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Guide by hellgirl223 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
fan of it?
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IOTY- Icon of the Year
Hi fanpoppers! Its me hellgirl223 and this is a just a short लेख which basically talks about the IOTY (Icon of the Year) and the एफ ए क्यू (Frequently asked Questions) and rules about the IOTY. There are only 2 VERY simple rules आप have to follow and well, this is my first guide लेख and well...here it goes!

1) The very first simple rule, participants should have an आइकन (not a normal user फैन्पॉप icon).
2) Please do NOT vote for yourself!
3) आइकनों must be credited. If आप created it yourself then, Ok, but still write the name =)

Easy right? Ok, lets get on with the एफ ए क्यू of the IOTY. If there is any एफ ए क्यू आप would like me to put on the article, then just message me या write it on the टिप्पणियाँ :D

1) What is the IOTY?
The IOTY stands for आइकन of the Year. It is a yearly pick that Fanpoppers can vote to दिखाना which Fanpopper has the best आइकन of the Year.

2) Who started the आइकन of the Year?