Linda said making the boys feel stupid.
Buzz trembled and then his black hair covering his eyes began to blow. His body changed shape and he suddenly had the head of a shark and the body of a person.
“SHAPE-SHIFTER!” Keath and Linda yelled.
Buzz now turned into a giant dragon with glowing red eyes and carried Keath do a mysterious place. “KEATH!” Linda yelled and followed them by growing her wings.
Once Linda reached his lair Buzz started to transform into his true form. He sprouted angel wings, a fiery halo, devil horns, and a devil tail. His face had his masculine black hair going across one eye making only one eye visible. Buzz’s one eye visible was glowing red and he grew fangs. “An *angevil!” Linda bellowed. “This is enough!” He roared.
Back in spell school…
“We have to save Linda and Keath!” Bella cries to Tim. “NO!” “WHAT?!?!?!?” Bella trembled. “Linda makes me get ignored, loose my lunch, and scare me out of my wits in the bathroom” He raged. “I’m taking matters into my own hands. Some friend you are.” Bella stammered and walked away.
Tim stood there baffled and confused. “UG!” He collapsed like he had a heart attack. (He didn’t though) A vision blurred his thoughts and all he saw was Keath. “Dude… I need you.” He murmured. Then Tim lost consciousness completely.
In the lair of Buzz…
“Your face!” Linda noted. “I am mighty King Buzz of the… shape shifters. Buzz’s eyes flamed with every word. “What have you done to Keath?” Linda demanded. Zap. Buzz morphed into a giant boa constrictor with bloody scars on its face. “He’s safe…for now.” He smirked. “Be my queen or he will perish.”
In Spellarachi…
“Keath needs me!” Tim woke up. “Why would I let him or Linda get hurt? I left Bella all alone! AHH! Hmm. Ahh! I get it! I need Pip!” He realized.
“Pip I see your bro.” Hand said. “Hey bro.” The tiny little genius said. “Where’s your school project?” “Basement.” “Thanks! Bye Pip!” Tim ran.
He ran so fast into the basement that cheetahs would stop and stare. “Here it is.” Tim muttered. “The golden hand…” It was a huge vehicle that was made with golden metal.
He climbed into the machine. “Let’s do this!”
Back to Bella…
Bella sat in a cage surrounded by darkness. “You missed the show go back to Tim.”
Umm…ok…back to Tim…
“Launching in three two one.” Pwoo! The Golden Hand flew like a beauty it was very easy to control. He followed the scent of evil to Buzz’s lair.
“HEY TURD!” Tim yelled. “Tim!” Linda praised. “LASER!!!” The laser evaporated the king of shape shifters. “You saved me!” Linda gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek. “BUT WHERE’S KEATH AND BELLA?” Tim yelled shocked.

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