Wilhemlmina has some of the best कोट्स ever!

Wilhelmina [to Bradford]: "I thought I smelled jewelry."

Fabia: "You must come to the ceremony. I won't be able to get married without my something old."
Wilhelmina: "Oh, with the veins in your legs, आप already have your something blue."

Marc: Little glitch. Teeny, tiny, Cindy Crawford mole-sized problem. It looks like St. Patrick's Cathedral is already booked for June 16.
Wilhelmina: What?!
Marc: What do आप get from St. Patrick's? Bad incense, and a bunch of guilty men in dresses.
Wilhelmina: Fabia?! That little Euro-Wench is getting married?!
Marc: And she got Elton John to sing for the wedding. He's re-written "Candle In the Wind" just for her.
Wilhelmina: What?! He was re-writing "Candle in the Wind" for me!
Marc: Ugh, give that क्वीन twenty-bucks and she'll re-write it for anybody.
Wilhelmina: Get Fabia over here. Wedding Summit '07 is on!

Wilhelmina: आप really can't see those lines, can you?
Marc: Nope. You're as dead on the outside as आप are on the inside.

Wilhelmina (to Daniel): Uh, what you're saying is we... should put thin, pretty women wearing nice outfits in this fashion magazine?
Alexis: Uh, while we take care of real business...
Daniel: If आप had any...
Wilhelmina: Okay girls, tuck em back in. You're both big.

Wilhelmina: She swam the English Channel in a leather bikini, we already have the title: The Daredevil Wears Prada.

Wilhelmina: He patted my hand!
Marc: Maybe that's foreplay?
Wilhelmina: In a nursing home!

Wilhelmina: Higher... I कहा higher!
Christina: Any higher and I'll be giving आप a pelvic exam!
Marc: Ow! Well, fill my bucket with nothing but thighs!
Wilhelmina: Relax Colonel, we all know आप prefer nuggets.

Wilhelmina: [about Betty] I don't like it when she smiles. Its so... metallic.