संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका Favourite Thanksgiving Memory?

SRitchieable posted on Nov 12, 2011 at 10:19PM
Here's a great one to start - about an 'all American patriot grandmother in training'.

During the Revolutionary war, this lady - Helen - was employed as a housekeeper for an American patriot general. When Thanksgiving time came around, Helen saw the pumpkins in the local market and her thoughts turned to pumpkin pie.

But what about her general? Did he want his housekeeping money spent on pumpkin (pie)? You must remember that very few people - patriot or otherwise - celebrated Thanksgiving at this time. Helen was one of the few who did, and she learnt from her mother. But some of Helen's employers - for whom she was cook after her mother died - said "Poppycock!" to Thanksgiving and refused to buy pumpkins (etc).

Then Helen thought it through and realised that pumpkin pie could be served at any time of year; and since her current employer (the general) had not expressed any view on the subject, she could serve pumpkin pie. If he didn't like it, he didn't like it.

She bought the best pumpkin in the market, because her general was the most considerate and compassionate person and therefore deserved the best in everything. She brought the pumpkin home and sat it on the kitchen dresser.

But the pumpkin seemed to be saying "Look - you don't have to be SO apologetic about this. In anyone else's house, your plan is a sound plan, but here - go and tell Benedict about me, and Thanksgiving. And if he doesn't like the idea, well he doesn't like it. But he's so gracious and decent, he won't beat you for it regardless of how he feels about the subject."

So Helen did just this.

Benedict listened and said he was immensely grateful to be given the opportunity to celebrate "such a worthy holiday." He was grateful Helen had dared to raise the subject with him. He gave her a carte blanche to use the housekeeping money that month to prepare for it as she saw fit.

So there it was, a real Thanksgiving in Philadelphia - and the best Thanksgiving ever.
 Here's a great one to start - about an 'all American patriot grandmother in training'. During the

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