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This is a new Fanfic I'm working on, called When Worlds Collide. I'm posting the link, hoping everybody will give it a chance.
my story, Edward is a smart over achiever, Emmett is in jail, and Bella is a mysterious अगला door neighbor with some issues.
Edward has to decide if he's going to risk everything for Bella, या if he's going to continue to please everybody around him and forget about her.
It's E/B AU-AH with heavy drama.
LINK---> link

"La Bella Vita" is a Angst/Horror One-shot featuring a दिन in the life of the disturbed Edward Cullen. It's a 'Mentalward' Contest entry.
LINK---> link
posted by kat_hale
It's my सेकंड पढ़ना of “Breaking dawn”. I`ve somehow always wondered if the सेकंड time would feel different. Now I know! But it's different in a good way, because I now see things और clearly. What fascinated, stroke me this time was not only the huge amount and density of emotions. I saw things from a different prospective – Jacob's. I've always considered myself to be Team Edward, but I know all that team stuff seems a bit meaningless – because it was always Edward for Bella. But what struck me the most was Jacob's development – he literary grows up-in his thoughts, in his...
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posted by ktbminnie12
Charlie’s POV

    I’m so furious, it’s scary. My daughter has been kidnapped! The chief’s daughter, kidnapped. I’m so angry. I’m not angry at her या Edward. I’m angry at whoever took her. I swear when I find out who it is, I’ll kill them. I will take my biggest gun I own and personally kill them.
    Rene and Phil flew in a couple of days ago. I met and talked with Phil. He was a nice guy. He was good for Rene. I was glad she was happy. Well, at this very moment she’s not. She’s got a mixture of emotions. Anger, sadness, and scared....
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posted by _madz_
this is part two of edwards point of view for new moon. thanks to everyone who commented!!
when i have written the अगला bit i will अपलोड it so keep watching!
p.s this story isnt mine, all credit goes to steph meyer

I followed Alec into the plush reception, barely noticing the cosily placed couches and tall vases of फूल lining the walls.
Alec must have picked up on my mood because he hadn’t once tried talking to me.
I listened to his thoughts, just for something to do. Anything to try and relieve me of the pain that filled my entire body. But Alec wasn’t thinking about anything vaguely...
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posted by mari_giovani
 The Cover
The Cover
Ok, this is an interview that Rob gave to a Brazilian magazine in November and i translated it for आप guys!!! (sorry if it doesnt make much sense!! )

*How´s your life in LA?
Rob: I always come here for work and i even like being alone here. In general i stay here for three months. This time, since i´m here for longer than that, i miss the London´s streets.

*How was your audition?
Rob: They look for me in लंडन and, after that, i sent a tape. The audition happened in the director´s house (Catherine Hardwicke). Me and Kristen made a प्यार scene. When i got there i was nervous and a little intimidated...
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posted by LexisFaith
*comes out from hiding*
Sorry guys. I was away on...business. Tracking down James...This guy is a tough nut to crack.
Anyway, I'm back and so is this story:)
Bella Pov

Right now, I wasn't going to worry about what our parents would think. What our sibblings would say, and how everything would work out once this James case was over and done. I was only thinking about Edward's touch. How my skin caught आग in his fingertip's trail. How my दिल pounded in my chest when his lips traveled across my jaw and down my neck were he stopped and nipped on...
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Chapter 6: Growing up with a rite of passage.
Edward slowly walked into Renesmee’s bedroom, while she was still asleep. He knelt down in front of her bed.
“Hey Ness, I‘m going now sweetie” his hand stroking her forehead. Her eyes threatened to open.
“When will आप be back” her eyes opening as her voice went from groggy to normal.
“I‘ll be back in a week या two” he smiled when she grabbed his hand and said.
“Be safe, dad”
“I प्यार आप Renesmee” he kissed her forehead and walked out of her bedroom. Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle were going on a camping trip, leaving Renesmee...
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posted by LexisFaith
This is a big chapter!!! So hold your breath for the extreem!! :)
Free Fallin'

"Bella." Edward sighed, breaking the uncomfortable silence. "I don't know if Alice has already told आप this या not because she won't let me in her head, but I really like you. I know we have only known eachother for a few hours but every घंटा we have, I have spent thinking about you. And I want there to be an us, if आप do."

To shocked to speak, I nodded.

"Then I think I need to tell आप some things. But may I remind you, we are going 75 miles and घंटा down a interstate...
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posted by NeeNee14
Today was the दिन of the interview, Kammie was
coming with us due to the fact that they wanted a family चित्र shoot. We where all dressed in रंग that
went together, but we didn't match.

When we arrived they took us to a room and we sat
down on the couch. Kammie was sleep, so she was
laying on me and Edward's lap. होल्ली, होली came over and
sat down.
"Hi Edward, Hi Bella." She कहा and shook our hands. She looked down at our lap and smiled.
"Is this your daughter?She is adorable." She cooed.
I smiled.

After the interview was over we went घर to watch
it with everybody.
(H=Holly B=Bella E=Edward.)

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posted by NeeNee14
I woke up with Edward staring at me. Kammie was in between us laying there,still sleep.
"Morning." He कहा and smiled. I smiled back.
"What time is it?" I asked him.He looked behind him.
"It's 10:30" He said. My eyes got wide. I grabbed my phone.Edward reached over and took my phone.
"Don't worry, they called and I told them आप were sick." I sighed. I was happy I didn't have t go to work.
"So what are you're plans for today?" I asked Edward.
"Well I wanted to take आप and Kammie to Seattle for the day." He said. I shook my head. I layed back down and wanted to go back to sleep. We heard someone...
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posted by groovychicklisa
I stared at the display for a moment, and then realized what she was doing.

