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!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!ONLY FOR ADULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello again. Sorry for not posting earlier - I was pretty busy, sorry if there are some mistakes and thanks for पढ़ना :)

“Beautiful” she said, following my gaze.
“It’s all right” I answered. I turned slowly to face her. She was naked. Her body was so perfect – pale skin seemed almost like mine. I twisted my hand up so I could twine our fingers. I hoped that it was warm enough for her not to feel cold of my touch.
“But I wouldn’t use the word beautiful. Not with आप standing here in comparison”. It was true - I was dazzled...
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posted by NewMoonG
I feel very sorry for R-Pattz, ever since he was casted for Twilight people made वीडियो that he shouldn't be Edward Cullen, but too late now! Too bad so sad for the people who think that he didn't make a perfect Edward Cullen which he did!! And how he can't ever get a girlfriend (which is maybe Kristen), when girls just blow him off! People are just plane out FUCKING REATARTED! I FUCKING HATE them for that! He'd be better off having an normal life people, HELLO! He is just a normal person like everyone else!!! Like that time when he got HIT द्वारा A CAR in New York!!! And the paparazzi still got...
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posted by mia1emmett
 this is stellas car. its a jaguar color black roof open.
this is stellas car. its a jaguar color black roof open.
Chapter 11
            “oh boy”
    Edward and everyone greeted us at the door, rose walked up to Nessie and कहा “you spent to much time with dogs, other then one of your aunts being a dog” I rolled my eyes and I walked up stairs thinking about how me and Seth were talking about how it would be so cool if we swam all the way from La push to where ever. I must have been so deep in thought I didn’t hear the door open because Emmett’s face was in my face. I rolled off my बिस्तर “ok I am ready” Emmett’s...
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
I am holding this contest for the new name of Renn and Jake's Life and Renn and Micah's Life. This is the last chance to enter the contest, so if आप want your chance to win, आप have to enter now.

Contest Rules:

आप must send me an message of what आप think the names should be and why द्वारा the end of July 25th.


Credit for naming in every chapter.

Sneak peaks at लेखाए ect.

And you'll have to enter to find out the final prize. It will be an optional prize so आप will have two choices.

Thanks, and good luck!

~Amy Freed
posted by karleetaylor
This is और to the fanfic i wrote Rensmee C. Cullen. If आप didnt read that then this probably wont make much sense (:

“Renesmee, what do आप think of all this?” my mom asked.
    “Well, I think it all makes और sense now. I think I was ready to know this. I always thought of Jacob. I always missed Jacob. I always wanted to be with Jacob. I never knew why. Now that I know he imprinted, it makes और sense.”
    My mother nodded.
    “We should probably get going,” I suggested. “I need to apologize to Uncle Emmett.”
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While Twilight has many fans, that doesn't mean it's immune to haters.It seems that everywhere आप go online, there is something Anti-Twilight.Even द्वारा just going to a homepage आप usually see something negitive.Like, आप can't like या enjoy something without all of these hating things.

People refer to Twilight as being gay.Which I believe is completely immature.Do they know what gay means?It either means happy या attracted to the same sex, how does that fit into Twilight?I don't really find it "happy", and there are no gays या लेज़्बीयन in it.People also rant on the sparkling.And calling them...
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posted by bluemc24
me and indie were 3 weeks into our imortal lifes. aro had explained that we were the new volturi members but, he had also explained we had gifts.

"we have a vampire in our ranks, who senses gifts in other vampires." Aro had said, "he senses that आप two both, have gifts." he concluded.
"So if we have gifts, what are they?" imortal life had made indie 10 times और nosey than before.
"Young ones," aro कहा in a sweet voice, "your gifts are that, if आप imagine what आप want, it will happen."

After that me and indie went back to our room,"hayley?" indie asked
"yes." i answered putting down my book, "whats wrong?"
"I found this when we were out hunting." she handed me a flyer. the flyer had a picture of me and indie and it read 'MISSING'
"our parents are looking for us?" i asked...
we went silentg for 2 minuites.
"but we can't see them!" i said
"i know but i miss them!" she replied her cheerfull voice cold.

just then, Aro came in........
*episode ten*
*The Breakfast Club*
Alice’s P.O.V:
Vomit is a color no-one likes.
They get sick.
They die…
Or worse…
They find out they’re…pregnant…
Like me.
*done thinking*
Carlisle: I found out why आप are pregnant. I think आप can get an abortion.
Alice: *focused on how she got pregnant* how did I get pregnant?
Carlisle: *rolls his eyes at the door* boys! Just come in.
Edward: *barges the door down* Thanks!
Emmett: Yeah.
Jasper: ALICE! *runs over and grabs her hand*
Bella: Anyways…
Carlisle: आप got pregnant because the last time या so आप fed it was a pregnant animal-the pregnancy...
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posted by mia1emmett
Chapter 10
        Just shoot me!!
    I hate school and I was in a class with Jill, boy can that girl talk about Emmett I blocked her out and started doodling in my notebook. I drew a भेड़िया when I was done Jill कहा “OMG that’s such a good drawing where’d आप get the inspiration. I कहा “my भेड़िया man, uh…he loves wolfs” Jill teased “Stella has a भेड़िया man. Stella has a boy-““he isn’t my boyfriend” Jill कहा “ok” and we were in class. I rolled my eyes at the thought of Emmett giving me a lecture today at lunch....
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Chapter Five:
Rose’s P.O.V:
From: Rosalie Hale (White_Rosesand.red@grape.com)

To: Emmett Cullen (Emmett_Cullen_Brother@rabidorange.net)
Subject: Honey no where!
Dear Emmett,
Hey! We are somewhere nice n’ private. No one will come after us and आप aren’t finding us! So, just give up. I swear if आप go and try to find us…when I see आप you’ll want a hockey mask helmet. So shut the hell up and just leave it be. प्यार you, R!

