Hi Detty shippers!!

Here's Jenny's 1st story that I convinced her to let me post on here with the link to the fanfiction.net website for the rest. The story is innovative, fun & sweet!! Have a look, the story takes place circa 4.12 Blackout!

This is how I'd write the अगला episode.

Betty walked through mode towards Daniels office. She was so excited, today was a good day. First she finds out she'll be helping Daniel interview her प्रिय actor, then moments later she finds out her blog won a bloggy. Storming through Daniels door without knocking, she runs to his डेस्क where he's seated.

“Daniel, आप wont believe it” Betty practically yelled.

Daniel looked up obviously shocked out of his दिन dream.

“Betty, what happened? आप scared the shit out of me.” Betty giggles

“ I won a bloggy!”

Confused Daniel asks “ A what?”

Betty gives him am odd look “ A bloggy, Daniel. It's an award, and my blog won. Can आप believe it? I haven't even been लेखन it that long.” at this point Betty was jumping up and down. Daniel gave her a pensive look, Betty stopped hopping.

“Oh...well, that's great.” trying to sound excited.

“Daniel, whats wrong? I thought you'd be a bit और excited for me.”

Rubbing his eyes he says “Well... its great. But come on, your a junior editor at Mode, a blog award isn't that big of a deal. आप should be concentrating on our article, not your blog. This is a big issue we're putting together.”

Betty look crestfallen “I can't believe that आप out of all people would say that to me.” she stepped back from his डेस्क “I have always supported you! No matter what आप did, even if I thought it was stupid. I thought I would get the same support from you.” Betty didn't notice she was yelling.

Standing up “Damn it, Betty. I do support you, but come on. I'm your friend but I'm still your boss, I need आप here 100%. Not off in blog la-la land.”

“Fine.” Betty slammed his door on her way out of his office.

Betty managed to make it to her desk, with out crying. “Breath, just breath, I won't let him make me cry” she thought to herself. Betty decided the best way to get Daniel out of her head was to concentrate on work. She started लेखन down सवालों she would ask Victor. “He is not spoiling this for me.” she कहा to herself.

“Whose spoiling what?” Marc asks, startling her.

“Nothing, just talking alone, आप know, thinking out loud. No biggie.”

Marc looks at her with a raised eyebrow and sits in front of her desk. “OK, who popped your morning cherry?” giving her a sweet & sarcastic look.

“Marc, why are आप bothering me?”

“Oh, whats with the 'tude? Oh, I get it आप fought with your lovah.” Marc कहा giving her a wide smile.

“What? No, I haven't even spoken to Matt since he left.”

“I think the ear hair is affecting your brain. I didn't mean Matt, I meant Daniel.” Betty looked startled “HA! I knew it, god I'm good. So what happened? आप wouldn't help him tie his shoes?”

Sighing “ First off, he's not my lovah.”

“Sure, whatever आप say” Marc whispered to himself.

“But you're right, we did get into a fight.”

“Ahh how sad. Now get to the point.”

“I told him about my blog award and he didn't care. He कहा it wasn't a big deal and I should worry about my job not a blog.”

Marc stood up “Is that all? Who cares, he probably never even ready your blog, या knew आप had one.”

“I told him I was लेखन one and he कहा he would read it.”

“Right, I'm sure between Diana and Melissa he read your blog.”

“Who are Diana and Melissa?” she asked even though she had a feeling she knew.

“Booty-call, that's all I'm saying. Well now that we've had our little chat, can we get to work. This is my first shoot and it will be perfect, या I'll kill you.” Marc smiled as he walked away.

Betty now even और upset couldn't concentrate. “Now is as good of a time as ever to have lunch” Collecting her पर्स and cell phone she hurried out of her office and slammed straight into a man, so hard she fell on her ass.

“Ouch, I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going.” feeling around for her glasses.

“No problem” The man helped her up and handed her the glasses he found on the floor.

“Not every दिन a sexy well padded woman slams into you. I think, आप sub-consciously did it on purpose, so I could take आप to lunch. I'm Becks द्वारा the way.”

Betty looked up at him. “Becks, wow long time. How have आप been? Still as cheesy as ever I see.” she grinned at him.

“Have we met? I'm sure we didn't sleep together, आप I'd remember.” Giving her a sly smile.

