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The trio-romance of Vampire Knight makes it most popular. Specially the प्यार कोट्स of this ऐनीमे series.

But all I प्यार is the कोट्स which comes from the lips of Kaname Kuran.
Here is some of my Favourite Romantic quotes. I think these are the most fabulous romantic कोट्स ever~
(All कोट्स are कहा to या about yuki)

1) “I’ve never actually कहा it aloud to you, but आप do know, Yuki. I प्यार आप और than anyone. If it were at all possible, I would take them away from आप – all your fears and anxieties.”

2) “Will आप become a monster that devours blood and live the long flow of time...
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yuuki पार करना, क्रॉस
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