“Can someone make me lunch?” Bella pleaded. I rolled my eyes and logged onto my सेकंड e-mail account:
Username: KatyPerryMusic_Rosalie@tsi.com
Password: ******************...
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We sit down and I can instantly tell that Micah is uncomfortable. He looks around and then stares at the salt shaker.

"Whats wrong Micah?" I lean over and try to see what he is staring at.

"Why is there a dead bug in the salt?" His eyes widen as it starts to move.

He scoots his chair back slightly, and doesn't take his eyes off the beetle in the salt shaker.

He looks at me for a विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें seccond and says, "Can we go somewhere else?" There is fright in his eyes and I feel symathetic for him. He has always hated bugs. He got it from me.

"Yes." I stand up grab my पर्स and watch as he jusmps out...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Six
    To beat the odds is to overcome a loss, या the loss of something that challenged you. When I was younger, beating the newest level on a video game after losing 20 times in a row, had me overcome the losses that were in my way so I could हटाइए on to the end. Every year, that loss grows, and as आप enter the new level of your life every साल once you've reached the new aging mark of your life, आप start to face challenges that are about to come into your way. Such as high school, or...
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posted by LexisFaith

"Oh." Alice gasped.
"My." Rosalie gasped.
"God." They finished together.
"And आप never showed us this before why?!" Emmett boomed.

They were staying in our guest house. That's why there was a heavy door and it's own key. आप walked in two a miniture halway when आप first walked through the door. The first room was big and open. The रसोई, रसोईघर froming an एल straight ahead. The living room and रसोई, रसोईघर were sepreated only big a big, plush, creamy, white rug. A sectional that matched the rug was placed infront of a small coffee तालिका, टेबल and a fifty-two inch television. On the दीवार beside the kitchen...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Six
    Two words. Two words was all Jerek कहा after Tabra told him what Shropee told us. "I'm in." Those two words confined our अगला job. With those two words, I was scared. With those two words I knew this would come out in a disaster. Those two little words told me many things. And they asked the familiars: who, what, when, where, and why. Well, just for a सेकंड until those two words brought me back into the conversation. Two words was all it took. Two words brought me to my death.

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posted by mia1emmett
i dont know should this be the last chapter... ok ill see if i want to right और
Chapter 9
I remember that दिन
I was on the stairs on my laptop typing away when Jacob ran through the doors. Edward growled for a सेकंड then he stood in shock. Jacob ran into Emmett’s face and was screaming:
Jake: “Emmett Embry imprinted on her”
Em: “who?”
Jake: “you know who!”
Em: “no he couldn’t have!”
Jake: “he did”
Em: “when?!”
Jake: “yesterday at the bonfire”
Em: “she was there?
Jake: “yeah”
Em: “Embry...
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posted by NicholeLorraine
Rite there and then I knew Alice had saw something, something important. I knew we had to go so I didn't hesitate to leave. Though I tried so hard to mask my memories from Edward. He can't know whats going on though I don't even know myself. Alice started to leave and I knew to go with her. I would have any ways, I प्यार her.

We went deep into the forest, far from the house, far from everyone, far from Edward पढ़ना my thoughts. As soon as we were at the bounder line between our kind and the भेड़िया we stopped. Alice spoke. "Jasper don't! We don't have time! They are coming and we need people...
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posted by mia1emmett
i am thinking of ending it in the अगला chapter.

Chapter 8
    Emmett told the family that he was going to drive around with me; I knew it was going to be a long ride. I rolled my eyes at that fact. The whole car ride Emmett was अभिनय like a father I wanted to laugh so badly but I couldn’t I knew it wasn’t good for me to right now. Edward would have कहा “smart girl” if he was here. Boy do I wish jasper was though Emmett was so tense. I was scared to step into the car. As I...
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posted by DestinyGirl
Sorry for getting this out late but my internet's been down for the past couple of days!:( But thx for all of the comments!:D

5. Crushes

* Bella's P.O.V

I went into my अगला class and found that I was going to have to sit at a तालिका, टेबल with three other students.

My तालिका, टेबल was the last तालिका, टेबल in the back of the room——which didn't bother me; my eyesight can be unparalleled when I want it to be, though I would probably attract attention . . .

I sat down on one of the middle seats and waited quietly for the rest of my classmates to come in.

It wasn't long till a girl with glasses and black hair tied back...
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Things are getting और intense once again in the Twilight fandom. Girls are screaming for each and every one of the characters in the Twilight Books... या is it girls screaming for the characters in the movies?

This is a rant. So beware. I'm not as formal in this "opinionated article", but I hope I wasn't rude. आप can tell me if I was rude if आप टिप्पणी दे :) I'm sorry if I come off as a little harsh.

When पुस्तकें are being translated into film, there are bound to be changes. Character development, plot, emotional journey, etc.

What I'm trying to establish is that THE MOVIE CHARACTERS ARE NOT...
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posted by AmberC2010
Okay, so this is part two of my प्रशंसक fiction. The first part was पोस्टेड yesterday, so if आप haven't read it, read that first before आप read this, because if आप dont आप will be confused. Enjoy! And look for my other प्रशंसक fiction that was also पोस्टेड today called California Girls.Enjoy!

    We just got every thing packed up and put in the U-Haul. I climb in to the front सीट of my brothers’ Mercedes, which he got from our parents when we found out we were moving. My parents are driving the U - Haul, and I sure as hell don’t want to ride with them. Nick starts the car,...
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