Amanda: I think I'm gonna pass.
Marc: You're not passing. I'm not going to stag, hag.
Amanda: You'll have to buy your own beer, queer.
Marc: आप can't just ditch, bi-
Amanda: Oh shut up!

Amanda: Who cares about carbs when you're from Queens, right?

Marc: When did catwalk become fatwalk?

Amanda: Keep working- a little और overtime and आप can switch to invisalines.

Amanda: I can bearly leave the house with an out-of-season handbag and आप दिखाना up on a daily basis looking like a yard sale and आप don't care. Its like आप were genetically engineered without the fear gene.

Amanda: Have आप been smoking one of your ponchos?

Amanda: Hi. Are आप the before?
Betty: Huh?
Amanda: Before and after. The photoshoot?

Marc: आप must prove your loyalty to the queen.
Amanda: You?
Marc: Wilhelmina!

Amanda: But its your mother. I'm the प्यार of your life. Remember?
Marc: आप are officallly released from beard duty. Consider yourself shaved.

Amanda: Oh look. Its scary Bradshaw and a side of potatoes.

Betty: आप keep walking द्वारा Daniel's office saying really loud that आप have big plans tomorrow with this new guy you're seeing.
Amanda: Not anymore. Jerk called me an घंटा पूर्व and says he has to spend the दिन with his wife and kids. I;m like, grow a pair, will you? I am so over men. They all suck.