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This ट्वाईलाईट शृंखला चित्र contains sitka सजाना, picea sitchensis, सिटका स्प्रूस, and पिका सिटचेंसिस. There might also be महोगनी, महोगनी वृक्ष, महोगनी पेड़, अमेरिकी सफेद सन्टी, कागज सन्टी, paperbark सन्टी, डोंगी सन्टी, betula cordifolia, betula papyrifera, अमेरिकन व्हाइट बर्च, पेपर बर्च, पेपरबर्क बिर्च, डोंगी बर्च, बीटाला कॉर्डिफ़ोलिया, बीटाला पैपरिफेरा, सन्टी, बर्च वृक्ष, and सन्टी वृक्ष.

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After a pretty well received सूची of things Bella would never say, i decided to let आप guys read another सूची : things Edward would never say!
Again, credit goes to Bellaandedward.com for creating the list.
It is quite a long सूची so if आप want to see the rest of it go here: link
Edward Would Never Say :

1.Gosh, Bella, stop blushing so much. (Sent in by: Phoebe)
2.Bella, drive slower. (Sent in by: Emily)
3.I wish I'd just married Rosalie. (Sent in by: Gin)
4.Jacob Black, आप can have Bella because आप are my best friend. (Sent in by: Emily)
5.Bella, आप have just been PUNK'D!!!! (Sent in by: Ali)...
continue reading...
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I think it's odd that Seventeen put two सेकंड्स of this up but they're a very cute two seconds!
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