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posted by sicelyarien
Oh नारूटो never before have I seen आप like this. Never before in such a way. Never before so full of hate,...the hate.... now over flowing incasing your body, oh Naruto. I hear a monsterous scream leave your mouth is it you, is it आप naruto? आप sound, आप look as if आप are in pain. I fill with rage, how dare the white haired boy call आप a monster..you are not. How dare he call आप pathetic.I whant to hurt him, I want to blame him, I hear आप scream onece more, and I know, I can not blame anybody but myself.

This is my fault, asking him to save sasuke.... was i sooo week, and all i did was crie. I see him blame himself and I seen him shed those tears. And I had blamed him deep in side I-I blamed him? For I was to week to blame myself. He was doing this for me, causing himself such extreme pain and sadness, no i was causing him such extremre pain in sadness.

I cant stand it! I run towards आप my face being moisend द्वारा my tears. I ignore the warnings of are captain. "Naruto! enough naruto, i'll-i'll rescu Sasuke! I stop only a few Feet from you. आप sharply turn towards me, no this is not you, this thing this demon is not you, and it's my fault.

It was to quick i couldnt get out of the way, you, no! the demon struck me.

Was this your un knowing refeng on me naruto? For all the pain आप have indourd? I feel the pain from my arm start to flow throughout my body. I drift into a fog.. then into a black.

I sit up, the white haired boy is gone, in a flash the captain has आप in some sort of prison the hate leaves the out side of your body leaving आप burnt and yelling in pain.

I cant learn that jutsu, its not fair only small things i can do for.

आप awaken i wipe the tears from my face and of course आप कहा somthing that was ofensive and I hit you, but I didnt mean it नारूटो I didnt mean it.

We stand in the gaint canyon.... आप dont rember this naruto?

आप see the gash on my arm and asked how I received it and, I lie to आप नारूटो for आप dont diserv any और pain.
But I do.

Sorry for some miss spellings and i do like sakura so this is not a sakura bashing.
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