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Nye and Company, in conjunction with ABC Studios, proudly announces its
June 2010 sale, consisting of sets and प्रॉप्स from the hit television
series “UGLY BETTY”

The New Jersey auction house of Nye and Company will be having a unique
and exclusive sale of many of the items used to create and decorate the
world of Ugly Betty, ABC’s लोकप्रिय टेलीविज़न दिखाना that ran from September
2006 to April 2010. On its journey it spawned legions of devoted प्रशंसकों and
acolytes, who were devastated when the series ended.

They will now have a chance to own a piece of that world when, on June 17,
18 and 19, some 950 lots of furniture, art, decorative items, kitchenware,
toys and many other pieces from the Mode offices (including those of
Wilhelmina, Daniel, Claire, Lindsay, Marc, Alexis and Hartley); the Suarez
house in Queens; the Manhattan apartments of Wilhelmina, Marc and Amanda,
Betty and Molly, as well as a number of lovely miscellaneous items, are to
be offered in an unreserved sale. Each item will come with a signed
Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing that it is an actual piece of
Ugly Betty history.

Starting, as did Betty, with the Mode office, प्रशंसकों and collectors will be
able to vie for the chance to own नारंगी, ऑरेंज and white file cabinets; white
“lollipop” lamps (including Betty’s personal डेस्क lamp); display cabinets;
telephones; stacking trays; डेस्क sets including calculators, pen holders,
magnetic paper clip trays and cups; white and नारंगी, ऑरेंज storage boxes,
folders and Mode notebooks; shelving; display cabinets, and other
accoutrements that populated the set.

Dedicated viewers no doubt recall the Mode “Tube” and its changing
displays every week. On offer are groups of many of those displays,
including silver roller skates with bouquets of गुलाबी roses; watering
can-shaped purses; Jeff Koons-style कुत्ता with rhinestone leashes and
collars; blue- and orange-camouflage-painted shoes and bags; plastic
Buddha head lights; beckoning Japanese cats; rhinestone-covered piggy
banks; a large group of Amliya Italy pleather car-shaped purses in
differing colors; adorable Astroturf animals; large plastic ice cream cone
banks and an assortment of boxed Sandno Girand hand-painted wood figures.

Highlights from Daniel’s and Wilhelmina’s offices include an abstract
graphite and fiberglass teardrop-form sculpture and base; molded black
leather-upholstered swiveling chairs; a pair of white leather दिन beds; a
Pucci नारंगी, ऑरेंज swirl art glass vase, Teco “Four Buttress” Arts and
Crafts-style terra cotta vase; a wrought iron “twist” मेज का ऊपरी हिस्सा, तालिका के शीर्ष पर sculpture;
“Bird in flight” हुड, डाकू ornament mounted as a sculpture; silvered and
jeweled glass candle holders; a pair of oversize white Chinoiserie-style
chairs, a George III-style Chinese Chippendale white-painted vitrine
cabinet standing 10 feet high and many और items.

Betty-philes will be thrilled to know that a number of items from her
bedroom in Queens, including her नारंगी, ऑरेंज princess phone, desktop
accoutrements, YETI notebook, stuffed animals, गुड़िया and toys, boxes of
पुस्तकें and other personal items are included, while from her Manhattan
apartment we offer, among other things, her large white teddy bear,
Anthropologie bath mat and शावर, शॉवर curtain, painting of a Hindu prince and
princess, wire बंहदार कुरसी, कुर्सी twisted in the shape of a woman, white cast iron
headboard, bedding and a number of decorative smalls, lamps and furniture.

From Marc and Amanda we have furniture and quirky smalls, including a
pink-painted papier mache bull’s head दीवार hanging, a four-piece zebra
skin circular ottoman, a 1950s French टेलीविज़न stand of zig-zag form,
रसोई, रसोईघर spice rack, wine rack, cooking utensils and rack, an ornate
wall-hanging candle holder, curtains, a pair of Lillian August silvered
metal horse heads and other items from their fireplace, two replica Damien
Hirst “diamond”-encrusted skulls and the contents of the shelves in their
living room. Amanda’s Kate कुदाल, कुदाल से खोदना “Uptown/Downtown” bag, her गुलाबी and
silver professional make-up case, its contents, and a number of चित्रो of
Marc, Amanda and Halston, both singly and together, round out this

The Suarez house yielded a trove of vintage furniture, lamps, art,
kitchenware - including a charming assortment of roosters and salt and
pepper shakers - religious and votive art, Mexican folk art and decorative
pieces, while their hair salon produced और art and some mirrors. Don’t
miss the massive 1950s “Exotica” lamp, which looks like it came straight
from the स्पेनिश सफेद मदिरा, शेरी Miami. There are also a number of African items from the
“African-American dream sequence” episode.

As is to be expected, from Wilhelmina, the क्वीन of Mode, come the most
deluxe selections. Such splendid items as her dining तालिका, टेबल with massive
ram head supports and the equally oversize faux हाथी tusks that
rested atop it; a set of six red-painted upholstered high back dining
chairs; two Louis XV-style white-painted mock crocodile-upholstered
porter’s chairs; a pair of part-ebonized silver-upholstered armchairs; a
Neoclassical-style demi-lune marble-top side cabinet; a Louis XV-style
gilt metal and glass eight-light chandelier; a pair of
burgundy-upholstered Chinese-style barrel-back armchairs; a Theodore
Alexander Baroque-style commode; a pair of Neoclassical-style wood and
gilt metal दीवार plaques depicting flaming torches, लॉरेल wreaths and
ribands, and a large pair of crackle-glazed Chinese Fu dog figures are
just some of the many luxurious pieces being sold from the set of her

In a nod to her maternal side, we also have the black and white contents
of her nursery, including many stuffed animals, ranging in size from small
to quite large; the famous “teddy भालू drapes”; a white and chrome
rocking chair; ebonized crib; a “Bloom Contemporary Fresco Loft” midnight
black baby’s high chair, बच्चों की गाड़ी, बासीनेट and more.

