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( Some of आप who have read my पूर्व chapters know that in Renn and Jake's Life Chapter 23, I mentioned events of Nessie's "17th" birthday. I decided to write a chapter on the story of that event. I hope आप like it! )

I woke up and noticed that it was still dark outside, but I didn't care. Today I, and my family would officially consider me an adult. It felt so good, that I was just jumping with excitement.

I was tired of them making decisions for me. I wanted so bad to be free, and this was my chance.

I glanced towards the window, and could see just barely the reddish tint around the edges...
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posted by Summer_Leanne
Thank आप so so much for reading, everyone, and ESPECIALLY for ALL your support! It's wonderful to know you're following my story. प्यार आप all, and thanks again! <3
Deadly Dreams
The two elated प्रेमी walked back hand in hand to the Cullens’ घर with joy and happiness in their hearts, despite the consequences they could face in the future. As far as they were concerned, their प्यार would be kept a secret from the Cullens, because Alice couldn’t see Summer with Jake in her visions and Edward couldn’t read Summer’s mind. All Jake had...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
To the Readers of my प्रशंसक Fictions:

Alright listen...I know I promised I will post but I can't post anything right now...I just got घर from the समुद्र तट and I have to go to the hospital for my sister and myself...she got really hurt and I hit my head on the समुद्र तट floor and on a boogie board so now I am really dizzy! Plus I am worn out from almost drowning!! Sorry I will try to post tomorrow and I will try to make it long! Hope I am feeling better द्वारा tomorrow...And I pray to God I don't have a concussion

I didn’t know what was happening, who was this guy I got the feel that I know him for a long time. I started walking to the door when the घंटी, बेल rang, and as I was crossing the door Julius passed द्वारा me real quick.
“I don’t know nothing about this guy, but I have to find out as soon is possible” I कहा to my self. I started walking to my अगला class, and for my surprise he was there too, so I सीट अगला to him again and………….
“Hello my name is Rennesme Cullen” I कहा to him, very polite
“Hi I’m Julius” he कहा as he turn around to my direction and meet with my eyes, he was...
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I can’t believe this is Monday already, time to go to school and act human, with all those people “Humans”
“Nessi are आप ready honey” my aunt Alice yelled.
“Yes I’m on my way” I graph my backpack and I started walking to the door.
“Rennesme sweetheart can we talk for a minute” my mom asked me
“Sure mom”
“Well honey tell me what’s going on? I see आप that आप are very sad”
“Mom I feel so bad, I can’t understand what’s going on, I fell so badly with JACOB, I told very horrible stuff and now I need him, he was my best friend and my big brother. He was there for me...
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As I started walking to my Dad’s room I heard my parents talking.
“ But आप don’t understand, she will be immortal in 2 weeks and besides that, the dog want to tell her what he really feel about her, that’s why I want her to meet new people, before the dog tell he that he imprinted on her. Bella I don’t want to lose her, I just have spend 6 years of my 133 years of life, I’m not ready for this” my dad कहा to mom, we sounds very upset, I never thought that my dad felt the way, besides that JACOB BLACK imprinted on me? Gross!!!!! How he do that, I’m like his little sister.
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posted by a-jforever
Ok so this is my new fanfic. Please tell me what आप think of it.XX

“Ella you’re amazing.” Renesmee shouted as me and my horse Faith crossed our final jump and stopped in front of her. I dismounted patting Faith’s nose and Nessie hugged her. “You’re going to thrash everyone in your competition in two weeks time.” “Thanks.” I murmured thinking about the trip up I made on the first jump. If I want to qualify I can’t be doing that anymore. Nessie’s phone started गाना her favourite song startling Flo.

“Whoa easy.” I कहा taking firmer hold of the reins and sliding my...
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posted by sh0rtiinedward
No one is looking at you, i promise myself but deep, deep inside of me i knew that everyone in Forks was staring at me.