“Ha ha, very funny. It's me Betty, I used to be Daniel's assistant.”

Becks looked shocked “Betty? Braces, glasses, crazy hair, looked like was part of the circus Betty. Wow, you've changed and all for the better I see.” he walked around her as he sized her up. “I always knew there was something और underneath the hideous clothing.

“OK, great seeing आप too. Daniel is probably in his office, I'm sure आप remember where that is. Bye.” she कहा walking away “what an ass.”

“I've been called worse” running right behind her

“You heard me? I'm sorry, I'm just having a bad day. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.” she looked mortified.

“Hurt my feelings?” he laughed “ I am an ass, I know that. I'm actually a lot worse, no offense taken. So why are आप having a bad day?”

“Um, no reason. Well I've got to go. Nice seeing you.” Making her way to the elevator pushing the button.

“Wait, I think since आप bruised my chest and most likely आप ass. We owe each other lunch, Danny-boy can wait .” The elevator door opens and she gets in, he follows.

“I'm not having lunch with you. Why are आप in here? Daniels in his office.”

“yeah, but your और interesting than he is and a hell of a lot prettier.”

“Prettier? All I changed was my hair and clothes.” she looked angry now

“Nope, you've change your whole demeanor. That changed your whole appearance, your sexy now. Especially mad.” he whispered the last part in her ear. “So where to for lunch? Cause your not getting rid of me. I will follow you.” walking out of the elevator he put his arm around her shoulders, she shrugged them off.

“Fine we'll have lunch, but don't hit on me anymore.” pointing her index finger at him.

“its rude to point.” he chided

“its rude to stalk” she snapped

“Look, I'll behave I promise. Plus Daniel would kill me if I messed with you.” they walked out of mode into the cold NY day.

Daniel up in his office kept replaying the argument with Betty in his mind. He felt guilty and at the same time threatened. What Wilhelmina कहा in the morning meeting stuck to him. Betty will surpass him. In a lot of ways she already has, he felt alone. He couldn't tell Betty how he felt and there was no one else to speak to. He knew he over reacted about the blog, knew it was a big deal. Most importantly knew it was important to her. He let her down, now he had to find a way to make it up to her. Tonight he would stay घर open a bottle of wine and read her entire blog, even if it took all night. Come tomorrow he'll apologize and they'll be back to normal. Maybe he'll even tell her about the few women he's been seeing the last couple of weeks. Even though it was nothing serious, he didn't like keeping her in the dark. Daniel looked down to the busy streets, clearing his mind. When he noticed Betty walking out of Mode with a man. He knew it was Betty, her bright red कोट among the hundreds of black and gray stood out. But who was the guy, and why did Betty keep swatting his hand whenever he tried to touch her. Daniel started to feel annoyed, they just had a fight and here she was going to lunch with someone like nothing had happened.

“Daniel, I'm going to lunch” Amanda कहा from the door. She had been promoted to his assistant last week.

“OK. Hey, wait a second, do आप have any idea who Betty went to lunch with?”

Amanda smirked at the सवाल “Actually, I do, I was there when it happened.”

“When what happened?” he was clearly exasperated

“When आप friend Becks realized he wanted Betty.”

“Becks? Becks, my friend the photographer, the man-whore?”

“Um, yeah. Don't know why he wanted her when I was near by.” She shook her head

“But he practically begged to go out with her, followed her to the elevator. After that I know nothing.”

“Where did they go?” Daniel asked feeling somewhat frantic

“How am I supposed to know, I didn't follow them. I was working, something Betty should have been doing instead of flirting.” Amanda walked out closing the door behind her.

Daniel picked up his cell and called Betty, it went straight to voice mail. “Uh, Betty call me as soon as आप get this. It's important.” He also called Becks, but he got no answer. Daniel started to worry. Why would Betty go to lunch with Becks? She knew what he was like, he couldn't be trusted. Was she doing this to get back at him, या did she think she could change Becks the same way she changed him. He just sat there as he started to get और and और worried. He didn't understand why he cared so much. He figured that Betty was like a younger sister to him, he just wanted to protect her. He also wanted to kill Becks, all he could do now was wait. This was going to be the longest घंटा ever.

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