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 The 'Murica Figure
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I just had to share this.
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 Hearst गढ़, महल in California
Hearst Castle in California
I was browsing the internet recently, and at the bottom of my खोजिए result page were a few links. One of them कहा "American castles", I was interested and clicked. I found an article, on CNN, that was supposed to be about seven grand castles in the US. I usually tend to avoid टिप्पणी दे sections, as they tend to be full of hate and general stupidity---and especially on something like CNN, but I decided to stroll through the comments.

I actually regretted doing this. There honestly wasn't a positive टिप्पणी दे in sight. Many टिप्पणियाँ (if not all) कहा repeatedly "they're not castles!". Well, yeah,...
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"How to legally round up labor almost as cheap as illegals are."

Individuals या childless couples
- Long-streak unemployed
- Non-PTSD ex military
- Grown-up orphans from the Social Services
- Sixty-year-olds without pensions

You are the perfect candidates for The Factory Campus.

Weekly paychecks are for luckier people. What आप earn at the Campus is
a tiny single room, your meals and the company's coins for vending machines
filled with munchies, body care items, socks/underwear etc.

Surplus clothing are available when workers have worn theirs out
or didn't have much to start with. Sold for a few coins...
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Friday night boys and the PBR
Chasing Jack, getting wrecked in small town bars
Big city roller in NYC
You're a sharp dressed man just like ZZ

Harley riding biker in a leather jacket
Like riding bitch
You're sitting on the back, yeah
Pretty boys at the university
Watching them walk
In their Levi jeans

Yeah, yeah
I can't help but fall
Yeah, yeah
God bless 'em all

American boys
Gotta प्यार 'em, gotta need 'em
Gotta want 'em
They're my drug of choice
Yeah, yeah, yeah
American boys
Wanna slay 'em, wanna lay 'em
Wanna play 'em
They're my favourite toys
American, American boys

Metal head boys in the back of a Camaro
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In the late 70s’ I had my dream holiday, me and John Wood booked a trip to America. We flew Freddie Laker (the innovator in cheap flights 1976-1982) to JFK New York where we stayed at the Y.M.C.A. In spite of Johns build he was somewhat scared in the city. We were both forever looking up at the huge skyscrapers and और than once I had to grab his arm as he stepped off the pavement without looking at the walk, don’t walk signs. We did all the tourist sites, the Empire State Building, The Chrysler building, Central park, Statue of liberty, Macys, we walked block after block, we had huge...
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50's rock is best rock
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The final part. Dan is trying to trick the owner of the other Buick. He was talking in a british accent

Dan: Excuse me sir is this your car?
black man 2: Eeyup.
Dan: Would आप mind stepping into the manager's office? We have to rewash it.
black man 2: Rewash the car?
Dan: It won't be too long. *gets in car*
Copper 1: All units, the suspect must be trying to change the appearance of his car. Keep your eyes open for a heavily damaged Buick Special, red in color.
Dan: *drives other Buick*
Copper 53: We have set up a roadblock द्वारा the car wash, and are checking for our suspect. He has grey hair, and...
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