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 Rachelle Lefèvre photoshoot.
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This ट्वाईलाईट शृंखला चित्र contains तेंदुआ, unitard, शरीर सूट, बिल्ली सूट, लोटर्ड, यूनीडार्ड, बॉडी सूट, चड्डी, leotards, bustier, and बस्टीर. There might also be ट्रिको, टैंक सूट, मैलॉट, अ, क़मीज़, एक प्रकार का नृत्य, पाली, पर्ची, टेडी, शेमेज़, शिमी, बदलाव, बिकनी, swimwear, स्नान सूट, तैराकी पोशाक, नहाने का कपड़ा, स्विमिंग सूट, स्विमवीयर, स्नान पोशाक, कपड़ा, and तैराकी पोशाक कॉस्टयूम स्नान.

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"Wow," I whispered. I needed to catch my breath so Jacob moved to चुंबन me at the arch of my neck. But the one thing that was bugging me was gone because i didnt really care about it anymore. " See so i wasnt lying and here's your gift." Jacob pulled the charm out of his pocket and attached it to my charm brcaelet mom and dad got me.
It was a solid सोना locket with the words "I promise." " Renesmee i promise to प्यार आप forever even when आप dont grow old when you're 18. I promise to never ever hurt you. And i promise to never let go on the lovewe have." He whispered in my ear, "Open it."...
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okay guys, this is really short. im sorry, i've just had no time this week. please tell me what आप think anyway :)

part 22
“If there was only some way to make आप see that I can’t leave you.” I whispered. “Time, I suppose, will be the way to convince you.”
The corner of her mouth pulled up slightly. The idea must have pleased her. “Okay.” She कहा agreeably.
I was glad to see her happier again but the pain was still flowing through me at full force.
A questioning look came into her eyes before she asked “So—since you’re staying. Can I have my stuff back?” she spoke in...
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new vid.
रॉबर्ट पैटिनसन
क्रिस्टन स्टीवर्ट
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प्यार this twilight teaser!
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