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this is very important:
Stephenie Meyer कहा that just because we keep wanting her to keep लेखन Midnight Sun is doesn't mean that she's going to. She कहा that SHE WILL NOT keep लेखन if we keep making petitions for her to keep लेखन या for her to प्रकाशित करे it. so द्वारा doing this we are killing our chances of having Midnight Sun published. So please stop petitioning!
posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 10: the escape bellas pov
Previously on Chapter 8:(chap 9 was Edwards pov)
I looked at Damien he was sitting on his knees a beautiful black box with the most beautiful ring in it.oh no god no I don’t want to marry him!
-Bella will u please marry me?
I कहा coldly Damien got angry maybe this was hard for him to hear the truth I mean he didn’t most of the time he just made me do anything he wanted, making me his...
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We were together, meant forever
I thought so
Till Jasper came after me
And Edward thought oh no

So the Cullens had to leave
And I was so down
But that's when Jacob came in
And things turned around

I became reckless
Just to hear Edward's voice
I was so out of it
I didn't have a choice

Me and Jacob were friends
Till we didn't talk for a while
Then he told me his secret
As before, I wasn't scared द्वारा a mile

Edward thought I was dead
So he went to the Volturi
But then he changed his mind
Once he finally saw me

So when we got back home
To have Edward, I was happy
I wished to be like the Cullens
But then he wanted to stop me

He कहा I could
But 1 condition he carried
He कहा he'd do it
But only if we got married
When we first met
And I first looked in your eyes
I couldn't help myself
I was hypnotized

And then I found out
Your one big secret
I was in danger
But I wasn't scared a bit

So then आप took me
To your special hideaway
So आप could दिखाना me what you're like
In the light of day

My दिल was racing
I was falling for you
My only सवाल was
Do आप feel this way too

Then one day
My blood was wanted
It hurt so bad
I thought I was dead

Then he saved me
And I got my answer
I does feel the same way
So now it's forever <3
Edwards POV

Bella had been out cold for atleast fifteen minutes. I was starting to get worried. I just wish there was something I could do. I was just about to give up on looking through paper after paper after paper but then I saw something on it that could help effectivly to Bella. It कहा that it is also good to talk to them and ask them to squeze your hand.
That sounded good enough for me to do. I loved the feel of her skin on my hand, it felt warm like temperature of a mug after youve poured hot चॉकलेट into it and then it has cooled down. I walked over to Bella and sat on the edge of...
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posted by Twilight_NERD69
y is it such a big deal if girls प्यार twilight या not? i mean, आप either like it या u don't. when i was walking out of the theater when i saw new moon, there were a bunch of retarded boys shouting: "twilight is gay! i saw a bunch of girls wearing vampire teeth and crap!" yes i will admit that some girls get WAY out of hand when it comes to twilight. but i mean, in my opinion. idk why i प्यार the story so much. i think its just because nobody is ever as romantic as edward is with bella. and i think girls want that. but guys don't care, they're too busy with the actresses. NOT ALL GUYS THO. all...
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Jacob's P.O.V.

"Why are आप following me, Jacob?" Leah had come to a sudden halt as she noticed me behind her. Her breathing came fast and I could hear her दिल beat in double time.

"I want to find out what the hell your bloody problem is."

"You know what my problem is, Jacob." She hissed.

"Oh, do I, Leah? Do I really? Ok then, tell me what did, Renesmee ever do to you? She has never been anything less than polite to you. So, tell me, Leah, what is your problem again?" My voice became louder as I spoke. I knew me imprinting on Nessie would make me bias but she truly was a beautiful person, both...
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posted by twilight_james
Im a werewolf. Im a freaking werewolf. Oh my god. I have to go and apoligise to the Cullens. Im so sorry for what i did to them. But im a werewolf. Im a freaking were-
You get the picture. These were just some of teh jumbled thoughts running though my head as I ran back to my house. I thanked my lucky stars that I had left my window open as I jumped into my room. I got changed and then sat down for a मिनट to think in private.
Okay, so Im a werewolf. What will Edward do if I tell him. Will i be able to see him again. What if Sam forbids it. I cant go against him. But I just forgave him for...
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posted by IsabellaMCullen
Painful Memories
Chapter 2

Emmett’s POV

Okay here is Chapter Two it has Emmett and Bellas POV.Hope आप like it *crosses fingers*

This was driving me crazy. I know Rose is all upset about telling me her story या whatever, but she keeps taking deep breathes to stall and it just bugs me. It hurts me to see my एंजल like this. In so much pain because of what happened to her during her human life.

“Emmett if I tell you, please promise not to get angry and overprotective of me.” She began “The people who did this are dead now. I killed them. So getting angry at them for what happened...
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posted by IsabellaMCullen
Painful Memories
Chapter One

I was sitting at my vanity. I started brushing my long golden waves. I was preparing myself. I knew Edward would be घर soon. Charlie had Edward leave every night at a certain time. Of course Edward would just go back once Charlie was asleep. He chose to go to Bella’s house every night. When he came घर it was always Bella this and Bella that. It got to the point that every sentence he ever कहा anymore had something to do with her.

