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 Summer's Moon (aka Summer's Blood) New Movie Stills
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summer's moon
posted by bookworm4nero
This is the story of how Bella would have chosen Jacob. Chapter 2 coming soon.

Chapter 1
Jacob’s soulful brown eyes drank in Bella’s beauty. She looked like an एंजल in her crimson white wedding गाउन and her perfectly chiselled face framed द्वारा her silky soft brown hair. Her timid smile made him want to protect her from everything and everyone. It felt as though every step she took towards the altar, towards Edward, was a piece of his दिल being broken away piece द्वारा piece.

“Finally the nauseating stench of वेयरवोल्फ is no more!” Edward exclaimed to his new wife as he carried her into their...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

TWILIGHT - chapter 17 - THE GAME

"So I hear you're getting my girl to watch baseball." Only in Washington would the fact that it was raining buckets have no bearing at all on the playing of outdoor sports.
"Yes, sir, that's the plan." He didn't look surprised that I'd told my father the truth. He might have been listening, though.
"Well, और power to you, I guess."
Charlie laughed, and Edward joined in.
"Okay." I stood up. "Enough humor at my expense. Let's go." I walked back to the hall and pulled on my jacket. They followed.
"Not too late, Bella."
"Don't worry, Charlie,...
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 jake and bella
jake and bella
come शामिल होइए the Jacob n' Bella vs. Edward and Bella club!!It's where आप can come and वाद-विवाद which of these two couples is better! SO PLEASE JOIN!!And आप can always come and post anything आप want about jacob and bella या edward and bella या each of them seperately!!! So PLEASE COME शामिल होइए AND SHARE YOUR IDEAS ABOUT THESE WONDERFUL COUPLES THAT WILL SOON ENCOURAGE OUR FUTURES!!JK!! No RUDE टिप्पणियाँ PLEASE!!!! EDWARD AND BELLA!!!


;) :) ;) :) ;) ;)
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edward and bella
posted by Brown_x_Eyes
Isabella "Bella" Marie हंस (later Isabella Marie Cullen) is a clumsy, accident-prone teenage girl who moves from Phoenix, Arizona, to Forks, Washington, to live with her father, Charlie. Though many boys are attracted to her when she arrives, she falls in प्यार with Edward Cullen, a mysterious boy she discovers to be a vampire. In an attempt to protect Bella from his lifestyle, Edward leaves her. Bella falls into a depression and is comforted द्वारा her friend, Jacob Black. She comes to प्यार Jacob as well, though not as deeply as she loves Edward. She eventually marries Edward and, after a complicated pregnancy, gives birth to their daughter, Renesmee, and becomes a vampire at age 18. After Bella's transformation, she has the ability to shield her and others' minds from mental attacks.
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