"Mmmm Charlie, can we just go eat at home, i don't want to go to your प्रिय Restaurant please?" i ask him with my little कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला eyes."Nessi come on आप never go out of the woods, now is the time please try?"
well charlie was right but i wasen't hungry anyways i when hunting with my aunt Rosalie 2 days ago, but i will do it just for grandpa.
"Here we are, My number One Restaurant"Charlie कहा very exited. " yeah रात का खाना time" i reaply as we started walking to the door, everyone...
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posted by smileyfaceddude
Cynddylans marble face was pinching into a grimace. His, now, burgundy eyes were all sad and in them held…quilt? He missed his sister, my brain told me. I never have had a brother या sister, and never will. If I ever had one, it would bring me into great sadness, if we didn’t live together, या प्यार each other. Cynddylan obviously wanted his sister back. “Do आप miss her?” I कहा in a very quiet whisper. He just looked up, his eyes no longer sad, and said, “Question me.” I was annoyed that he didn’t answer and that he changed the subject, but I did what he said. “Right, so if...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Two
    And then she dropped to the floor. I heard a gunshot and saw Tabra standing behind her lifeless body.
    That's when the others marched in. I grabbed my gun, and we started shooting at the people that came in.
    Finally, in the end, they were all gone.
    "You really think आप can kill me!?" A voice said, and we turned to see Haus holding a sword from the wall. He was drooling blood, and he looked . "You can't kill me!" He then thrusted...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Two
    I jumped up and whipped out my gun, aimed it for Haus' chest and fired twice. Haus went down in a second.
    "Let's go!" I कहा and Rick jumped into the room, brandishing his knives.
    Tabra grabbed his arm, twisted it around and snapped it. Clean break, sounded like, if not, good! He deserved the suffering. Rick went down on one knee, and I shot at him, the bullet entered his skull. He's a goner.
    A chick walked in then, carrying a whip and slung it at Tabra. It wrapped around his neck and she started to pull.
    "Let him go!" I shouted and shot at her, she got hit in the leg.
    "You bitch!" She said, released Tabra and slashed her whip at me.
    It knocked the gun out of my hand.
    "Let's do this," She dropped her whip and walked towards me.
    "First class whore!" I spat and she gasped.
    "I'll kill आप for that."
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Two
    "Let's take her to the Room." Tabra कहा and Haus lead the way.
    "I counted seven in that room," Tabra whispered. I nodded.
    "Welcome to my new, refurbished Room." There were weapons along the walls, and there were even a few tortured people laying on the ground almost dead. It reeked of fish. Ew. "Put Cydnee in the chair."
    The chair lay in the middle of the Room, and it was blood stained, with a bullet hole in the back of it....
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Two
Hi, my name is Cyd, short for Cydnee, and one दिन while I was grocery shopping, a former member of the Death Clan of the Fallen threw a चाकू at my head. I ducked behind my cart, and ran out of the store once I saw the चाकू fly into a bunch of egg cartons. I went home, told my friend Tabra about it, and he came rushing over. He helped me get out of the aftershock feeling, and when we were eating chicken sandwhiches, mine was coated in poison. We then went to his apartment, knowing that if one little sandwhich was...
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Per Stephenie during a प्रशंसक interview 6/22/2010

Question..."What about Midnight Sun?"

Anwser..."I know that’s what everyone cares about. I also know that the right answer would be for me to say “Oh yah, it’s done! And it’ll be out अगला month!” But that’s not true. It’s also not true that I’ve got a ton of work done on it, and that’s what I’m working on. What’s true is that I’m really burned out on vampires. And, I don’t want to write it badly. So I want to wait until I’m excited about the material again, and I’m excited about Edward, and that it’s something that’s...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
We got into Tabra's truck, and started over to the headquarters of the Death Clan of the Fallen. I was nervous, and I felt like I was gonna' throw-up.
"Is it too late to back out?" I asked him and he laughed nervously.
"Right now, yes." He kept on driving, and I thought to myself how better life will be once this is over.
Alright Cyd, stop being nervous! Sure आप can die, but think about how much नितंब, गधा you'll kick!? Think about how bad नितंब, गधा you'll be pointing and shooting a gun, especially at the guy who threw a knife...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
"By killing you."
I jumped up and started walking backwards, how could I trust Tabra if he was going to kill me!?
"What?" I asked.
"I mean, I'll call them up and bring आप to them, after they think I'm back on their side, we pull out the big बंदूकों and kill them before they kill us."
OH MY GOD, BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!!! Am I right? "Oh," I sat back down and we fished out our game plan.
Two hours later, we had a good, solid plan that will work perfectly...if they buy the fact that Tabra is "back on their side". It seemed like a good plan, and even though I knew that I'd be the main subject in this little cat-and-mouse game of deadly horror, I knew it was the best thing to do.
I looked at Tabra as he asked me if I was up to doing this. I looked him in the eye, and said, "Yes, I am."
posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
So, if आप forgot the last three things that have happened, here is exactly what did happen:
1.) A चाकू was thrown at my head.
2.) I almost consumed a poisonous chicken
and 3.) The Death Clan of the Fallen are after me.
Pretty scary right? If आप think it isn't, well then leave right now, because it is. Not only do they know where I live, but they probably have been watching me for a while. Hopefully Tabra and I can get through this. We have to, right? Hero triumphs over the Villain!?
I sure hope so...
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Bella excused herself from rest of the family and dragged Jacob द्वारा the arm to the back of the house. Edward was following them at the heels. “Jake, what are आप thinking?!” Bella raged, “You can’t imprint on her!” Jacob’s eyebrows furrowed, “What the heck do आप mean, Bella? What, आप think I can control this या something? Sorry to disappoint you, but I can’t.” Edward put his arm around Bella, “Calm down, love.” She shook her head at him in disbelief, “Calm down? Summer’s situation was bad enough already! Now she has a ton और to deal with!” Jacob narrowed his eyes...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
Here is Jacob's POV!

End of Chapter 4.

Chapter 4. (Bella)

"Is that no we won't विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें या no i can't go"


"Get out of my house!" I कहा angerly. As soon as he was out of my room I
slammed my window shut.

A rock hit my window. What now?

Chapter 6. (Jacob)

Throwing a rock at her window was stupid. I probably scared her. She looked out her window shocked.
She opened it. "Jacob, what are आप doing here? I thought आप were getting here tomorrow."

Yup, I was right Billy got to Charlie and Charlie got to Bella. "Just get out of the way." Once
she was out of the way I was in her bedroom. We sat and talked....
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"then whats wrong?" i asked there was something about his eyes that had me worrying.
"well i`be been wanting to do something all night" he stepped even closer.
"one sec its going to start getting cold i can feel it the weathers changing" i quickly placed him on my back again and began to run back to his house. in a matter of time we were there.
"so what was आप saying?" i asked as soon as i set him on his feet.
"well i wanted to do this" he stepped towards me and before i knew it i was in his arms with his lips pressed softly againest mine. i could feel my self melt into the kiss.
what was happerening?...
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