No expense was spared to make the sets as upscale as possible, with the
result that we will have on display fine designer furniture such as a pair
of Philippe Starck’s Ero|S| द्वारा Kartell aluminum and Lucite swiveling
egg-form side chairs, his Louis Ghost chairs, Charles Ghost stools and
"PIP-e” chairs; Verner Panton Amoeba, cone, heart-shaped and molded
chairs, as well as a free-form interlocking living tower; Kartell molded
egg-shaped Ploof low armchairs and a low settee; replica Herman Miller
white mesh upholstered stainless steel swivel armchairs and Miller for
George Nelson swag-leg chairs; a Frank Gehry for Heller suite of white
painted blow molded right twist furniture; a replica of Pedro Friedeberg`s
famous "Hand" chair; a number of tables and credenzas द्वारा Alias; a set of
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec Vegetal chairs; two chrome and
burgundy-upholstered high-back “Alcove” banquettes द्वारा Vitra; Piero Lissoni
armchairs for Kartell; Arne Jacobsen egg and हंस chairs; a “Flexus”
porthole high-back sofa; a pair of Jonathan Adler Neoclassical-style
bergeres; a pair of Mitchell सोना + Bob Williams Georgian-style Berkley
tables and metal-mounted mahoganized side table, and any number of fine
pieces in the Neoclassical, Regency, Louis XVI, George III and Charles X
styles. There is also a selection of Chinese-style furniture and
decorative arts.

Lighting was not neglected; highlights are Italian Flos Spun Light “F”
floor lamps, designed द्वारा Sebastian Wrong.; Castore floor and tabletop
lamps from Artemide Inc., designed द्वारा Michele De Lucchi; Ron Rezela’s
silver, नारंगी, ऑरेंज and frosted plexiglass तालिका, टेबल lamp; Luceplan “Agaricon” and
“Birzi” examples, designed द्वारा Ross Lovegrove; Artemide Mezzachimera lamps
designed द्वारा Vico Magistretti, and Tolomeo mini डेस्क lamps; Manuel Wanders
for Moooi zebrawood floor lamp and spherical fiberglass “Random Light”; a
pair of Marcel Wanders for Flos B.L.O. silver and blue candleholder-form
तालिका, टेबल lamps and a Lumina “Zelig” silver plastic swing-arm extending table

The sheer profusion of items precludes और of it from being listed, but
in this instance the phrase “something for everyone” certainly applies.
आप are invited to पूर्व दर्शन the sale
Monday June 14 - Friday June 18 from 10 AM – 5 PM, and Saturday June 19
from 10 AM – 2 PM, at our secondary location at 225 Belleville Avenue, 4th
floor, Bloomfield, NJ, 973-743-0549.

The sales will begin each दिन at 10 AM, and conclude when the final lot
for that day’s session is sold. Bidding may be done in person, via
telephone bid, left bid, या through the auction website Artfact
(pre-registration required). If आप have any सवालों about the bidding
process, please read the “Buying and Selling” section on our घर page, or
call Nye & Company at 973-984-6900. Because of the expected popularity of
the sale, we urge interested parties to register as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that these items were used weekly on the set
of a टेलीविज़न show, some of them have sustained minor damage या have
other condition issues. दिया this reality, we will NOT be offering
condition reports for this sale, and ask potential bidders to understand
will be sold strictly AS IS, and that we will not be accepting ANY returns
due to condition या other reasons.

To view the Ugly Betty catalogue या check “Buying and Selling”, please
visit our website at ~


To request further information, please contact us at 973-984-6900.
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I ventured out on this fanfiction, which is still in progress...its Betty/Connor :)

A/N: Okay so this प्रशंसक fiction is a little बिना सोचे समझे and I know it would never happen, but I always wanted to read a Connor/Betty fanfic and since nobody else would write it I decided to…hope आप enjoy!

Funny Seeing आप Here

“Mija, I just don’t feel like it is सुरक्षित for आप to go off to Paris द्वारा yourself, even if it is for work.” Ignacio stated still worried that she would be alone.

“Papi, आप worry too much. I will be fine, and I will only be alone for the first two weeks, because that is my vacation time,...
continue reading...
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Third episode of the web series. Amanda teaches Marc how playing bowling.
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पूर्व दर्शन for the upcoming Ugly Betty episode (sorry it's taken so long to upload!)
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season 2 episode 6
sneak peek
पूर्व दर्शन
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Okay, I've seen this is usual here. So I say why not? I'll give it a try.

I only write Gio and Betty fanfiction. So I'll post the most generic one. One with several characters. I am open to टिप्पणियाँ of any kind. Sorry about characterization. I am really bad at that. So if my characters seem a bit OOC, भालू with me, please. It's just my style.

And spanish is my first language. So there might be english grammar mistakes in here. But संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर the story is not that bad, even if I say so myself.


by Beatrice Benedick
Pair: Gio and Betty
status: complete

A friendly social gathering,...
continue reading...
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Funny scene from Ugly Betty. Great शीर्षक for a book haha!!
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