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Peter Facinelli on Robert Pattinson’s Paranoia



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and I'm pretty sure some of the fans wouldn;t only want to take pictures. I'm pretty sure some of the crazies would try and rape him. I'm not even kidding. He's like a celebrity target. Maybe Ryan's a little jealous maybe? It's not a weekly "Oh Hi Rob, could I take a picture" it's literally being bombarded with paps, all at once, days after another. We can't really judge Rob because of that. It's not getting to his head, and that's something alot of the other celebrities should learn.

yeah, ryan has a point with the attention, but too much attention, especially if you're like Rob and incredibly shy in crowds of people, it can be a struggle.
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tototo19 said:
Yeah, I agree...The poor guy can't get out of his hotel without being stopped by crowds of girls and moms, and Ryan is making fun of him????????
Dude, seriously, that's so unfair towards some celebs who, like Rob, don't like the whole fame thing going on in their lives...
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