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 *Sasuke Uchiha :Naruto The Movie Last:*
dedicated to all Sasuke Uchiha प्रशंसकों
rikudou sennin
sasuke uchiha
नारूटो the movie last
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posted by juurizero
we प्यार आप because आप are cool, strong and cute
even if आप are not always good,we प्यार आप for ever,hope to see आप every night,to win, to be the best!
to pass everyone and everything!to be better than all!
everywhere are your fans,we and many others
who created आप is our idol(MASASHI KISHIMOTO)we प्यार आप forever sasuke!
Your प्रशंसकों fondly <3
P.S.hope to anyone!
respect for people like आप
and those with your name!
SASUKE!forever yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we प्यार you
posted by Sasunaru120
Nika (me:I don't like making up last names so if आप don't like it screw you!)
About you: आप weren't a very bright kid growing up and still aren't आप had a unfortunate past (me:use your imagination on what the past is)
How आप and Sasuke: One दिन आप went to the cemetary and put फूल on your mothers grave. When आप were walking back to your abandond house आप felt a presence it was Sasuke but आप didn't say या do anything आप just kept walking. It started to rain u:"Sasuke i know your following me now come out!" Sasuke:"how did आप know it was me" he asked. आप just stared at him then turned...
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