I was going to kill her. I was literally going to strangle her to death. That little interfering, scheming…

"I'm sorry, I must have forgotten." I apologized. No way was I letting Bella know about Alice's little deluded plan. "A bit stressed out with last मिनट क्रिस्मस shopping."

"I get that."

"I'll just go, आप probably have plans tonight." I turned to leave, but her voice stopped me.

"No, I was just about to order Chinese खाना actually, if आप want to come in?"

I turned around, not quite convinced that I had heard her...
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 Made this...hope आप like...:)
Made this...hope you like...:)
Bella’s P.O.V:
Edward towed me up to his bedroom and lay me on the bed, “I missed you.” He said. “I missed you, too.” He smiled. “Can I make up for that, love?” I nodded, “Yes. What were आप thinking?” “This.” He tore my कमीज, शर्ट off and kissed me fiercely. “I प्यार you.” He said. “Mmmhmm.” He kissed me more.
About nine hours later, when I fell asleep. I felt him stroking my hair and चुंबन me gently. I must’ve smiled in my sleep because I heard Edward chuckle.
In the morning I realized Edward had dressed me in his clothes and his underwear. The only thing of mine...
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 justt pay them?
justt pay them?
this is starting to annoying me.. this whole.... the actors are getting upset द्वारा the shortage of wage they have been offered for breaking dawn

like first ashley and kellen,,, now kristen, robert and taylor the main leads.
but to begin with ... ashley,,, who plays alice, i can quite safely say everyone here loves alice to bits,, i want to know WHAT KIND OF PRIORITIES DO SUMMIT HAVE? like? does the role of Alice meaning anything to summit? considering they earn 3/4 their monney from the twilight...
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 edward is best...
edward is best...
"Dammit,"I said,"'Bobby Gonzales:wanted'."
Dammit,dammit,dammit.I saw the sign a few hours ago.I always thought it would be fun to be wanted for theivery,but it's not when everywhere आप look ,on every दीवार your picture is पोस्टेड above
a sign that says"wanted!!!beware!!!!reward:900$!"!
"This ain't cool,Bobby,"my friend,Galilaoh,told me."I know,"I responded angriliy.Damn.Why does this always happen to me?I ask myself that सवाल ALL the time,but no answer!!!!I'm an eightteen-year old girl with no parents,no job,and no money."The clan agreed that it's safer if आप stay on the down low."Damn.He...
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new moon, bellas depresstion. the 1st few months

it hurts to live. life to me is a सेकंड death, only like being left to bleed on a pavement instead of a quick stab, then to be left in peace. death and life are much the same thing now. only death seems और peaceful, i already know, as i watch other people living there lives, there is nothing left for me. fun was like a greek word to me now. i didnt know what i ment. i thought about making the most of life before the pain killed me for sure. i couldnt remember HOW to have fun. what was the point of going to the beach? it wasn't going to bring...
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posted by SuperFunFan1001
Sorry if the chapters come a little slow. Right now I'm traveling so... well आप know how things are. haha

I have gotten a suggestion to make the story have और emotion and action so I am going to try and add some of that. Hope it's good!

Disclamer: I....... do not............. own.......... Twilight......... या any of its characters. Stephanie meyer does.

(I wish I did though) :(

One night it got bad so Zach invited me to go hunting with him. I was trying not to think of him So I distracted myself द्वारा focusing on my prey. A fully grown mountain lion. I lunged for it and drained it.I hadn't even...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
That night I went to go see Bella's daughter. The thought that it was Edward's child too.. froze my blood in mid flow. I didn't want to have so much against Edward if he made Bella happy. I saw what Bella went through when Edward left her.. I never want to see her like that again. Even though I cannot be with her. I'm glad that shes happy.
I ring the doorbell. I stand there, very nervous because for one I'm standing at the foot of a very power vampire house.. I'm a werewolf. I'm not sure how this is going to work out since I've killed so many of their kind. But, I hope all goes well. For...
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posted by EBRCBrit
OK this is chapter 2 of the missing soulmates.please excuse the miss spelling.

It was a cold February, Saterday morning when i walked outside to wait for angela to दिखाना up for our shopping spree. She finnaly showed up right on time at 10:00 like she said. She had a really nice car. I think it was a new ford focus. I cringed at the thought that her car was red but looked like a volvo. I got in. She started to drive away.

"hey angela. How was your night?" I asked

"it was great. Me and ben went to the movie and saw that new romance. He comaplained it was too much of a chick flick."

"Was it that book...
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Maria Hunter found life pretty dull.
For example, living in the barren eastern middle-of-nowhere of Northern Ireland, with little to do and endless countryside stretching in every direction, Maria could think of very few things to lift her from the gloomy silence she retained whilst making her way घर from school each day. She wasn’t a difficult child, but she found life so ordinary. School was repetitive, and being one longing for more, Maria did not fit in well and had few friends. Her घर life was uninteresting, living in a bungalow with her elderly grandmother, after the unfortunate...
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Kayla has grown stronger in her two years of living in Forks. Her abilities are growing दिन द्वारा दिन and are becoming even और powerful. Soon she will know just how powerful. Her premonitions weaken her, they drain her of energy as she sleeps and tire her during the day. This will pass eventually but until then... Kayla finds her premonitions very distressing. They aren’t exactly nice to her. They don’t give her a warning. She could go to sleep one night and have a normal dream, the अगला night she has a premonition. She could go through the whole day, vision free, and then BAM she...
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