What is so great about her? She’s nothing but a fragile little human. Anyway I knew I only had a short time for my talk I needed...
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[b]alright, this chapter is late, I know that! And thanks, AGAIN, to all the patient readers! This goes out to all ya'll! lolzb]

The doors burst open, and my eyes flinched as the sound of it made me jump a little. But I didn't lose my focus. I still held onto the shield on the inside, and I forced it onto the others. I could feel the thin film like screen push out and protect us all. There was और then one person here. We all could tell. And one of them had...
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posted by courtneykutie
Renesmee Pov

IT's been Six years Since we have heard from the Volturi Except When My best friend Maggie and her Mate Alec,they both Changed there ways.
They have Been Living with us for 3 years know!And now Me and Maggie and Alec are starting school in Forks like everyone else did!Jacob is going to College with my Mom and Dad right now at Washington State University!Jake is my Best friend and Iam scared i like him और than that!Scary!

"So I cant wait to go shopping for new School clothes!!"I कहा cheerfully,Aunt alice smiled at me

"Me too!!your mother hates shopping"Aunt Alice कहा Laughing...
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Dear readers
Thanks, again, for your support on my stories!
Weather it was BloodLust, Storyteller या IgnornacE, I loved all the feedback!
so plz keep in mind that Blood Lust NEVER ended
(if u didn't know that and u were one of the readers/fans, well now आप do!!!)
I am posting the अगला chapter in the book (chapter 14L trying times)
and it will be up either late tonight, and if it isn't tonight around 8 PM , then it'll DEFINITLY be up before the Thanksgiving Holiday (thursday) which means it'll def. be up द्वारा tomorrow if not tonight!
so yay!!!
I am posting लिंक्स to all the chapters (1-13) before...
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posted by teamalice_0
So sorry I haven't been writting this one latley, It's been difficult to find time on here. And sinc my foot is hurt I might as well write

"May I ask your name?" I wanted to know the man's name who knew my aunt.

"I'm Bella's father. Cheif Swan."

"I didn't know Bella's father lived here. But I'll tell her I saw you. But I must be off, I need to catch Seth." Ugh. That was a little too formal for this time period.

I seriously needed to know how to interact with humans better.

"Sure. Be careful!" He shouted over his shoulder as he left. As...
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posted by Lausies
None of the Twilight Saga belongs to me and I do not claim to own any of the characters, that all belongs to Stephanie Meyer.

This is set eight years after Breaking Dawn when Renesmee has reached her full maturity. She looks about 17/18. Hope आप like it!!


Is it easier to let him go? I प्यार him. I would do anything for him. But can I honestly make him happy? I don't deserve him.

"Maybe you're right. Maybe you're not right for him. God knows...
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ok guys a really long one here. Hope आप enjoy it though.

Edwards POV

I really wanted to tell Bella it was her I liked but it would be too soon

"Ok. Ok, Bella It's you. I like आप I really do. Your really pretty." I कहा in a rush

She opened her mouth but कहा nothing. Oh great she probably hates me now. I should probably ask anyways.

"Do आप want to...you know. Go out?" I asked her. She looked really shocked

She looked like she was going to faint because she was so shocked, and she did end up fainting. Her eyelids fluttered and she fell completley silent, then she started to fall. I caught her befor...
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When I got over my crisis I followed Alice to Emmett's room. It was in a whole different dorm and that's why Emmett and Rose weren't together. That didn't mean they didn't sneak though. But if there were dorms together I'd bet Rose'll be pregnant द्वारा now.

"Bella?" asked Emmett when we went in. Spare key on चोटी, शीर्ष of the door. "EMMETT!" I squealed. We hugged. I never knew Emmett got this... big. He had a huge ring of muscle going around his arms. His face got और older than the last time I saw him. I think his dimples got more... dimplier.

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posted by Rob_patt_fan
I was on my way to घर when I saw Cullen's house road. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I would die there when I see their rooms empty. with no COLD ONES!

I turned around and decided to go home. I wanted to be strong. But... who was there for me to make me be strong for him?! As I went in my room I recognized something under the carpet of my room. I went closer and got the papers out from there. The शीर्षक was:

"Last part of me"

It was Edward's gorgeous handwriting. Tears ran on my cheecks before I could even read any of it.

"Edward, Edward...Come back"

With my screams, Charlie was at...
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Nightfall Chapter 21: Will I Be Able to Save Him? Jake's POV

**I'm sorry I have been MIA with the chapters fr a few months but I will be uploading a ton today to make up for it :)Enjoy! **

It kind of sucked to give up our alone time. If I could I would spend forever with Nessie hidden in these woods- but my दिल leapt at the thought of seeing our children. I stopped running for a moment completely thrown back द्वारा the thought. Our children. Ness and I had 6 kids to raise. My chest filled with pride at the thought, but reality quickly set in leading my throat to dry up. How in the hell were we...
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Thursday, November 19,2009

Summit and Stephenie Meyer in Breaking Dawn Talks
With the release of the New Moon movie imminent, Stephenie Meyer answered प्रशंसक सवालों on her official site, and touched on the सवाल of a Breaking Dawn movie.

On the possibility of a fourth movie she said, "At this point in time, we're in talks. I would प्यार to see BD made if it could be made well. It's a little bit trickier than the others." A "little bit trickier" is an understatement, Mrs. Meyer — surely "almost impossible" would be a better term to use?

With accelerated growth children who kill their mothers,...
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